Straight Outta Supertest: KV-1S Nerf (KV-85)

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Hello everyone,

as you probably know, in patch 9.3, KV-1S is going to be split into KV-85. Let’s have a look at how KV-85 will fare compared to the old KV-1S (data for KV-85 come from a current supertest leak). For comparison, I am using Tank Inspector data (100 percent crew and such).

- the top gun remains the 122mm D-2-5
- DPM nerfed from 1525 to 1220
- reload time nerfed from 15,34 secs to 19,17 secs
- ROF nerfed from 3,91 to 3,13
- gun accuracy nerfed from 0,441 to 0,46
- aim time nerfed from 3,26 to 3,45
- accuracy spread after turning turret nerfed by cca 10 percent, various (quite strong) accuracy on the move nerfs, but the accuracy while moving maximum speed without turning was actually buffed somewhat, so we’ll see how exactly will this behave
- depression nerfed from -8/+25 to -3/+20
- weight increased from 43,97 to 46,5 tons
- the engine power remained the same, but hp/t got nerfed from 13,6 to 12,9
- forward/reverse maximum speed nerfed from 43/11 to 34/14
- terrain passability on soft terrain got actually buffed a bit, the others remain the same
- viewrange buffed from 330 to 340

234 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: KV-1S Nerf (KV-85)

  1. LOL finally it’s playable.

    Now IS will feel like an upgrade; even though IS itself isn’t so good…

    M6 best tier 6 heavy now?

      • My money goes on T-150, it’s just well rounded and has a very consistent armoring, you just have to angle the hull.

        • but the gun can’t match that of the M6, on tier 6 it’s eh, okay, but when u go into higher tiers, the M6 does better than the T-150 just cause of the prem ammo

      • agree on the best geavies although the vk3601 is decent as well.

        for the mediums you should also add the a43…its bad on paper bot its got soem really nice stats with the long 76mm. seemed like a faster aiming cromwell to me.

        • But Cromwell is insanely fast and maneuverable. You can even circle other meds in it. Its a complete killer machine. VK30M on the other hand has tons of HP (more than most heavies) decent front armor and a very very good gun. It probably already is the best allround Tier 6 tank around.

          • I agree. The VK36 is a Tier 6 Tiger and it even uses the 88 L/56 which is a murder machine to Tier 7 and below.

      • VK 30.02 M can’t be best T6….. Sub par armor, goods speed but meh mobility, coupled with poor gun selection and the fact that the top gun is available on the tier 5 that comes before it combines to an average, rather than outstanding T6.

        And I think you’re forgetting the Hellcat.

      • ARL and the tracks of troll, especially when your crew is trained in repaired :D

        Not to mention its top gun…

        • DCA 45 is not the best gun despite awesome penetration, it has very anemic aiming time and dispersion is just difficult to handle. You should consider 105mm Schneider gun (La baguette) it has higher DPM, DPS and the handling is just better while penetration is still good for its tier.

          Thats of course a matter of personal preference, DCA45 is just a sniper gun while La Baguette is all-around weapon.

          • I was playing ARL few weeks ago, just re-bought it for fun, to have few games in it and see if I like it. I’ve had a blast with the second 90mm gun (forgot the name, the one with 170 pen).
            It has adequate pen for it’s tier, 170, but comes with very good aprc with 246 (or was it 248 …. to lazy to check) pen, allowing it to take on even the best armoured enemies frontally, without much aiming. It has faster reload than the top gun and aims faster too.
            I gave 105mm gun a try too, and when gold spamming it was quite a monster. With gold it is basically a tier 6 tank with Tiger 2 top gun (if a bit more derpy accuracy and aim time wise).

          • Agree on that one. ARL 44 with 105mm is a brawling monster. Use nice sloped frontal armor and tracks to angle and eat those shells, while dealing really nice alpha and dpm with the 105mm. I think the ARL is the best tier 6 heavy.

    • I already like the IS a lot better than the KV-1Scapegoat.
      If this is implemented, that KV-85 will be horribly underpowered… -3° gun depression? SERIOUSLY?

      • I love this…
        “If this is implemented…”
        IF? This sh*t is confirmed sonny, there ain’t no ifs and or buts about it.

        • Actually, no, it is not confirmed. It is on the supertest server. That means it is just a first attempt, which may very well be changed down the road. Things have been known to be changed after it progressed to the test server. Have a look at the WT E-100 changes, they found that the something intended to be a nerf was actually a buff, so it got changed again.

    • M6 best? Where? High profile, non existent side and rear armour and gun u need multiple shoots to kill anything. In the other hand KV-1S or now KV-85 with 122mm gun (funny Putin logic, “85″ in name and 122mm gun) will be one/two shooting enemies like allways.

      • KV-85 is historical name for it.

        Other than that, you obviously underrate these nerfs if you think this tank will remain OP. You’ll see how painful -3 depression can be. I personally use Chinese 113 who’s depression is -4 and I tell you that has immense impact on playing style and tactics. That change alone would greatly nerf this tank.

