It’s a Fake! – Chinese Edition

Hello everyone,

Chickentikka from Chinese server recently sent me a scan of a serious Chinese historical publication on WW2 German armor. At first I was like “wut” – and then I realized this is too good not to publish it. The publication actually has some of the most obscure German WW2 projects that actually existed:


Waffenträger Panthers were really planned. But then there’s stuff like this:


Yes, one of the most widely spread fakes, the E-90. It was created as an alternate history project on one AH fan site and started spreading as a real project ever since. So again, it’s a FAKE, please stop asking for it, especially when there is no real need to put made up turrets on E-100 from the game perspective.

But what really got me is this:


How on earth does a shopped Panther get to an alleged history publication, I have no idea. The book also mentions other fakes, such a twin-88mm E-75 (well, that’s new, even for me), the notorious Flakmaus (twin-88mm on Maus chassis) and 150 ton VK7201 aka Failowe. Chinese historians are obviously much stronk.

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    • If you don’t recognize the difference between a arcade computer game and a “historical publication on WW2 ” then there is no point in me writing anything.

      P.S.: you would deserve to get visited by the donkey

  1. Chinese censors did so well faking thier own history, so might as well fake other`s.

  2. Enyone can publish anything those days… I study journalysm, and this is one of the biggest problems we are being taught about.
    Freedom of speech went, maybe, too far.

    • You realize there’s no “freedom of speech” in Chingchongland, right?

      • Yes there is…you can express any idea you want in your newspaper,it just won’t get published to da people…And you’ll get fined,arrested,taken by SerB’s black jellycopters into a gulag and never come back.

      • Yes, I do. I was talking about the modern world in general. I guess, it happened there only because nobody from the censors don’t really care about such things =)

        • Uh, what?
          I can see you are trying to offend me, but don’t quiet see the reason to call me a racist. Please explain.

          • Maybe I was not clear: what I have meant to say, is that probably the censors do not care about historical correctness of information on this matter (armor of WW2).

            And… Shlomo? What makes you call me that?

            • He referred to schlomo schekelstein that replied to you who said China is Chingchongland.

    • E90 is sad because they’re trying to say that it was real in a “historic” document LOL

      • Taking a picture with your cell phone is, by the technical definition of it, scanning.

        Still, sad E90 is sad :(

        • that’s not how people talk. You know, these weird things that walk around your house, between 5 and 7 ft tall?

      • who are you people? call it a SERIOUS magazine yourself? making fame on this f**king unpopular nazi-lover material and trying to discredit your own country?
        Will you just tell us how SERIOUS this magazine and its little-known press is?

    • No, no, it’s like the MP44 that was designed to fire round corners without the firer exposing himself :D

      BTW. I want the Panther.

  3. Self-acclaimed historian publishing fake historical information on tanks. Better than WG-acclaimed tank historian publishing WT-E100 as a historical tank though.
    I wonder how many people in China will actually read and believe what is written in that crapbook?

  4. Are they that bad on purpose or just narrow-minded because they are being censored?
    They are wrong like…always!

  5. please stop asking for it, especially when there is no real need to put made up turrets on E-100 from the game perspective.

    There is actually. The E-100 turret is fucking worthless, everything pens it. It could use a better turret.

  6. Kinda makes you question the validity of the Chinese tree, eh? :3

    How can we be sure WG (or their partners) didn’t use inaccurate sources when building their CH tree.

  7. i am one of the china Military enthusiasts
    It is really sad about this crap book and the crappy Situation in chine
    there are too many people worship on third empire
    even the nz and Hitler
    they always try to make everyone believe german are the best
    for that they always made up fakes history just like this one
    Unfortunately they really more of people become one of them
    so there are really a lot people in china believe in this crap
    whatever we normal are try to do
    they just make up more crap and most of the people really believe in it
    it is too sad to see out crap post of the ftr
    but still hope you guys to understand not everyone in china believe it
    some of us are trying to study the real
    and trying to clear out the Ridiculous crap from there head
    hope that everyone do not think all of us like them
    (and sorry about the bad Grammar and the weird words i am not really good at english)

    • There are always 2 groups: government and their fanatics, and rest of the people.
      Never fall into first group.

      • the book is rubbish. f**k nazi lovers! what they do is to dishonor china
        this book totally does not represent the main stream opinion of tank fans in china

      • besides, the fact this shit got published in china has nothing to do with the government. it’s not the government who turned them into nazi lovers

      • So is the VK7201 a fake? Silentstalker implied it was fake along with some of the others so idk?

        • I would like to buy a lowe in WoT but if fake I wont. Silentstalker let me know if its an actual tank plz. Thanks, great articles all round.

          • The Lowe you can buy is VK 70.01 K, it’s real to an extent

            Spielberger insists VK 72.01 was a separate project from the VK 70.01 and like the VK 70 it too had moderate 15cm and long 10.5cm guns considered, but in WoT, it’s stats are highly played with to serve as a tier 10 vehicle

      • So basically the VK 70.01 K is a real vehicle from the drawings I have seen (online pictures from Tank Tracts) , and the VK 100.01 drawings and history. And the VK 72.01 is a actual proposal for a heavy tank but no legitimate drawings only ideas of the tanks appearance? Is the 70.01 K’s drawings based on the original drawings from WW2 or just an drawing made from Hilary Louis Doyle’s idea of what it would look like?

  8. Silentstalker (or anyone else), is there a difference between these two Waffenträger (apart from the armament):


    Is the second one just a later version by Krupp that evolved from the first one or was the first image drawn by Doyle when he didn’t have enough information yet and later redraw it to look like the second image?

  9. actruly i have read the first book whitch it named 《重装集结:二战德军坦克及变型车辆全集》in Chinese.In game there are alot of fake info that really troubles me

  10. Hmmm… E 100 hull with a Tiger II/E 75 turret on steroids. I don’t care if it’s fake or not but that tank would be cool and sexier than the Maus and E 100.

  11. Sad thing is this “historical book” will only be a start. How long before some Chinese model kit makers adds these designs to it catalog as “real” tanks, it’s happened before.
    “It must be a real tank, it’s in a book and there is models of it”.
    In this way history is rewritten, for the uninformed.

  12. If they’re filling a book with such idiotic stuff, I wonder what is going on with China’s J-20 stealth fighter project…

    • those books are just simply fun books. and i am also curious about J-20 project.

  13. Hey guys!
    I’m Chinese and I do subscribe several tank magazines in Chinese, but I could hardly find this shitty magazine as “serious”.
    It’s just some claptrap “Nazi Armory Fanbook” published by some of the so-called “德棍” (sarcastic name of Nazi-Germany lovers in Chinese).

      • 后两张是来自于 帝国的巨兽——二战德国E系列战车全集


  14. This is the worst kind of flame/troll/racist-baiting I’ve seen on ftr yet. Nice job well done silentstalker for drawing out all the most retarded comments.

    Reminds me of the nuked D.C picture Washington fumed over and “proof arab extremists want us dead” before finding out it’s from a Maryland game company. Source you chomp. Make sure you’re referencing a legit source before you re-blog it.