Meanwhile in South Africa…

Thanks to Shawn M. from South Africa (damn, nice to have readers even in Africa) :)


Here’s what happened according to Shawn and local news. This tank was transported on a rig, driven by a female driver (*insert generic sexist joke about women driving*), doing promotion tests in Van Reenen’s Pass. The combined weight of the truck, trailer and the Olifant tank you can see on the picture was allegedly as high as 105 tons. The driver was a newbie – she was going down the hill, when she shifted gears, which is something you don’t do in a 100 ton vehicle going down the hill. She panicked and slammed the brakes, the breaks immediately burned and the rig went into a slide, ending in a ditch. During the slide, the tank slipped off the trailer, did a barrel roll and ended up in the ditch as well. To complete the humiliation, the army could not recover the tank and they had to call a civil contractor for the job.












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        • Yep, $10k in pot hole suspention damage, bad roads……
          That tank incident damage is hardly noticable above the rest.

    • Well, a modern tank eats around 5 Liters of fuel per KM ! For most tanks the Fuel/100Km ranges at 300-600 Liters of gas, depending if you drive on the road or terrain.

      A truck takes a lot less gas and can go faster than most tanks.

      • Yep, Was an Oliphant tank which is an upgrade Centurion tank armed with a 105mm rifled barrel. Was a joint project with the Israeli Defence Force during our Apartheid years of isolation to buy new tanks to go against the T72′s during the Angola border war.
        There was an option to buy the German Leopard 1′s, but costs and sanctions made it too expensive so the SA government went with the Israeli idea.

        • Im from Mauritius, not far from SA, and wot alocated me to EU server.. best ping i ever got was around 250ms.. i can handle up to 300ms but when it goes beyond that shit just hits the fan.. with lag… lol..
          It would be great to have a SA server, i can only dream to be able to play with 60ms.. and i never play with server reticle as i find it a huge pain.. it just increases the feeling of lag..

          • I am South African but I play on NA. From Cape Town, I get 220ms to NA East, 280ms to NA west. EU servers are about 160ms while RU varies from 200ms to 300ms. SEA is the worst, 400ms :-)

            • I registered a new account to test the EU servers, if it is successful I wonder if WG will migrate me? Probably not

    • Most (well a lot at any rate) of us play on the EU servers. Despite WG’s website tying to direct South Africans that the NA cluster. Something we’ve been trying (in vain) to get them to change because the ping is much better.

      • Been waiting for roaming to happen (which may not) to actually test it to see. Been playing for too many years on NA to start over on EU

  1. break
    verb \ˈbrāk\

    : to separate (something) into parts or pieces often in a sudden and forceful or violent way

    noun: brake; plural noun: brakes

    a device for slowing or stopping a moving vehicle, typically by applying pressure to the wheels.
    “he slammed on his brakes”
    verb: brake; 3rd person present: brakes; past tense: braked; past participle: braked; gerund or present participle: braking

    make a moving vehicle slow down or stop by using a brake.
    “she had to brake hard to avoid a milk float”

  2. So Polish tankers are now in Africa?

    (Its a joke, dont take it seriously i have nothing against polish people)

  3. When i saw “meanwhile in south africa” (I used to live there) i just thought “Oh Sh*t what have they done now!”

    Well at least living in New Zealand, i dont have to worry about escaping tanks, a we have no army vehicle that is more than 10t XD

  4. Noob (female) driver. :D, her driving skills needs a buff.
    Seriously why did they let a newbie to drive with such load?

  5. Well is it rather sad or funny that nobody is asking what happened to that woman? ^^

  6. Well, I see they have got the pre-test server as the Havok physics haven’t yet been implemented. We want those too! Oh, wait. We don’t because flipping your tank around doesn’t make for much of a fun game, not looking forward to that. ^^

    Btw, is this the Olifant Mk1B or is it the A? The camera angels in combination with the turret being all smashed up makes it so I can’t tell.

  7. I think that WG could hire the driver, because she has experience in wrecking good tanks.

    • That pass is long and drops over 650m during it’s 36km length.
      It’s not too much of a full on gradient, but there are some people who go hell for leather down the pass (much to the enjoyment of the KZN traffic dept’s bank account!) and basically drive like morons.

      Couple that with an inexperienced driver managing a hefty load and I’m not surprised it got out of control.

      FWIW about pings from SA, I solved that problem by moving to the UK :D Though the guys back in SA who I platoon with run about 220-300. I see tons of Saffa’s on the EU servers.

  8. this is why you can’t just tell a newbie to do a hardcore stuff,, and now look,, more money lost on recovering a tank and it’s rig

  9. I am proudly South African. You probably have more SA readers than you know SS :-)

    • Possibly because women are less likely to drive like the vehicle is an extension of their tiny tiny little dick and hence behaviour like morons on the road?

      Why let women drive? Why stop there? Why let them vote? Why let them work? Why let them pick their husband?

      Are you starting to get my drift?

      Or are you still sitting there with your head buried in the 19th century?

  10. First thing I noticed on back of truck was “Abnormal” sign. That caused my brain to flash to “Young Frankenstein” and the whole scene in the lab
    “Would you mind telling me whose brain I did put in?”
    “Abbie someone”
    “Abbie someone…Abbie who?”
    “Abbie Normal”