      • Kinda like the same was SU-100 has a maximum of 122mm gun(actual name SU-100P). Reason being that the SU122 was the one equipped with the U11 howitzer. Guess why it’s not called a KV122? :D

      • The problem implementing russian tanks, expecially KV serie, with the current system WoT has is that almost every gun the tank differ from the name changed. So you should have like in WoWp a dynamic name (does it still have it? When I played it did), that changes based on the modules you mount, otherwise the most reasonable thing to do is put the name of the configuration everyone possessing that tank has: the stock one.

    • Death Nerf.
      And Fv304 nerfed as well.

      So Cromwell it is for tier 6.

      At least I gain a 3 skill russian heavy crew.

    • The IS is a strong tier 7 heavy. If it looks weak to you, that is only because you are comparing it to the T29, which is completely overpowered.

    • Nope, ARL 44 is still best, just as it has been since it was introduced.

    • Its no wonder WG stays in business /w consumers like you. The IS is the tuffest Tier 7 in the game. Hands down.

      Its the only Tier 7 that can take a t95 hit an live in my experience.

      • Every Tier 7 heavy or medium tank can take a hit from a 155mm gun and live. That’s what it means to have more than 1000 hp. What exactly do you mean by that statement?

    • M6 is as good as its driver where Rus tanks like T150 are more forgiving.

      M6 is like all US tanks basically huge Depression and good gun handling mean its as good as you make it with the opportunity to be best in class.

    • Ever since the accuracy change made guns more accurate, I’ve favoured the KV-2 over the KV-1s.

      The thing is a decent sniper as long as your target isn’t moving.

    • IS shoots every 10 secs, 1S every 16.. it did feel like a huge upgrade to me, and quite a marvelous tank.

    • IS no good tank? yes it is!
      I didn’t like the kv-1s because it as crap armor. The IS has beter armor and wel sloped to.

      Kv-1s has very low hp that when he faces other 122mm guns they almost can 2 shot him, the IS has way more hp: 1230. So it can takes 3/4 hits from other 122mm.

      • I gotta write caps for emphasis but


  2. “depression nerfed from -8/+25 to -3/+20″
    Hue, looks like a real nerf :3

      • Yep. It’ll relegate it to close-quarters brawling like the other Soviet heavies, instead of allowing it to do well in both open and urban terrain.

    • Why? It isn’t really necessary – with that shitty turret, the horrendous aimtime (and you can NOT snapshot the shit out of other tanks like with the KV-1s) and the terrible, TERRIBLE exposed tracks make this tank barely fun to play.

      Yes, the gun(s) are good (only damage and pen tho, maybe accuracy IF you wait long enough) but pretty much everything else is terrible.

        • Yes, and that has its obvious, stated reasons. And that’s why it does not need to be nerfed since it already is barely competitive right now in the hands of an “unskilled” player.

        • Totally agree Peter, I just want it changed because ther is no real German heavy w/ a comparable gun “hmmmmm” and IM sick of seeing dominate Tier 6 TC.

          Ive seen some decect FC’s actually running different team set ups, very cool.

    • Nah, they just need to nerf the damage of APCR shells on 105 and it’s fine.

      • People also aren’t smart enough to realize that so stop spreading it please. I like my 1s stomper.leave it be.cause next they will say the ufp is op and too thick. So shh hahaha XD. And what Peter said it is a very unforgiving tank for newbies it took me a long while to do good in it and my stats still reflect it

      • How would that work? AP and APCR have to do the same damage, they just recently did a bunch of changes to actually correct that. Also, the damage of the 105 is already lower than that of other nation’s 105mm guns, not to mention that they had to nerf the ARL 39 and maybe the AMX 50 100 as well since they are using “similar” 105mm guns… so yeah, not gonna happen.

        Haha, wait… the APCR actually DOES more damage with the 105? Wow. That info was ommited on some pages I just checked but it is actually mentioned on the official wiki.
        That indeed does need to be nerfed then, just in line with their recent changes. :D

          • Yes, that was actually my second thought but I didn’t want to cram it into the edit as well.
            As said, the 105 already does less damage than other 105 guns, except with APCR. If they could actually BUFF the AP and leave everything else alone, that would be nice.

            I guess I’ll try the 105 on the AMX M4 45 later tonight since I’m actually grinding it right now. The AP pen is awful at tier 7 but oh well… guess it’s time to waste some money and since I’m using it as a fat medium anyway, shooting at flanks should be fine with 165mm pen… and for everything else, more damage and pen with APCR. :D

              • True, completely forgot about the Dicker Max and thought there are actually no tier 6 german’s with 105mm guns, hence I was comparing it with the 105 on the JPanther and the Tiger II which do 320 damage (which is completely silly since they are tier 7 and 8).

                Welp, only thing left now is to nerf the APCR.

