43 thoughts on “FTR Donkey/Tomato Stream

  1. Hey SS, when will we see the results of the FTR-Quiz? I mean the last question :)

  2. You should really try streaming more :D Also why not playing with your fans once or twice? I sure would love to play with you if i had the chance…
    Anyway that was interesting and fun to watch.

  3. I hope that’s not your 1st and Only stream!
    Keep up the good work lad!

    oh by the way .. Have you ever known something about the WoT Box edition with the BT-SV?

  4. SS, that was very nice, and it seems like you have enjoyed it not less!
    Do it again sometime! And you can platoon up with random people from the chat, that could be fun too!

  5. Great stuff dude, very entertaining. You should repeat this, maybe do it once a month or something.

  6. Can you upload it as youtube? I want to watch it too, but schedule wise, I’m at work during the stream so I’m unable to watch it. Btw, any summary of what happened, and how tomato is he and did does he include voice comment during stream? Thanks

  7. For REAL? The one time I’m NOT checking FTR every seven seconds, you pull something like this, SS? For REAL????? :(

    (Will you ever do it again?)

  8. One of the reasons I wont ever stream :D

    …The slavic-english combo hurts the ears :D. I Was fun even tho SS called me ugly :(

  9. Any way to watch the recording of the stream? Can’t seem to find it anywhere.