Straight Outta Supertest: RU251 and LTTB

Hello everyone,

we waited for it for a year and here it finally is. The RU251 tier 8 German light tank. Low armor (30mm max), but very good maximum speed (for now 80 km/h) and a 90mm gun firing AP, HEAT and HESH (yep, HESH instead of HE) rounds. Not bad! The models are not ready yet, they are missing proper textures.





LTTB – upcoming tier… 7? Well, apparently the LTTB was downtiered. Thought they might have done something like that. The properties of this vehicle are still unknown.





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  1. RU251 in theory could be a very nice scout tank. Nice speed, good silhoutte, 90 mm gun (maybe 240 dmg like the T69 gun?).

    All I hope it wont get butchered by soft stats.

      • That depends on the type of medium you’re talking about.

        As a fast flanker, possibly, but very unforgiving, given it has no armor and it would have a light tank’s HP, making mistakes far more costly than they would be in a proper medium. You’d need to be pretty damned good to make use of it in this role, and even then it would probably be best to play as a traditional scout at first until most of the enemy tanks are dead, and then you can pounce on isolated, wounded enemies to finish them off, in a manner similar to the AMX 13 90 or the WZ-132.

        As a support tank…I don’t know, it would depend on the stats of the gun. I would imagine that the Indien-Panzer’s 90 mm gun will have better stats all around with the exception of not having HEAT or HESH (though tbh I typically prefer APCR to HEAT anyway).

        No matter how you use it though, this, like the AMX 13 90, looks like a tank that would be a hell of a lot of fun in platoons of two or three, assuming that everyone in the platoon is competent at driving them.

        • for me seems it will be another scout killer like the old vk2701, hesh agaist other scouts can be really mean, higher dmg per penetrating shot and extra crew/module damage.

          • Played 310 battles with Indien Panzer having an overall win rate of 56%.

            Indien Panzer has trollishly bouncy armor, decent mobility and a wonderful gun. It’s only drawback is the long aim time, but exchanging Vents for EGLD does the job pretty well. It is a better tank tier-for-tier than the Leo PT A after it.

          • Here, I’ve played the Indien a bit, let me cover this. Stock, it has appalling mobility and agility, but when you get the much lighter 9cm (the long 88 is extremely heavy) and the top significantly more powerful engine, it changes completely.

            Oh and the stock gun, I hope you went down the Panther or Tiger line. I went played it with 132 pen all the way up… the horror..

            The Indien is one of the most agile tanks in the game, period. It can rotate very fast on the spot, and has an excellent -10 of gun depression, and a slightly better gun than on Panther II.

            The strongest armour is the upper front plate, you’re right, the armour is trash, but it has a V hull and a fairly large, if not too thick mantlet. Stuff is only really going to bounce of the more curved areas, but at medium-to-long ranges – where a gun which has high pen and long aim time is going to excel – this is not an issue.

            In terms of speed, the Indien can dash, but it’s not going to be sprinting around, but relocation is perfectly viable.

            Park an Indien next to a Panther II, and then park it next to a STA-1 and M26 Pershing.
            See the similarities?

            The Indien is one of the weirdest German tanks, but it’s a pure gem.

      • this gun i think is more modern then t69′s so maybe more i think around 200 on ap and 260 something on HEAT but is just my opinion :)

        • Gun was same as one on KanJgpz, so just recycled 90mm M36 of M47 patton.
          172 pen with AP, 240 damage.
          HEAT used by Germans was US M431 for KanJgpz, so I expect same pen as on US 90mm – 250mm.
          HESH means same pen as caliber (90mm) pen for non-premium versions. Nice vs WTFs but that’s it.

        • It’s probably similar values to the 13 90 90mm cannon. ~175 pen and 240-ish damage.

          • However 13 90 can fire APCR that travels faster and is much more reliable than HEAT.

