8 thoughts on “Chieftain’s Hatch: M41 Walker Bulldog

    • I would rather have wanted the Grosstractor but that is going to be a reward for Clanwars?

  1. I’m surprised how quickly long 75/76mm guns passed on from medium tanks to light tanks. The long 75/76mm guns were used on medium tanks from what, 1944-1945? Medium tanks seems to have rather quickly picked up 20pdr/90mm/100mm guns, which I guess was part of the race for the MBT?

    • Well the war against the Soviets began. The M4 sherman was used in WWII because it was easy to mass produce so you could swarm your enemies.

      In the Cold War the numbers advantage was no longer a factor with Communism overnumbering Capitalism. Not to mention soviet t-34 were just as easy to mass produce as the M4 sherman and its armor made the 75mm guns useless against them.

      The west knew they could not match the numbers of the Commies so they shifted doctrine to making their tanks as advanced and well built as they can to act as a counter against the mass tank rushes that the Soviets would field.

      • The 76mm M1A1 wouldn’t have trouble with the T-34/85. What it woukd have trouble with is the T-44, T-54, and T-55 etc. Especially at range.

        Bigger gun is more accurate, more effective. No reason to not jump to 90 or 105mm. We’re jumping to 130mm soon; to increase our accuracy and range of our guns.

  2. Awesome, i was at a museum here the other day where they had a few old tanks. (All open for the public, sadly they are open 24/7 so you’d expect the interior to be wrecked) The Walker Bulldog was one of them, i must say it was one of the best kept internally. Was pretty nice to fiddle around in. :D