Nothing much today – again. Only one thing in fact: light tanks in general will be buffed in 9.3 apparently (one thing specifically mentioned was the durability of tracks, a player was complaining that he gets detracks from every highspeed bump – it is not clear however whether the buff will address this or not).

Both 9.3 and 9.4 will be quite interesting I think. Also, you can read new Listy’s article about sea rescue.

Edit: the situation with the bans is fluid. Edited out the part with Czech post references, tomorrow, there will be hopefully more info. What it looks like currently is that at least some of the bans are justified and that it’s a wave of bans aimed at credit card frauds in one way or another. Those affected are asked to contact the Wargaming support in order to resolve the situation – according to WG staff, if the ban is unjust, it will definitely be lifted.

47 thoughts on “3.8.2014

  1. I think the MM changes alone for mid-tier lights will feel like a substantial buff to players in terms of game-play and survivability.

  2. From what we heard so far 9.3 might indeed be a very interesting patch. I don’t remember anything about 9.4 though, what gives you the idea it’ll be interesting as well? Or is it too early to share, as nothing you know about it is confirmed yet?

    • Havok – after 5 years of making it finally reaches daylight – with bugs so huge, it will be hilariously furiously pathetic :D

  3. So i shouldnt be afraid of getting permabanned cause me no scammer ?

    Such a screw up couldnt go unnoticed so i doubt it would be a screw up from the first place .

  4. Its been blatantly obvious that light tanks play needed to be changed for at least 2 years. Fucking WG really are truly shit at game development. And then the OP-1S and Hellcat, both obviously OP of years, but WG does nothing because they are totally useless at balance.

  5. how the fuck in hell , all premabanned players are scammers ?!! , you know we got refunded for all purchases we made to WG , and I checked my card through visa and it was certified by visa , I can send them the certification , but no , they just don’t want to listen , they asked for bank statements , we provided that and still waiting , fucked up WG

      • if that so , so how they still certifying my card , they refunded me all WG purchases and the still working for other purchases not from WG like purchases from EA or steam .

        • “if that so , so how they still certifying my card , they refunded me all WG purchases and the still working for other purchases not from WG like purchases from EA or steam .”

          If you ask a credit card company for a refund (“chargeback”) against a merchant (WG in this case) it is quite typical for the merchant not to do business with you again. Credit card companies do not like merchants with high chargeback rates (1% or greater) and are not happy when it happens.

          • I never asked for the refund , WG stated in one ticket that all the money we used to purchase from them was scammed or stolen from other people credit cards , so we got permabanned and the money will be be charged back to rightful owners , so at a sudden , I was refunded all my purchases I did to WG . that is a prove that I am the rightful owner of the money and it was not a scam , we told them that and showed them the refund history and still no answer from them . really messy situation

  6. Maybe they are aware that something screwed up, but wont admit it?
    What i am also thinking is that they would possibly have no way of knowing who was permabanned due to this ‘mistake’ and those who actually attempted fraud.
    But it could also be a massive screw up from companies like VISA.

    This is still a horrible problem, imagine having spent alot of money on this game, and then get permabanned because of someone’s screw up… Oh man, just thinking about that gives me the creeps.

    I am glad i no longer play WoT, i’d hate to see all my hard work going up in flames. :/

    • The issue is with players who try to pay with “stolen” (reported stolen, multiple chargebacks, etc) cards. The fact that the wave is so big actually makes me think of some “recommended” stuff like telling your bank the card is stolen when it’s not – and then ordering stuff from WG “for free” (because the bank pays you back from insurance funds).

      And as was stated in thread – WG pays money for this (fees, charges), so of course they’d cooperate with those companies.

      • Why should somebody play WoT if he reads this blog? If you noticed you can find other topics too which are related to tanks….

      • I haven’t played WT since the 9.0 update. I still read FTR. I like a lot of the articles, occassionally find the comments amusing, and still hope that WG developers will pull their heads out of their arses and fix the game. I figure if this happens, FTR will let me know. There are too many better game alternatives for me to bother with WT.

  7. Does anyone know if KV1S owners will get a free tank? I don’t want to waste the cash and free XP if there isn’t an all important free garage slot to gain.

      • That would be gutting! I don’t suppose the “win 50 games and get a free garage slot” will be repeated any time soon. I kind of get attached to them, even the bad ones.

  8. any serious predictions what is going to come up in 9.3? Havoc? Multicore? New Maps?

    • US light tanks branch i think
      tier 8′s for german and russian
      and generall light rebalancing if you have read some of the post here in FTR there have been posts about the 9.3 in super test

  9. I really don’t understand that light tanks thingy:
    5tiier and 6tier lights are banned from 6tier companies, yet they are allowed on 7x6tier strongholds and they are OP in that mode. And, they are still to be buffed? I agree, certain lights are weak on randoms and generally poor earners now, but buffing them directly will unbalance SH. They have to work on more complex solution.

  10. I dont suppose they will make the maps more LT thus less retard friendly. But superior viewrange and regular MM would be nice. It used to sort of make sense when T5 was LT toptier but now we’ll have what – 5 T8 LTs? +-2 tier spread like everything else.