    • ARL isnt that great. Gun has horrible stats everything but pen, side armor is worthless (cant angle ANY degrees) stock grind is horrifying, its huge as fuck and totally no camo.

      • What he said but I still love it. It’s my fave heavy and the 110 is working it’s way into 2nd then is2 and amx50100

      • Did 3.5k damage in it over the weekend in a tier 7 match on El Haluf, and I was at A3… can’t be that bad :p

        • Grab the dca 45 and snipe a few from 400m. Then try the same thing with the 105. Great tank but using the 105 would put a average pubbie in a front line role without knowledge of how to handle the beast in close quarters. It’s a support tank by nature and to claim it’s op is a bit far fetched. Going off my experiences with it , I use it as a brawler but it’s taken time to get to that point. Edit: and using one game as a judgement call is not a good example, consistently get above 1k a battle and then tell your story. PS the thing is riddled with weak spots

    • The ARL 44 is a weak to middling tank, even with 105mm gold spam. It is not a fun tank to use. What makes you think it to strong? Who is abusing that gun? AP damage should be buffed.

      • The extra APCR damage is what makes the ARL V39 somewhat usable. Not good, but usable (especially in Tier 8 games)

  3. Omg, why would you like to drive such a machine? the KV-2 seems to be a much better option after the nerf. Gridding to the IS is not going to be nice when driving that nerfed KV-85.

    • KV2 was the better option before the nerf already. It can oneshot KV1S frontally ..

      • The KV-2 CAN penetrated KV-1s frontally, but usually doesn’t. most of the time it doesn’t.

    • KV2 is a troll tank. Sometimes fun to play but it can’t carry a match.

      KV1S was great to pwn noobs. ARL44 with premium ammo and Cromwell will have to do this now…

    • The KV-2′s a good heavy as long as it’s only fighting the enemy one at a time, and those enemies can’t flank it. The moment it gets swarmed, it’s screwed. This basically limits its role to that of an assault gun or guarding choke points. It just dies really fast without support.

    • Time to sell the future to be piece of shit and stick to T-150, ARL44 or M6. I’m fine with any of those. The KV-1S was too much of an overkill, just like the Hellcat.

  4. Well all in all, this is what KV-1S needed. A nerf to make it a normal heavy tank, compared to others of its tier.
    In before all the “congrats WG, you messed up the tank completely” comments :)

  5. - reload time nerfed from 15,34 secs to 19,17 secs
    - ROF nerfed from 3,91 to 3,13

    these two parameters are basically the same (60 seconds/3,13 shots per minute = 19,17 reload). So it’s the same nerf listed twice. Can be a bit confusing for some.

    • Yes, but it’s easier to compare it with other tanks if you give the reload in RPM as that is the stat listed ingame while it’s easier to get a “feel” for the reload if it’s given in seconds.

      • In fact ROF stands for Rate Of Fire. So, yes they are only one datum. Maybe they could have written it as:
        - ROF nerfed from 3,91 to 3,13 (reload time nerfed from 15,34 secs to 19,17 secs)

        • Yep, that’s exactly what I meant – that the same parameter is stated as two nerfs. And ofc, reload time is seconds is much more handy that shot per minute.

  6. Looks like someone had to bash something with the nerf bat so hard, it dies. :D
    I will keep playing my KV-2 ;)

  7. Ehm…
    “OMG RUSSIAN BIAS! KV-122 only had 2 degrees gun depresion IRL and WG buffed it by 50%, this is outrageous!”

    I’m actually more interested in what the t5 KV-1S will preform like. I’ve always like the KV-1 but it’s too slow for my taste so a “sport” version of that would be awesome.

    • Exactly, I think it will become my new tier 5 fun tank, with decent armour, hopefully a fast gun and great mobility!

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  9. LOL @ incoming forum rage.
    Personally, i wasn’t expecting DPM nerf, so this comes as a nice suprise.

    On the other hand, the changes to agility (terrain ressistance and hp/ton ratio) are pretty minor. So it’s still gonna be a tough enemy in the cities.

    Overall, this rebalance looks better with every new piece of info :)
    OFC all this coming from supertest might change quite a lot, before hittng live servers – one way or the other.

  10. Wow…nearly KV-2 reload on the KV-85? Ouch…guess the vents & rammer are even more important now. And this tank will be nearly useless as well…weak armor, horribly long reload, and massive speed nerf means that not only is it not OP, its even a bit UP now (because, like a KV-2, it will often probably get one shot off before getting hit 4-6 times while its reloading, instead of 2-3 times like currently). Welcome to the next Soviet 1 shot wonder.

    • Pfft, you’re doing it wrong if you get hit 4-6 times while you’re reloading with KV-2. This is where you use your team as a buffer between you and the enemy and never engage anyone alone so you have someone you can use as cover when you’re reloading.

    • Dude in real life the 122mm gun got the RoF of 1-2 shots per minute…

    • Get hit 4-6 times per shot? You deserve it for not backing into cover after taking your shot like any smart person would do.

