Movie Trailer on Wargaming Channel

Hello everyone,

this movie trailer appeared on English Wargaming channel, with the following commentary:

Tankers! Saints and Soldiers: The Void ( is the third installment in the eponymous franchise, and the first that focuses on tanks. The film follows a cat and mouse chase between two M18 Hellcat crews and three Panzer III’s through the Harz Mountains of Germany at the end of WWII. We’ll be bringing you behind the scenes footage featuring The Chieftain over the coming weeks. For now, head over to the World of Tanks Facebook page ( to enter to win a free film t-shirt! The film opens in select theaters August 15, with an expanded NA theatrical release Aug 29.

After seeing the trailer, it’s obvious that this movie is not about tanks or war, but about racism, so thanks, I’ll just wait for Fury.


33 thoughts on “Movie Trailer on Wargaming Channel

  1. First I thought those were Pz IVs =.= After 2 years play WOT I still cant tell what a Pz IV or Pz III

    • Those looked like upgraded Panzers with spaced armour, etc. Anything to hold the line was probably tossed it, and besides, the Tigers were in use for the Fury movie ;-)

  2. this is just another pro black propaganda movie!
    all it was missing for him to be gay too!

  3. that Hellcat crew must have been real n00bs since they were afraid of tier IV tank. :p

    edit: oh I see now. Mixed race crew. That would never work during WW2. That`s like puting 75% crew in stock Hellcat without modules. :)

  4. I hope they don’t type cast the English guy as being useless again…

    It’s funny one of the best bit’s in the “world at war” is a section on the racism in the american army.

    “Don’t be insulted is an English family invites you and an black soldier in for a drink they don’t see race as an issue” Or something to that effect.

    • “Captain Harry Butcher was a naval aide to General Eisenhower between 1942 and 1945 and he was present during some of Ike’s press conferences in the middle of 1942. For him the lack of a colour line in Britain was a difficulty. ‘England,’ he wrote, ‘is devoid of racial consciousness… [the English] know nothing at all about the conventions and habits of polite society that have developed in the US in order to preserve a segregation in social activity without making the matter one of official or public notice.’ (p. 35) “

  5. “Fury”?
    I can bet it’s going to look like this:
    “A tank battalion with Pitt’s machine is ambushed by Waffen-SS units (and you can bet they will only fight Waffen-SS throught the whole movie).
    Because of the ambush a friendly crew/crewmember dies, which will of course be shown in slow-motion with emotional music (Hans Zimmer’s of course).
    Of course, the killing will be done by some evil SS officer in a Tiger/King Tiger (of course he will sport a battle scar/blond hair/medal from the Eastern Front).
    After that we will have a moment of peace with reflections about war, friendship, death, survival etc. etc.
    After that Pitt exclaims that we shall kick some Nazi ass and we have more battle scenes. Of course the battle scenes will be taken straight from Michael Bay’s school of battle scenes – lots of explosions, slow-motion and close-ups on our heroes faces.
    In the final battle Pitt’s tank will probably be destroyed or damaged, however because our hero is such a bad-ass mofo he’s gonna leave the tank and then use his M1911 to kill the whole evil Tiger crew with the evil SS officer in the end.
    After that we get a shot of the battlefield full of destroyed tanks and dead soldiers and Pitt then narrates about the war, friendship, sacrifice etc., all supported by more Hans Zimmer music and slow-mo.

  6. My gf made me see “The Butler” I have enough blackxploitation for years to come.

  7. Could be OK. I wouldn’t say I won’t watch a movie because it is about racism. That would be a bit of an odd attitude to take given that it was clearly an issue fro the many black tankers that served in the US army in WW2.

  8. It looks promising, deffo a film to watch.

    I like how the racist scum is coming crawling out the woodwork though.

  9. I am disappointed you aren’t watching it just because it touches on racism. You might learn a few things or two about racism during WW2 (albeit fictional) (or ignore the racism entirely) during the movie and still get to watch tank scenes.

    • Yes, SilentStalker’s remarks were quite blunt and ignorant, he sounds like a 10 year old world of tanks player…

    • It’s a strange thing to hear from someone who dedicates part of his blog to complaining about in game racism. Also if he thinks Fury is going to be all about tanks he’s being very naive. Like every big budget movie it will have the usual love story of some sort jammed into it. Perhaps a coming of age thing for Shit’actor LaBeouf too. And plenty of fuck yeah ‘murica.

  10. Why watch the movie? The 2m 29 seconds of trailer basically outlined exactly what happens in the film. That an it looked absolutely terrible, in the same realms as the company of heroes film.

  11. my only question is this, is it still focused on at least one of them being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? I know the first saints and soldiers did, I haven’t seen the second.