Meanwhile in China…

Thanks to Mydragonsfly for this one :)

There have been a lot of things that used World of Tanks art – cups, t-shirts, mouse pads… but fireworks, that’s new :) Something tells me that this is was not done with WG permission… (made in China, lol). Hmm. I wonder how safe this is…


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    • There is no WG China. There is a partner (but a completely independent company) called Kongzhong. I doubt they have anything to do with this.

        • WG has no influence over the chinese company, they have completely free hands, they develop their own maps and tank balance as well, tho not to as big extent. But stuff like the golden T59 happens.

          PR stuff etc its all up to the chinese company, i do guess that WG Minsk license WoT as a package to them.

          • Yeah that’s right this is how most of the big companies work in china like VW, Microsoft etc…. its practically only way how can foreign company work in china

    • “Shoots flaming balls” and made in china, i can’t see nothing wrong with this. Seems legit…

  1. The Chinese don’t really care about copyrights or other such laws, because their government does not prosecute them.

    • If they did, the government would have to prosecute themselves. They’re stealing technology left and right.

      • DoubleH hehe well said xD chinese stole even jet fighter technologies from raptor and JSF.

        • as any smart country should do..

          In fact, both capitalism and patriotism should be a crime. The future of mankind should be the whole world first priority.

    • Actually, you can try to get try to get the Chinese law involved, but they will *never* judge in your favor.
      That’s why Hong Kong is so popular: their courts of law aren’t completely corrupted against non-chinese businesses.

  2. If I see some here I’ll definitely let you know, maybe take a video or something (it is illegal to shoot off fireworks in the city however, just as illegal as it was to make them xD) Also SS, did you want any pictures of the Military Museum here (it has that ever-so famous T-62 the Chinese captured and made into the Type 69. I may also visit the National Tank museum in the future — it is quite far away.

  3. 我在国内玩的烟花99.99%都是非法加工的,所以不用担心安全问题

    which in English is…

    99.99% of the fireworks i played before are produced illegally. So, dont worry about the safety issue. ;)

    • thank you for putting our worries to rest dear Chinesefireworks fairy

  4. Some guy with a printer puts out some firework wrapper… This is news? Cmon now!

    America is infringing on WOT/belorussians cus I just now printed my own book cover featuring WOT art.


      • So? Nothing stops me from selling my book cover.

        If silent stalker sells some print out of wot, is Czech republic infringing on wot?

        This “news” is just baiting the trolls.

        • “If silent stalker sells some print out of wot, is Czech republic infringing on wot?”

  5. Stronk RNG fireworks,Penetrates the front of Maus but not the back of T2 LT.