  11. That’s a MASSIVE nerf. So, here’s the question. Was it that OP, or are they over-reacting, or are they punishing people who used it for stat-padding?

    • Don’t forget it’s in super-test phase at the moment. WG are most likely to tweak this vehicle a few times before it gets in the game.

    • How is that punishment? The players who used it for statpadding (btw: there are better tanks to do that) will profit, since no new player will ever match their stats now. So relatively speaking they are stronger now.
      Just like when HEAT-M4 was nerfed or Su26.

  12. Oh yeah, just make the mobility unrealistic because you HAVE TO FUCKING HAVE THAT OP SHIT THAT REGUIRES THOSE FUCKING NERFS. GG WeeGee, this is why I went back to TF2.

    • “better” armor and “better” mobility for IS. And “better” gun.

  13. -3 gun depression, this is gonna be such a pain in the ass >_<
    PS: Jingles shoutouted this blog :)

      • I dunno if “shoutouted” is a word but it basically means that Jingles talked about and recommended this blog on his latest video. I can confirm that shoutout, I saw the vid myself.

    • Yup, Rest In Pieces!!! I shall dance on Your grave (scrapyard?)!
      On a more serious note, I don’t think that all of those nerfs will make it in. It’s rather a test of which ones to implement. Kind of “throw shit at it and see what sticks”. Still, roll on 9.3 and brand spanking new RU251.

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    • It will have it, as stock. The 85 refers to the new turret, which is the same turret they stuck onto IS and then realised it in fact can mount the 122mm, so they put the 122 in the KV-85 too.

  15. This looks like a crippling nerf. Hopefully the typical kv-1s drivers wont read any patchnotes and keep driving it in same numbers so there will be plenty of them to farm. And I think it will still remain quite popular because ZOMG DMG and IS3.

  16. Honestly I feel glad bcs it feels BS IS has poor gun dep but 1S with same turret for some weird reason has an excellent dep for Soviet tank

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  18. now only i can sell him, with this spec u dont have enything to do ina batlle. Maybe is bether that they make from KV 1S, one arty vehicle xD

  19. All in all a deserved nerf. It still may be a little bit too agile, lets see how it performs on the live server. BTW, did they touch the hull and turret traverse speeds?

  20. Almost all of those nerfs are for just the performance of the 122mm gun, the tank itself only got a speed nerf and a little view range buff. A lot about this tanks performance now depend on the stats of the other available guns – if their stats are solid, then the tank itself is going to be in line with the other tier 6 heavies

  21. Maybe i’m a pain in the ass, but i must write it XD

    “view range buff from 330 to 340″ those numbers are meters, centimeters or what ? Write it properly [m] as unit ;)

    • It’s kilometers, obviously. If you were informed enough you’d know that viewranges are given in kilometers… Pfff uninformed people.

  22. Haha, brace for the imminent zombie apocalypse of stock IS tanks tomato drivers :D

  23. why did you have to make 3 points stating EXACTLY THE SAME THING?

    - DPM nerfed from 1525 to 1220
    - reload time nerfed from 15,34 secs to 19,17 secs
    - ROF nerfed from 3,91 to 3,13

    • Give DPM: So what’s the RoF?
      Give the RoF: Pfff I don’t want to calculate the DPM and reload time.
      Give the Reload Time: Pfff I don’t want to calculate DPM and RoF.

      SS gave it because of lazy people that that would’ve raged because he’d taken one character over another. Better too much info than not enough.

      • He should’ve put it all into one point, like “RoF nerfed from x to y, resulting in this reload time and that DPM”. But the way it is is just insulting to anyone’s intelligence.

    • because ALL are good ways to help visualize how it will play. yes, you could calculate the rest from any one of those, but it is much nicer (and faster) to see it all spelled out.

  24. tier V 122mm? Well, hp will be lowered too. Armor will protect him against more weaker enemies. This is a huge buff overall.

  25. Heavy’s are junk now with the nerfs and gold rounds everywhere you are better off with a medium or light tank. Or if you want a one shot wonder get a td with the biggest gun for it’s tier. As for me I like to play my tier 10 artys because they make people cry!

  26. > the top gun remains the 122mm D-2-5

    This is not a nerf if OP-122mm gun remains. He will be still oneshooting every tier 4, one-two shooting every tier 5 and be still deadly to tier 8 tanks. Not forget about immunity to any damage aka OP armor.

    • This nerf is fantastic. It will seriously suck now (it deserves that):

      -DPM is worse than most tier 4
      -Depression is horrible and gun is on high, vulnerable to face hugging
      -gun handling nerf
      -acc nerf
      -speed nerf
      -heavier : mobility nerf

      • Well dont forget that u dont need DPM if u need only one round to kill other tank

        Speed nerf? No – SS said that terrain passability got boosted, and he will be probably as fast as he is now (its like with IS-7, he can have over 50km on paper, but on flat ground he goes like 35 tops anyway).