            I think to match 246 mm (ish … not sure at the moment) APCR pen on 13 90 in it’s usability/reliability the HEAT pen on RU251 would need to have around 300 mm pen. There’s just too many tanks with well sloped or spaced armour on high tiers that HEAT struggles against.

    • 30mm armor means it’s overmatched even by 90 mm guns. Not a forgiving tank.

      • If your light tank is being shot at.
        Something is wrong.

        But then again. The supertest stats says it has 1300HP. That might help it survive longer when brawling (circle strafing)

        • same HP as T-44, a T8 medium tank? with that gun and speed, T8 mediums don’t seem convincing!

          I’m pretty sure the armor wouldn’t be the only down side of this tank. otherwise we are looking into another Hellcat.

            • If its going 80kph an hour lol id say its a fun tank the most we seen in a tank going on flat ground was 72kms its a nice change to see 80. This means its a t-50-2 also that lttp lol it looks like the t-50-2 tier 7 omg omg t-50-2 is coming back!!!

  2. Oh my sweet sweet RU251. I’ve been keeping and exping in the Afk panther for a long time just for you. Now, the wait is finally over!

    • I’ve never been much of a scout player (The T71 was fun though, i’ll admit) but i think i’ll give that beauty a try. Could be a bit of fun from the looks of it. 90mm gun with HESH at tier 8? Sweet baby yes!

  3. Niice, now we just need a tier VII german light tank and not a reclassified medium.

    • It’s never even been a reclassified medium. It was a simple radio station carrier that used Panther hull. It was not meant for any form of combat. They wanted to put some turret with gun on it just because they could, for self defence.

  4. *sees RU-251

    Okay, this thing might actually be the tank that makes me start playing light tanks more often. Seriously, 80km/h top speed, good maneuverability, with HEAT AND HESH ammo on the same gun? It’s a mini-Leopard 1, and in that case, I’ll take twenty! :D

    • WG could easy move failpanther to tree bridge role and replace it with the AFK E-25, which would be pretty much the same tank in a smaller package…

      • What they were thinking introducing that wheeled jumbo-sized coffin in the first place. They have no problems dreaming up monstrosities like the WaffleDragger E100, but accepting some other blueprint/fantasy tonk for the sake of gameplay as a T7 light is somehow a problem. So hey, lets reuse some existing models to fit into Speer’s idea of a light tank and call it a day and in case people complain about how crap it is, buff the soft stats. top kek

  5. About RU251:
    - I imagine it will have long reload time for a light and bad accuracy, to counter its amazing speed and maneuvrability. Also, that short gun doesn’t inspire a good accuracy;
    - AMX 13 90 will remain the best tier 8 light tank, imo; with WZ-132 coming in the second position;
    - I can’t wait to try it on the test server. I don’t think I’ll buy it on the live one.

    About LTTB
    - for me, it looks like a T-50-2 with a machine gun slapped on the turret;
    - It might be a good scout for tier 7. Maybe similar to the WZ-131 / Type 62 but with worse gun and better speed.

    • “- AMX 13 90 will remain the best tier 8 light tank, imo; with WZ-132 coming in the second position;”
      You must have missed the info about US light tanks. And T71 already being quite competitive for 13-90.

        • I think they need move T71 to tier 8 with a buff in HP and ROF and introduce the T92 light in tier 7 have in tier 8 an autoloader scout as alternative to the more classic T49 is not bad and they can remove from secondary med line the lights… in future they plan a new med line but it could be the actual secondary med line with new tier 5-6-7-10 tiers.

      • T71 is tier 7. I was talking about tier 8. And, like other posters suggested, T71 is overpowered for its tier. IMO, the upcoming US light tanks will be slow and bulky for a light tank. More of a passive scout than anything.

    • T71 is tier7. And is also admitedly OP (being much better than the 13 75 and almost as good as tier 8 light tanks).

  6. The texturing sucks… But then again this is the supertest so maybe it’ll get better. Right now it looks like a plain green 3d max model no texture no nothing…

  7. so is it clear what will be LTTB exped from? I mean which tank will be its “parent”?

