13 thoughts on “Littlefield Collection Auction Video

  1. At least big chunk of them will remain together as a collection if I understood the video correctly. That’s goodish news for me :)

    Even though breaking some babies apart from the main flock is saddening :(

    • Yea roughly 126 are staying together and being transported to their new owner. They probably would’ve kept them all but the transport fees are quite high so some have to be sold.

      • Yes they are slowly being delivered a couple towns from me to the Collings Foundation in Stow Massachusetts. My friends and I go to a WW2 re-enactment (Battle for the Airfield) they run every fall. And yes they have a small airfield that they run some WW2 trainers that you can take a ride in, and even a Fieseler Storch! They have several working tanks that people bring for that event and various equipment. The proceeds from the auction will help build a $5 million facility (I think I have the cost right) to house the vehicles they are keeping. Hopefully they will get some working so that they can run them in the battle. They got a Hellcat delivered already as well as an M5 Stuart, along with several vintage wheeled vehicles and half tracks. A SCUD-B is in Florida getting repairs and will be there soon. Can you tell I can’t wait to see them?? :)

  2. Now there’s a worthy cause for a kickstarter campaign to keep that collection from being spread.

  3. Sooo… Anyone want to loan me around $100,000,000? And some farm land.. And a house to live on that land… And the permits to let me make them “shootable” and take them to charity events..

    Most probably won’t sell. I mean rich people that buy cars can usually buy lifts to stack them. You can’t exactly stack a tank… So not many people will have tons of land for these. (Well, I say that, but who knows).

  4. Hey all, want to see the ones that are being kept? This is who is getting them all: http://www.collingsfoundation.org/menu.htm …. so if you are ever in the Boston Massachusetts USA suburbs, stop on in there. So far a Hellcat, and Stuart have arrived there as well as a few wheeled and half tracked vehicles.