        Accuracy nerf? No – SS said they boosted accuracy on the move which is even more important!

        The only slight nerf is the depresion but -3 is still doable and at cost of boosted view range which is kinda stupid and overall not a real nerf.

        • believe me, the combo aim time nerf + gun depression will make your life in this tank very, very miserable, no matter how better accuracy on the move because the dispersion when you rotate the turret is nerfed too

        • “Well dont forget that u dont need DPM if u need only one round to kill other tank”
          But it won’t face only tier 4 tanks.

          “Speed nerf? No – SS said that terrain passability got boosted”
          “terrain passability on SOFT terrain got actually buffed a bit, the others remain the same”
          Soft terrain means swamps. Coupled with increased weight it is a nerf.

          “Accuracy nerf? No – SS said they boosted accuracy on the move which is even more important!”
          “various (quite strong) accuracy on the move nerfs, but the accuracy while moving maximum speed without turning was actually buffed somewhat”
          I’m not sure if this is how it works in the game, but in Tank Inspector “Aiming Circle Spread on Vehicle Full Speed Moving” is simply top speed times “Aiming Circle Spread on Vehicle Move”. Seeing how the top speed received a massive nerf, it is logical for the maximum number to be lower. Of course, KV-1S can’t normally reach over 35 km/h anyway.

          “The only slight nerf is the depresion but -3 is still doable”

        • ian666, lol
          3 degrees is SLIGHT nerf? its TALL tank and it gets depression like 121…
          Top speed got reduced, to 35 kph.
          DPM wasnt problem, but seriously, now it haves problems in 1v1. Even when it have been reloaded one shell before. Because much longer reload, DPM is incredibly low = and DPM matters (most of time) alot in 1 v 1. In addition, missing now hurts it more, but also, accuracy got reduced, at same time, gun handling got reduced (though it gets accuracy boost when it moves but doesnt turn turret, not a big deal if you ask from me). While missing hurts it more, it also will miss more likely because those accuracy nerfs i listed above. As i said earlier, 3 gun depression is TERRIBLE nerf alone, no tank does enjoy this. Never played chinese tanks? Many of them, yep, including mine’s, one of the biggest problems IS gun depression, despite these tanks has low profile. KV-1S, on other hand, has rather tall-ish profile, and gun is located high on that tank. What that means, it cant hull down anymore, which hurts it ALOT, because its only place which has armor that can sometimes bounce hits, is turret. It can still hull down thanks to good -8 degree depression, but when it gets -3, gl hulldowning with it. This means, that this tank is forced to find sidescrape position (and it doesnt excel at that anyway) to bounce shells. And again, like i said earlier, DPM is horrible. It STILL is horrible, you can live with that, but 1220 dpm…It seriously hurts it. Sure, it can oneshot Tier 4s and Tier 5 TDs, but no longer is that big threat in 1 v 1. Because nerfs overall, KV-1S is now like most tier 6 in tier 8 match : just hopeless XP bag. It can still support it mates, but it needs to go even closer to opponents thanks to slower reload and worse acc and gun handling, which is really dangerous in tier 8 matches. Its still likely loses against tier 8 HTs in 1 v 1 even if they are weakend alot, but after nerf, its gonna be hopeless if it bounces one hit, because it now reloads forever.

          Nerf is enormous. And IMO, 1S deserved it. It have been really OP for some years, now, it really deserved big nerf. Now, hopefully big nerfs for T18 aswell.

    • Exactly. It is now troll material. To weak to carry a match but still with a gun that will send noobs to the forums crying about the perceived OP-ness.

      They should just have reduced that alpha to make the whining stop…

    • well we still got the KV-2,, and still,, the damage done by KV-85 is still worse (even for T-43)

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  28. The RoF and depression should be nerfed to 17s and -5° or -6°. 19s and -3° is too much IMO, my KV-2 152mm used to reach 19s reload with 100% BiA, vents, rammer and consumables which is a gun that does 400 damage when failing to pen and in the worst case it will do 150 damage against a T29 turret LOL.

  29. okay,, now it got same RoF with KV-2,, but the pen and damage is still insane (but hey,, it got nerfed and the damage is lower than before),, i think KV-85 will get trolled more by MT user and SPG,, well,, let’s see how worse it will be when someone knocked out the ammo rack and loader,, i think now is the era for tier 6 MT to rise (though we still got the other KV,, M6,, spam and race car like bastard FV304)
    well still waiting for the T-43 to get a little buff (atleast give it 150mm pen,, 144 can’t do a thing against tier 9,, must rely on HE shells more and i don’t want to waste my money on APCR)

    • “i think now is the era for tier 6 MT to rise”

      This era lasts for a while now. It started with introduction of a Cromwell, followed by A-43 and VK30.02M.

      • Don’t forget the VK30.01D (which would probably be the best tier 6 medium if the Cromwell didn’t have a better DPM)

        • True, true… I forgot about that gem of a tank. Surprisingly, as it’s still in my garage. o_O
          It’s great to have at least one German tank with good gun depression.

