Beware: Unjustified Permabans

Hello everyone,

several players recently started reporting that they had their accounts permabanned for no apparent reason on EU server. They askled about it at support and they got told that it happened due to an attempted credit card fraud: WG product (gold/premium/whatever) was ordered via an electronic card, but the payment was not authorized or was cancelled on the user side.

Strangely enough, only today, two players reported the same issue. The thing is, both claim that they don’t actually own a credit card. So, I investigated a bit from “my sources” and I got told that this in fact really might be some Wargaming screwup. It appeared after the 9.2 patch and it seems it’s not limited to EU server. People are getting permabanned all for the same reason and when they write a support ticket, support service, who is apparently unaware of the issue, tells them to fuck off and treats them like scammers.

If it happens to you, best thing to do is to pester your community representatives and write support tickets.

59 thoughts on “Beware: Unjustified Permabans

  1. Me gusta. Another WG fuck-up.

    And another reason to torture SerB when the time comes ;D

    • Me:How would you feel if your account got permabanned?Lets find out…
      SerB:PLEASE NO!!!
      Me:How terrible.

  2. Ok I’m one of the Banned ones well writing normal report to support doesn’t work good tho. Hoping to get unbanned. Because WG support is working as intended.

  3. I think it’s about buying gold outside the shop WG. In Poland in 2012 was similar case -Swindler with the nick Reseller79 used stolen credit cards paying for gold and premium tanks. When original owners of the cards launch procedure “charge back” WG baned many players who bought off the shop WG. And they also swore that they no bought a “fake gold” :P

    • I don’t think so. In 2012, it was a typically Polish thing, Czech too – we had idiots buying fake gold as well, both nations used their respective one source. But it was limited to single nations. In this case, I did recieve an info that there is not a single nation was affected, that it did hit all sorts of people. On the Czech forum, the guys complaining can barely write Czech, let alone English (no offense), obviously they are very young, so I don’t find it likely they would become victim of an international scammer.

  4. Hello all , I’m new here
    I am one of the players effected by this ban , I was out of town and received an email that my account has been banned for fraud purchases , I have invested thousands of dollars in this account . now it is banned , WG support asked for a photo scan for my credit card to investigate the matter . they say the payments partner detects many fraud purchases through my account , I have every purchase details and history if they liked . but as far as see it they won’t give me back my account , as long hundreds of players I personally know are from my country (Iraq ) everyone used credit card to purchase are banned for the same reason without any furtheer notice . it is sad we love this game , it is one a few if not the only fun we have here

    • Well, if you invested money (1000$ or more) in this stupid game and they banned you for no reason, then hire a good lawyer and send WG to tribunal.

  5. Make a lot of noise. At some point, somebody will realise that something got seriously fucked up.

  6. IIRC, SS posted a topic about this one before about Credit Card/banks considered WG company as untrusted or because of lot of charge back. So my assumption is that, you buy something to WG using CC, CC company noticed it’s WG company and it’s untrusted, didn’t give the money to WG, and WG banned the player bec. of this. Not sure but this is what I see

    • Sounds plausible. Idiotic, but plausable. Please can those who have been banned let us know if they recently purchased something?

      N.B. Does anyone else see the irony in people getting perma-banned because they purchased something from WG?

  7. I wrote a support ticket two days ago about account transfer to asia server,but they didn’t answer,and I havn’t got banned yet.US Servers all very laggy to my recently.Thought it’s time to go.

  8. It’s hard to imagine a shittier company than WG and people keep bitching about EA. EA are like angels compared to WG, who cares about their day 1 DLC since only some of their games are screwed now and then, not permanently like in WG’s case.

  9. Fuck WG and these fucking Russians.

    I hope another western company takes over this game. I don’t want to make fucking Putin rich so he can use my money to invade Ukraine or other countries.

    • Dude, really – this is wrong in so many ways.
      WG is a belorussian company and atm money oozes out of every hole of that company. So it’s more likely WG will buy a western company than other way around.

  10. Wait 48 hours and it should be fixed as big issue. If not they get themselves fucked very swiftly, but glitch/scam worked out-fixed-forwarded to support monkeys won’t be instant.

    Not like you topped gold up with PayG phone with no contract, got 5 secs interupted connection to site so code useless and money gone with fuck all done about it..

    Grr. Still I gave them nothing for 3 months over a fiver so cost em/saved me I guess..

  11. Iam not entirely sure, but I think there is a new way of scamming or fraud to be precise.

    Paypal allows (for whatever fucking reason lol) so called “eChecks”. It’s basically a classic check. I guess by now yoyu know where this is going… Payment goes trough coz it seems like a normal transaction, but the check bounces back due to no money on the bank account which could have been done god knows where. This is one of the main permaban reasons from the past. This time the case might be different, but just throwing it out there for the ppl to be extremely carefull.

    Never accept gifts if you dont know the source. NEVER!

  12. Thank God im on NA server. Those guys are actually AMERICANS and care about support tickets and takes matters seriously..I even seen community managers managing support tickets. Not some mumbo jumbo dumb fuck recruited from India or who knows what shithole of a country that answers you bot .messages.

    • Hmm and you got good actions there for example instead of our fucking top of the tree you got on the track that has got almost every tank of the line got discount even tier 10 has got bigger discount than we have …

  13. People tried to outsmart WG again and cut corners for cheap gold when there is no such thing.

    That is the most likely scenario. ;-)

    • we did not bought a cheap gold , all my purchases was from WG stores , we did not want to take any risks with our accounts

  14. Or they just bought “cheap” gold somewhere that was of course bought with stolen credit cards.