58 thoughts on “Great European Random No.13

    • I have about 25+ replays in my RNG folder to check, so GER14 will be flooded with me ;)

    • i laughed so hard at the scary obj 704 because i know the feeling the enemy felt when they saw me, and the sound effects were awesome

      • Can’t watch it in Germany, THAT is hell :S Luckily I have Stealthy installed, let’s see…

  1. Started watching, saw 5 minutes of it. Hmm….how muchh longer can it be? 20? Bring popcorn

  2. Woras, German audience won’t be / isn’t able to watch the vid due to some GEMA regulations (something about music copyright) / copyright infringement issues with YouTube . Could you provide either a version with different or no music?
    Still better to have no music but watch the action than not being able to watch the vid at all …

  3. Started out thinking it was just gonna be skypigs RNG bullshit, but then game the AMX 48 pissing on the IS3s and that Foch incident followed by T95…so much win! :D
    And still 6 mins to go…oh là là

  4. Yay, my replays got in :D

    You know, i didn’t actually notice that I killed both the T29 and the Type 64, I only saw me knocking out the T29.

  5. I can’t believe the rolls that MLE 48 was getting against those IS-3′s. Russian Bias.

  6. DAT T95 carry thouuugh
    and ofc the last part with the broken wot.exe is WTF :P

      • All Lowe drivers are like that, that prem tank attract newbies without a clue like no other tank.

        • Interesting, right? I still have no darn clue on why this is like that…
          Let’s look at how such a beginner noob would choose a T8 prem heavy tank, ofc size of gun and gun stats…but why then no T34, more pen, more damage, accurate, bigger caliber?
          One sees generally less noob-T34 than average-good-T34s, actually I can’t think of seeing a noob-T34 in the last days. But Löwe…seems to be the general german attraction, I think there are more german tank players than any other nation, at least if we count lower tiers (where the beginners are at).

        • I beg to differ, fella. Last night I was playing a Karelia defence mission, and saw an enemy Löwe driver kill a couple of tier 9 tanks on my team, followed by a full health, face-hugging Obj 268, all by himself. He carried the enemy team, but the fight with the 268 left him with only a few hit points, and we had a couple more tanks left to defend. As he got killed, many of our team still watching commended him with his valiant effort.

          • Sure, there are good Löwe drivers, but majority is bad. You have to use XVM to “differ”, as a below-200-WN8 driver wouldn’t have carried in such a way.

            The Löwe is a classic example of a difficult tank. There has someone to drive it that understands and actively uses its strengths (like the ability to get in effective hull-down due to the rounded turret and mantlet, the gun is definitively stronk, and its hull-armor is respectable and especially good for sidescraping), but there are not too many of those out there. A noob only shows off the Löwe’s crippling weaknesses, aka the rather long aim time, the worse DPM, the non-existant hull-armor (if not angled properly, most noobs have never heard about sidescraping and hull-down and such) and its bad, bad mobility. KV-5 is basically the same, but has a crap pen, making it even more difficult to drive.

            T34 is actually the most balanced, even if it has similar strengths and weaknesses to Löwe, but its role on the battlefield is more defined as well as the strenghts and weaknesses are more obvious.

            Nevertheless, every tank is like this and has strengths and weaknesses you have to deal with, there is just no perfect tank, and if there would be, it would be OP.

            Even current KV-ASS isn’t perfect but has purely OP damage, that’s all.

  7. These videos are awesome and all, but the gun sounds are of horrible quality.

      • to me it sounds more like BOOMGGHHHHHRHHKK *speakers blow out*.

        I use the 9.1 test sounds because of the high production quality and awesome echoes, even if they go *puff* , but you make the videos so it’s your choice and I’m an audiophile anyway so I guess as long as it doesn’t bother other people it’s fine.

        • Some are too distorted and probably amped too much :D
          But it gives the feel that you drive a cannon and not pistol gun.

            • Was convinced Gnomefather gun sounds-user until I first played with the Kriegstreiber booms…well, changed my mind, echoes, BOOM, everything is better, Gnomefather just puts more work into it because he wants every single caliber to sound different. Even same-caliber gun sounds are different from time to time, and that made me suspicious…Real-life guns just don’t sound that different from each other. Sure, there is a difference between 15cm and 7.5cm, but really…the way Gnomefather made it is just too forced to diversity. And the said difference is so much more realistic in Kriegstreiber’s mod, 15cm sounds like “BOOOOOOOOM” “ECHOOOOOO” echo echo, 75mm is a bit more calm, but has the boom and echo as well. Some Gnomefather sounds don’t even have an echo, and some have a louder echo than shot, as if they’d be straight from YouTube.

    • Bug.
      Seen it happen to a platoonmate, never to myself.
      Should have been fixed ages ago, like moving corpses.

        • Spinning tanks shit has been in the game even before the physics came to the game(8.0 patch) only difference was back then it would happen when two tanks side hug eachother and they would both spin like glued together, similar to this spinning in the video.

  8. I really expexted an x-files theme song in that last replay…

    btw those 2 arties squeezing that AMX… well didnt expect that :D

  9. Woras tried hard after he got competition in RNG videos by MrWanWan dude :D Competition is always a good thing for the audience :D

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