      • Don’t forget the VK 3001p play that properly and it has a great chance to change a entire battle the fact that it has 220 alpha and a 5second reload and it’s got not bad aim time and it’s still pretty mobile and the pen is higher than on the Type 58 which is pretty good and the T-34-85 which is pretty much the same but with different gun.

  30. man I’m seeing these comments about t150 or M6 being best tier 6 heavies… of course, the churchill as always sucks… unless in good hands, that is. BUT heeey! What about the KV-2 with its 107mm gun?! Did you forget it? I have it, and with a 8.43sec reload and a very fast aiming time, it does 300dmg (average). Think of it, even the kv1s gun had a reload of almost 13seconds for what? 90 more alpha. Worth it? NO, 4.5 more seconds for 90 more damage looks indeed funny, pretty much like two shots from a T18…. What M6 are you talking about ffs?! The KV2 kills the M6 in 3 shells, and the reload of those shells makes it impossible for the M6 to reload in time for its 4th shell to kill a kv2. AND, if played carefully, the kv2 can do tons of damage in tier 8 games too, esp when making use of that squishy, space armored part around the gun (remember ruinberg’s buildings with those holes on them that you can use for the fat headed kv2).
    AS FOR ARMOR, any kind of high tier gun that would pen a slightly angled kv2 can also pen a t150 on 90deg angle. How about low tier guns? Well, they will use APCR on both kv2 and t150, so basically they will pen both of them.
    GUN on t150 is indeed the same, but the reload is like 1 second more than in a kv2, and that 1 second hurts a lot when dealing another heavy, say, you have a t150 and you are dealing with a kv2 using the 107mm.
    SO, please quit mentioning the M6 as “the new best tier 6 heavy”. KV-2 has been, is, and will probably be the best tier 6 heavy. *unless you are so bad that you have to use the derp gun, in which case, good luck with that reload that is three times more than the 107mm gun’s reload. Basically, when you (using 152mm) prepare to hit another kv2 with 107 for the second time, he will hit you with his 4th shell… BUT the problem is that you will be dead when he has fired the 3rd shell…. so FORGET THE DERP, use the 107, and aim a bit ffs, it won’t kill you. As for accuracy, you can call it decent now that the OP1S’ accuracy will be nerfed.

    • Seriously?

      When using the 107 mm ZiS-6, the ONLY advantage KV-2 has over T-150 is slightly better reload.
      For that it trades mobility, size, armour, and HP.

      And M6 was always better than KV-1S.

      • KV-2 with 107 sucks. It may reload faster than T-150, but in addition, it sacrifices some armor, mobility, turret turning speed, its easier to hit, turret has horrible shape, and its ugly as hell

        And M6 can be better than KV-1S, but platoon of 3x KV-1S on good players hands (which is rare because 98% of KV-1S players are siematomatonoobs) is incredibly OP and unstoppable on city map when they are top tier

        • doesnt need to be either top tier the kv1s to slaughter everything right now
          a 3 man platton can do good at tier 8 battles too
          and with the amount of brainless thingies it’s not that even hard

          M6 is better then the kv1a as long as RNGesus doesnt fuck the trades
          cause the kv1s tends to have High rolls more often then IS or is3 with the bl 9

    • the only option for the KV-2 is the 152 with just HE loaded as if you pen you one shot every tier 6 (Churchill and VK with a slight highrole) and reloads if you get BiA, Rammer, vents and what ever the consumable is (Should be vodka) you can get a 18.8 second reload so it’s just better, and it doesn’t matter if the 107 gun reloads faster if a KV-2 is against a KV-2 the guy with the 152 will win as he will always pen and one shot

  31. Is it confirmed in any way that KW1S owners will get a free garage slot after the split?
    (YAY 4 nerfing this horrible stat fixer for tomatoes)

  32. - reload time nerfed from 15,34 secs to 19,17 secs

    Muahaha KV-2 is now even more the king 18.8 second reload for 910 damage (HE if it pens) and has rather bouncy armour and isn’t as slow as people think so yeah KV-2 now and always will be tier 6 heavy king

    LONG, LIVE, KV-2!!!!

    • Yeah, KV-2 was the first thing that came into my mind after I read the article. And to be honest, I’m a bit afraid. I really do believe that WG will nerf the KV-2 next. :(

      • Eh, I don’t really mind the KV-2 tbh – once they revise the RNG to make accuracy matter again, it should be easy prey at anywhere beyond close range. Sure, it’ll still ruin your day if you DO get hit, but he fires…what, once every thirty seconds? A same-tier medium tank can take a KV-2 from full health to a smoking wreck before he gets off his second shot.

        It’ll help to get rid of a lot of the stagnation at tier 6. Now just to nerf the Hellcat (not sure how, but somehow, as it’s overperforming statistically), and it’ll be balanced at last.

