DIY Tiger

From Shushpanzer.

Recently, VDV Day (paratrooper day) occurred in Russia. This is one of several days on which historical re-enactment events are held. In one such event in Samara, a newcomer appeared!

It’s a Tiger tank!

Okay, maybe it’s not exactly a Tiger tank. I’m sure many of you have already identified what vehicle this used to be by the suspension, but here’s the full story.

“Craftsmen from Samara made an excellent version of the famous Tiger tank in their spare time. The Soviet MTLB-4 was used as a base, since finding a decent chassis for the German was difficult. The MTLB was bought for almost its scrap value, and work began.

When the engine and transmission from a ZIL-5301 were obtained, the project really got off the ground. Piece by piece, everything that could have helped was assembled: blueprints, photos, drawings. Nearly everyone that the owner knew that had any experience in the field of metalworking or automotive engineering contributed to the project to some degree. It took 7 men three years to complete the project.

“We told everyone we put the tank together using original German blueprints. We actually got the blueprints from the Internet, the Bavarian tank factory website, we don’t know if they are originals or not. We were having fun, then bought an artillery tractor tub, which happened to fit the hull.

29 thoughts on “DIY Tiger

    • Not even close to the game colour.

      From what I can see they modelled an early production Tiger as the cupola is a give away.

      They really need to work on the suspension and tracks to get it closer.

  1. Good build, but the lower front armor and the suspension. The suspension is a bit smaller than the real Tiger.

    • It’s still very good for a DIY project, no? If you can’t appreciate the large amounts of work that obviously went into building, I’m doubtful that you can realize how pathetic you are. Go to bed, child.

    • lol it’s bad ??
      if you think it’s shit go make your own tiger replica, i am sure that’ll turn out like complete dick balls.

  2. many recent posts make me want to build a tank myself… Well, I will start with a paper tank first :)

  3. Well, this is some nicely done work. At first glance, looks just like a Tiger. Evwn with the differences visible, looks very nice.

  4. Seems to resemble a VK3001P when I first saw it. Anyone noticed that too? I know it’s supposed to be a tiger

  5. It’s like the one in Kellys Heroes, I think i you’re gonna build one then do it correct, those things last forever afterall (inless they see action)

  6. That’s not actually that bad. The road wheels and front glacis let it down, but its certainly recognizable as a Tiger. i’d way 8/10 for effort

  7. Of course this is real. If you disagree, ask your teacher to explain to you the difference between real and genuine.

    You might want to start with asking about the meaning of genuine, I think.

  8. Its a better Tiger than the Tiger used in “White Tiger”.

    I would have no complaints owning this. At a later date time permitting would like to see front lower hull reworked a bit, that IMHO is most obvious detraction.

    You could theoretically add on some road wheel plates over stock road wheels to give a more authentic appearance. But I say very good job!