40 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Poland…

  1. Why do they need to advertise a scrapyard? What’s happpening over there? Why is this advert actually maybe good? What?

        • What make sense? “actualy maybe” ?
          You afraid to admit it’s good ???
          Man thats sooooooooo low…

          They made an ad because they organizing few different shows and collaborate with artists

          BTW. 0:38 – Why can’t I make a manouver like that in WOT. Since it’s real, I wanna something like a handbrake. It would be very usefull to turn around fast .

    • Dunno how is it on Europe, but in my country scrap metal business seems quite profitable, and its from small-scale scrapyards. And big scrapyard like this one might generate more profit so it quite reasonable for them to invest on advertising.

      • true, best is when polaks get old and new metal for free in germany …
        they steal rails in use or went on a construction site and grab new copper cables out of the wall …

        and than straight to poland, no borders FTW!
        no wonder scrap yards are booming in poland

        • Yeah. Soo true…
          We steal high voltage cables straight from the pillars without even turning of the energy…
          damn we steal the whole power plants, plus the roads and bridges…

          And we;ve got that GREAT PLAN…to steal the space junk from the orbit O_O

    • Only about half of that is an advert for a place where you can dump your unwanted crap. The other part seems to push the idea that it’s a great place for events and shows. Hence the part with the tank crushing things, the fire brigade and scrap sculptures.

      • Yes, but do those events and show really happen? And if they do, how often?

          • They happen, in previous year was tank picnic (they want to do it again this year), on this video you can see making of of music video of some raper from April i think. Also they made documentary about working at scrapyard, and they make scrap sculptures. A lot for crap yard :-)

  2. Aaaah thats where Polish tankers learnt maneveurs that they are showing us on public :D

    Yeah poland is crazy country, like russia i think.

  3. everything is more interesting in former soviet block

    also pretty good advertisment

    • Kinda funny cose people who yell “PL noobs” at start of battle often cry boo hoo “noobs” in the end (when the die). So you kinda mix 2 different groups of people here.

  4. Nice one :)

    Also, the guy at the end is Siara from criminal-comedy movie “Kiler”. His line “Mają rozmach skurwysyny” is pretty famous :). No idea how it can be translated into english, but the line “Mają rozmach” basically says that sm1 is doing smth big and exceptional, while “skurwysyn” is just a “son of a bitch”

  5. Dude, this isn’t just a simple scrapyard.


    • oh its a scrapyard dude “jedyne takie zlomowisko w polsce” “the only one that kind scrapyard in SIEMKAPL” :)

      • It’s a regular scrapyard – just go and see their web page. I.e they pay 20 gr (around 5 EUR cents) for 1kg of beer cans :)

  6. No – it’s a regular scrapyard – just go and see their web page. In e.g. they pay 20 gr (around 5 EUR cents) for 1kg of beer cans :)

    • What ?
      Strange…it’s straight opposite.
      Is this is how it is in your country?