        • Bub, the KV-2 fires every 18-19 seconds… granted, with 100% crew, Rammer, Vents & BIA

  33. Interesting, it now actually has a lower ROF and DPM than the T-44 with 122 mm gun

    • So what?
      Don’t forget the fact that there is a 2 tier difference between the two tank.

    • T-44 – Tier 8 Medium Tank

      KV-1S – Tier 6 Heavy Tank that might as well be a Medium Tank

      It’s a no-brainer.

  34. I have 1500 battles with kv1s and 60% of victorys my best tank in roster. First they cut down 34-85 and now this, I seriosly think to make law appeal against War Gaiming :( . What is the point of big nerfs like that, to have all 50-50 percent W/L. This tank have good gun, medium mobility and lame armor, and lets make it more bad then now?! I see many r happy about this nerf if this tank upset you try to play it, buy BC see how its easy to play I have some felling that they nerf this tank to. Seriosly they look in my garage and patch after patch nerf all that I have.

    • Dragi moj zlizo, nauči igrati s nečim što nije OP ruska mrcina, pa te neće toliko boljeti.

      Or for the non-Balkan population:

      My dear whiner, learn to play with something that’s not an OP Russian noobstomper, and the nerfs will hurt less.

    • “I have 1500 battles and 60% WR”, you’re one of the reasons why it gets nerfed. T-34-85 is doing more than fine imo. But I have an idea what shouldn’t be nerfed further: your grammar.

        • Cry? I was actually crying because of the KV-1S’s OPness, I really enjoy this nerf! :D

          • The reason that I mention this nerf is next, I have all russian tank tree explored and no tank is so good as KV1s in whole tree, some say yeah T150 is now the best. What you think will happen to T150 in next patch?! I have 28000+ battles, play WoT for 3 years, and all I want 2 say that paople who can use tank with lame arrmor and 15 sec reload time is not a noobs. About my grammar, yes is bad but its not my native language and this is not forum about Shakespeare. But anyway I think that you understand me or I can put you in German or Italian is it suit you.

            • KV-1S deserved nerf. Seriously, it does. Possible reason why you have so many battles with it, its simply OP, as on good player’s hands it just destroys everything

  35. Lol yeah dem nerfs…anyone remember what happened to t30 after similar things?
    I don’t intend to claim that it didn’t deserve a nerf, but that shouldn’t mean it should instantly get blown into oblivion of nerfhell.
    Makes me wonder – what will they do to hellcat, remove the top gun?

    • Removing the 90mm might be quite a good thing to do. Just give the Hellcat the 76mm gun (with 128 pen) and raise its RoF to 20. Because there has to be a valid argument to buy the Jackson instead of the Hellcat.

      • Your proposition is retarded and you should feel retarded. And no, i’m not defending the 90mm gun here. That’s not the reason.

        • Your comment is useless and you should feel useless. WG always states that it wants as much historicity as it gets: the 90mm Hellcat was a protoype, no combats were fought in it. 20rpm is plausible IRL without proper aiming of course. What do you want to nerf on it? Speed is historical, 570HP is a two-shot for 105mm guns.

          • Hello!!! Not sure if dumb or trolling… If WG woulod start removing prototypes than we would end up with what? A Warthundrrr. But I do agree that both Hellcat and Jackson should become viable, without obvious favourites.

  36. A very very long waited nerf finally became true…So the next one is Hellcat ı guess.

  37. Finally the KV 1S is gonna to die.

    M6 and T150 will be most powerfull Tier 6 Heavys

  38. Again, an irrelevant nerf. Real problems as stratosferic 175 pen and ridiculous 390 avg. alfa did not adressed, so playing against that KV85 will be as painful as against good old OP1S, but playing with it will be less comfortable. A real lose-lose solution, SerB style trolling. gg wg.

    • This is such a poor reasoning for why it’s not enough. The KV-1S is now dangerously overexposed as a poorly armored tank with -3 gun depression and poorer speed. To add injury it waits another 5 seconds to finish reloading. The gun be damned, the uncharacteristically friendly gun depression, the hard stats, and the agility were what made that tank good.

      • Poor reasoning? That gun will one shot every lower tier tanks, and two shot any equal tier heavy. No matter how they nerf those soft stats, that 122 mm gun makes KV1S overpowered in tier 6, and that gun stays with us.

        • > That gun will one shot every lower tier tanks
          it’s actually a less reliable one hit kill than the 105mm derp guns on most medium tanks when you know what you’re doing. Plus those are more accurate, reload twice as fast, and are mounted on vehicles with vastly better gun handling, so you don’t have to baby the gun the entire time.

          The reasoning why your reasoning is poor is because you have no understanding of how the game works if all you consider is the penetration and damage. Those both do not matter if it’s impossible to put the shell on target. Otherwise, world of tanks would be world of artillery because they have the best damage in the game, soft stats be damned.

    • This is a textbook example of why alpha strike and pen aren’t everything.