  8. That RU251 could make, finally, a good successor for my beloved VK2801 Cougar. Never purchased the Spähpanther cause i found it absolutely awkward during the initial public test. In addition i prefer the derp a lot at the 2801 and repeatingly hitting targets 400m away going left to right with 40-50km/h is always fun with the Cougar. RU251 really LOOKS like a fitting successor (not selling the 2801 anyways, ~closing to 500 battles ;)).

      • Insulting? How can one insult fantasy pixeltonk that existed only in blueprints. Tazilon nicknamed it that and if anybody has right to nickname VK28, its him.

      • It is not of interest what you think about the nickname “Daigensui”, as we 2801 lovers and skillers use it all the time. So you seem not to belong to one of both groups…maybe none at all ;)

        • A beautiful nickname, ‘Cougar’. One thing I can’t understand, for what possible reason Germans would name their tank in English?

          Anyone care to explain this to me?

          • A VK28 god (who is from the US) came up with it

            Its an in-game thing. With tanks like tiger, panther, leopard its not a problem because IIRC the words are the same in English. Its explained in that link, that the correct German word would probably be Puma, but that is already taken by existing german WW2 wheeled recon vehicle. I just call it the VK28 for short, but Cougar is nice for people who dont like talking in numbers. For example, I cant be bothered pronouncing “KV-1S” I just say “scrubwagon” or “faggotpanzer”, see – much easier to pronounce! :D

          • kstoff_EU:

            That is easy: if i as a German would call it with the German word, you wouldn’t know what i mean ;) “Puma” would be the German term for cougar. Tiger and Panther ARE German words indeed.

      • Relax a bit, first, most of us don’t care about what you think in this. Second you seem to give an order, but forgot that your power here is limited at best. Third, your right to call something stupid is lack of respect to the user of that ”nickname”. I thank you for whatever work or help you do with the japanese branch (even if i dont really like then) but that is all, no futher rights to lack respect or giving you high ground in comments when you give a personal opinion. And he used the vk term too, so is not like you could miss the tank he is talking about. Relax a bit, and please stop posting like you are the sole tank godness…or many of us will start judging your comments from a different perspective.

  9. Oh yeah baby! Gimme that RU251! Come to yer daddy!
    9.2 patch? Who cares?! Me wants 9.3 already! :D

  10. LTTB looks too small for it’s profile. Like it could topple over if it gets rammed in the side.

    • I think it looks too big. I mean, from the side, it shouts like “SHOOT ME GODDAMNIT” against TD’s.

      • Sorry, when I said ‘small’ I meant in width. It’s too tall, from the front it looks so… thin?

  11. Wow the RU251 is actually the same body as leopard prototype yes? Soo it’s gonna be one bigass light.

    • It’s actually based on the Kanonenjagdpanzer, so it’s going to be smaller than the Leopard Prototype and Leopard 1, although not by that much IIRC. German doctrine at the time saw Walker Bulldogs being classified as both light tanks and tank destroyers, thus the overlap between the Kanonenjagdpanzer and the RU251 projects.

  12. Based on overlords’s blog post I predict it will have ground resistance of .7 on hard ground.

    And yes it’s going to be a big for a light it has 1300 hp, size and hitpoints tend to correlate with each other.

    I just hope it will have goods gun depression unlike the Leo pta.

    I wonder what kind of Dpm it has. The walker bulldog leak stats was about 2700 Dpm. So I’d wager the Dpm on this tank will be the same or higher. In fact I think every light is gonna get a Dpm buff in 9.3.

  13. These are HD models without textures but why are those tracks like rubber bands?

  14. Well, to be fair active scouting is practically dead in WOT, the best use for a scout is pasive spotting or tactical spotting (hide in a bush controling a key area to paint enemy or in offensive moving a little forward the main line from cover to cover to try paint enemy tanks) this is why now for me the best scouts in game are the scouts with a good gun and vision range, camo is important but not a lot because you fight more at range and many times you simple avoid shoot in the first part of the battle (only shoot if i spot enemy over 300m and i am in a good cover with camonet+camotraining+paint).

