Base Borden: Grizzly Firefly

Hello everyone,

yesterday I posted a set of photos from the Borden base in Canada, but forgot one of the most important exhibits they have there a single surviving Grizzly Firefly. Also, if you are wondering about the Radley-Walters inscription – no, this was not Radley-Walters’ personal tank or anything, it was just named in his honor after its restoration.

Well, here’s a bunch of photos of that tank, courtesy of NotKaminary from US server.









21 thoughts on “Base Borden: Grizzly Firefly

  1. I believe Bovi have Grizzly too, I can’t remember if it has the 17pounder or the 76mm on it though.

    • It’s also a Grizzly Firefly at Bovi from what I recall. I don’t think any factory Grizzly tanks were ever produced with the M1 76, if any had them they were probably field upgrades from the 75mm.

  2. I would not like to be in that turret….
    Anyone over 1m80 would probably have one of their arm and shoulder crushed by the breech on that thing o.o

  3. this to be fair could be anything from a tier 6 american prem or a british tier 6 prem medium with the firefly branch coming soon

    • No point in having it prem, when the finally get round to doing the commonwealth tanks it will sit nicely at tier 6 (with ram and ram 2 as tier 4 and 5, give the americans their own tier 5 prem ffs) in the canadian sub branch opposite AC IV in the Ozzy branch.

  4. I wonder whose bright idea it was to paint it with turquoise house paint :(