19 thoughts on “World of Warships Q&A Video

  1. Hmmm I think Anastasiya is hawt.

    Cant wait to get into WoWS CBT, done WoT and WoWP CBT as well. Too bad most of EU testers’ suggestions are ignored when it comes to making the games better.

  2. That’s too bad about the torpedo depth….
    A lot of battleships had thickened armor just at the float line to minimize torpedo damage, but much less armor even just single meter below.
    Adjusting the torpedo depth, even in a binary way such as “surface” and “underwater” would allow for better strategy. Surface torpedoes potentially damaging more modules, but mitigated damage if the target’s armor is still intact. Underwater torpedoes doing bigger damage (due to less armor) and causing water to rush it, but not damaging any significant modules.

    A shame.

    • Shows how little you know about how the systems actually worked. The armor wasn’t designed to do anything to the torpedo’s but to stop diving shells that went under the waterline. The bulging system was designed to have multiple bulkheads to collapse when the torpedo exploded to dissipate the damage over a large area. The added benefit of the underwater belt was that it allowed it to absorb the fragmentation of those bulkheads better and should a torpedo impact into it it could resist the explosion, but the issue is that it would cause damage behind the belt and most likely cause spalling, secondary damage to the support frames, and flooding.

      Effectively, the deeper they went, the better the bulging would be able to absorb the first set of torpedo’s. After that section was compromised by the impacts would the torpedo’s be much more effective impacting that underwater belt; however, in designs like the North Carolina class, Bismarck class, or the King George V class, they did not have a secondary belt, so once you punched through all those bulkheads, the only thing left behind it was the engineering, magazine, or other sections.

      • Yes, I’m sure naval engineers decided that the armor belt at the float line was uniquely for shells, and not torpedoes, because it would be fucking insane to have one defense system for multiple threats.

        Plot twist, I was using sarcasm.

        • Since you’re speaking to a Naval Engineer, I’ll still get a good laugh at that comment.

          Plot twist, I wasn’t using sarcasm.

          But carry on :)

  3. First post on here, just had to say could the developers just throw us a little gameplay bone…anything? Been waiting years for some footage of this game in action and to be honest, I’m beginning to think it’s all just some massive troll by WG and it doesn’t really exist..

    • Well it definitely exists.
      However WG aren’t showing anything because the game is in its early stages so in game content is likely to change between when the release the footage and when they release the game. By not releasing any footage they aren’t giving anyone false expectations.

    • for non-testers, it might look easy to ask. but you should know that the game is constantly changing in its current state from small changes to big fat updates that completely change gameplay. it is much easier and gives proper expectation once the game hit beta when we the alpha testers already found most of the bugs and WG decided the gameplay is solid enough for a broader audience

  4. Cant wait to bounce off some puny little ship that has weird angle with the Yamatos 46cm guns :P

    • yeah then you have to reload for the next 60 seconds thinking F me i just lost the game :P

  5. Important question missing: Will the game be any fun?
    Answer: Fun will not be presented in the game initially, however if you pester us enough about it, it might make it into a later version, such as things that we claimed would never, ever be part of the game like Half tracks or wheeled cars in World of Tanks!

    Also: Are there any good questions asked? The bomber question is fucking dumb. B-17s couldn’t ever launch from carriers. Since planes are AI controlled and launched by player carriers, where would planes that can’t launch from carriers come from?

  6. more stupid videos, more stupid more and more stupid videos and no game in sight…

    looong overdue, dead hype like duke nukem for never.

    this time is “warships for never”, maybe after they finish pulling their thumbs out fo their asses and gaijing releases war thunder naval forces the devs will go “oh yeah, didn’t we had a naval game in the works?, hmm i think you’re right, that one we should’ve release more than a year ago, what happened to it?”

    fucking fucktards

    • Or… after WoWp fail , they want not to be 1 game wonder.
      So WG is trying extra hard not to fuck up Bships.

    • I think patience was never your strong suit.

      The Alpha Test is currently going on, CBT hopefully by the end of the year. I doubt Gaijin will rush out Naval game considering the current one they released (Tanks) still has some bugs to work out.

  7. Am I the only one that gets reminded of the Prates of the Caribbean theme while listening to their music? Specifically “He’s a pirate”?