    RU251 as some people say looks like a light mini Leo I… or maybe like a PT is a mix between the firepower of WZs, AufPanther camo and the movility of a light scout (T71 or AMX)… i am curious about the gun for me with a good pen made RU251 usefull but if gun has “problems” like bad pen (under 170), bad aiming time (at or over 2.3) or bad accurancy (unable to snipe with a good chance to hit enemy) and you are forced to fight at med or close range… could be another failpanther but with better chance to scape.

    LTTB remember me more a nerfed T-43… if in the end is a tier 7 we are going to have the light T-43 for pasive scout roles.

    Both tanks looks sexy BUT lets see what are they in battlefield, specially in scout line that is very punished last years (in top tier battle a top tier med usually do a much better job since scouting become more and more a fight role than a info provider role, a light that can fight enemy is more usefull today).

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  16. With such a high speed and maybe mobility too i guess it will have a rof worse than Hellcat’s 90mm.

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    • In 1 VS 1 yes, this is why top tier scouts are inferior to top tier meds because they cant fight meds… as scout i fear more top tier meds than other classes because meds are less predictable in maps where scape is not allways easy.

      BUT if you are dancing with other tank a top tier med could ruin your dance.

      • In a tier X match would you prefer a T-44 or an AMX-13 90?

        More scouts = less people at bottom tier

    • Of course your shitty ruskie OP clone will crush it, no need to brag about your powercreep medium.

  18. rubbish. So many tanks, so less fun.

    When we get 500 tanks half of which sci-fi, blue-printed, never-existing machines what do we do? Work towards the 1000 different tanks milestone?

  19. Bye-bye stupid panther……here goes my 110k exp!

    I’ll be glad to burn my credit with this smexy tank!

  20. Looks like a miniature Leopard 1. If it’s even more mobile/agile this could be one very fun tank

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  22. From the collision model of the LTTB it looks like it has 90mm frontal, which is pretty damn good for a tier 7 light. I’m thinking this will be lowered a bit in the final version. Or maybe it was made this way so that it can fill some sort of niche and be unique? If this is the case I’m not sure it will make much difference, as regardless of the amount of armour, if you’re relying on it in a light tank you’re doin’ it wrong.

    • Doing it wrong is one thing, but not being able to do anything else on anti-scout maps is another thing. Being able to slug it out with other speedy opponents (presumably shitty guns and armor on them) after getting to key position quickly while bouncing their guns and even later being able to bounce some med/heavy guns sounds nice in theory.

    • It’s supposed to be 90 mm, “LTTB” literally stands for “Fast Tank with Heavy Armor”. It was designed by some nutcase who thought the army needed something that was more heavily armored than a light tank but faster than a heavy tank… and that wasn’t a medium.


    “The gun of the Kanonenjagdpanzer 4–5 was a Rheinmetall L/40,4, the main types of ammunition being HEAT and HESH, plus HE, smoke and illumination.
    Barrel length: 4,91m
    Weight of shell: 5,74kg HEAT and 7,45kg HESH
    Muzzle velocity: 1145m/s HEAT and 795m/s HESH
    Maximum effective range: 2000m
    Ammunition laod: 51″

    “The gun was indeed a shortened US 90. I don’t remember the specs, but do recall a lower MV due to a shorter bbl. It didn’t matter because the HEAT round was all that was in the basic load. I thought this curious because the HE and the WP rounds might have been quite useful. The penetration of the SHOT round was kinda iffey even in a full grown 90.”

    “300mm RHA penetration – good for them and more…. “

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  25. RU251 looks glorious and the gun depression looks like it will be solid too.

    So it will have 2 types of premium ammo? HEAT and HESH?

  26. Because there is always a drought of patches with German and Russian tanks in them, amrite?