Lego Sherman vs Panther :)

Hello everyone,

apparently, this series of videos are widely known, but I didn’t know about them until like yesterday, so – in case it’s unfamiliar to you as well…. enjoy :) Thanks to Ig for sending me the link. Damn, a lot of work was probably invested in making this.


35 thoughts on “Lego Sherman vs Panther :)

  1. The fact that people felt the need to make Lego with guns is utterly fucked up.

  2. I used to make stop-motion lego star wars movies of my own, hell this took them a week or more, hats of for this guy, epic

  3. Anyone else thinking SOMEONE should make a Lego game that’s similar to Battlefield/WoT…

  4. Those are not Legos. They are made by a different vendor and they are extremely expensive. That Tiger tank alone is a $100.00 kit.