      Seriously, have you ever used a tank with -3 gun depression? Alpha strike and pen won’t make a tank OP if literally everything else about it is abysmal.

      You can mount a BL-10 on an AMX-40 and cast it as a tier 9 vehicle, but that still won’t make it OP.

  39. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of these nerfs rolled back somewhat. I am also curious about the 100 mm gun option, if it has one. Might be the ‘serious gun’ compared to the 122 mm, in the same way that French tanks often have a choice of next tier gun with bad stats or normal tier with good stats.

    • To me, It looks like they threw in all the possible nerfs they thought of to see what worked before finalizing it.

    • Indeed. I think I’d actually prefer a 100 mm gun on a tank like the KV-1S if it has better DPM.

  40. I dont understand the mobility nerf at all, it is ok that they nerf the gun of the tank, but the 43-44 km/h was historically certified, you can check Wikipedia, kv-1s was the fastest heavy tank in that age. So why the f**k retard WG nerf the mobility like hell to 34 km/h???? That is historically total false!!!!!!

    • It’s called a supertest for a reason. They’re testing to see what could work. You’re probably not going to see it be this bad in 9.3.

    • Because it could only reach those speeds under ideal conditions, plus the fact that the 122 mm gun and the turret it was mounted in did in fact have a noticeable negative impact on mobility, which is part of why it never entered service with the D-2-5T.

  41. Bullshit, not the nerf! To nerf this tank it had to loose the 122mm gun! Any other ways are just propaganda shits from WG’s side.

    • It’s losing its mobility and gun depression and keeping the rather meh armor.

      What, do you want it armed with a 45mm 20K? If this goes through it might end up being the KV-85 if it has such poor gun depression with the 122mm gun.

    • There WAS a KV-1S irl that had that gun, so it’s historically accurate. What they did now was nerf the gun’s parameters down to what it was actually capable of (3 rounds per minute and 3 degrees of gun depression), as now it’s actually buffed WAY past its historical performance. The gun when mounted on this tank has a 25% faster rate of fire and 166.6% better depression than the real one.

  42. R.I.P. KV-1S… Another victory for the whiners army… DAMN IS IT SO DIFFICULT FOR YOU JUST TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY??? So what’s next? OMG nerf Hellcat too fast! Or OMG nerf M6 too stronK or ARL44 too pen!

    • Actually, Hellcat and T18 are next. It’s not that difficult to learn to play, but if you drive a Tier 4 or 5 it happens that (almost) everytime you get into a Tier 6 battle, you have a high chance to get OS by the KV-1S. It’s not about “learn to avoid it”, it’s because you drive a T5 and get instant vanished by a “clicker”, yes a “clicker” because you can compare the KV-1S to former arty (I’m an arty-player).

    • The problem lies with scrubs like you that use the tank as a crutch, not the people who legitimately complained that it was overpowered (not only was it buffed WAY beyond what the tank was historically capable of with the 122 mm D-2-5T gun, but statistics indicated that it’s overpowered, so it needs a nerf).

      • I only have 335 battles on it,just enough to make it elite and then i sold it,and i mostly play tier 5/6 tanks so…just go F yourself.

  43. - gun accuracy nerfed from 0,441 to 0,46

    Thats only 4.5% worse, so its a small nerf

    • That wasn’t what needed to be nerfed anyway, so it’s not a problem. What needed to be nerfed was the rate of fire and gun depression, which is also being nerfed.

  44. Sooo many terribads on here with opinion like their gameplay ingame.

    This nerf effectively makes the tank a cripple amongst tier 6 heavies. If these new stats stick (I don’t expect them to), KV-85 will become a junk tank that only bads will play.

    In the mean time, EVEN with this nerf, terribads will still die without doing a thing. Don’t blame KV-1S for your own fails + failure to learn from fails.

    • I take it you’re one of the “bads” that uses the KV-1S as a crutch. l2p.

  45. About time they nerfed it. It only took about a half a year or more to nerf. I do like the nerf, but I think they should have kept the speed. The KV-1s in real life was supposed to be a variant of the KV-1 with higher speed and thinner armor. KV-85 is basically the same tank as KV-1s. Infact, it is.

  46. lol I laughed hysterically as I read this, RIP KV-1S, looks like we may hopefully finally be seeing less of you on the field

  47. This is so overdue…and I must say that from what I can tell, they nerfed it in the right ways. It’s still a competent tank in skilled hands, but it’s not going to be quite as blatantly overpowered as it is now.

  48. To be perfectly honest, they could have let the DPM intact.

    The REAL nerfs that mattered, IMO, were the gun depression and accuracy on the move/gun dispersion stats.

    I was literally sick, tired & disgusted by that gun being able to shoot truer than an arrow when fired at targets even at 300m away (or more), on the move at max speed.

    THAT was annoying as all hell, seeing KV-1S tomatoes snapshotting everything because the soft stats of the gun basically meant RNGesus blessing all the time