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Hello everyone,

WoWs portal posted this video, in Russian unfortunately. Some answers were also given. Still worth watching!



From what was said in the video:

- models in the alpha are already created in high quality and historicity
- the models are based on a large archive of military documents
- turrets will change with configuration
- there are optional hulls (such as Minekaze early (1922) and late)
- Essex is the tier 9 US aircraft carrier
- carrier planes can also be upgraded as a module (there are several classes of aircraft with different roles, such as dive bombers, torpedo bombers, fighters)
- British and Soviet ships will appear in the game, after release

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  1. Loving how detailed the ships look so far. it’s still in alpha too! Though I get the feeling I might need to get some upgrades for my PC before this comes out.

  2. Holy shit! Im so hyped for this, thou one question remains, how will the cariers work? Like arty in WoT?

  3. This game should be successfull because u got 2d controls like in tanks (unlike 3d controls in world of warplanes) and game itself is alot slower than planes and even a bit slower than tanks, so u got plenty of time to think what to do (noob friendly game type). Its very hard if not impossible to get killed in first seconds of battle because even if u are in a fast ship u need like 20 secs to spot something but at that point both teams are soo far from each other and most ships dont have range on guns, u just cant die even if u try hard.

    Shooting in warships is somewhat simmilar to shooting in arty, because shell need up to like 3 seconds to hit target, and if target is moving u need to aim before enemy ship (its harder if enemy ship is not a tomato and changes direction).

  4. British, Russian and Germany Premiums may be available at release.
    British tech tree they hope will come ~6 months after release.

    And there are only two tech trees at release.

    • It’s funny how Russians are mentioned – apart from British i haven’t heard introduction order, but i hope that more important fleeds will get before them…

      • It gives Wargaming another chance to ignore the French for a few years. Maybe we’ll get the second French medium line and their introduction into WoWS in 2082 if they hurry.

      • From what I have read on the WoWs forums the first tech trees to be released will the American and Japanese as they are the most complete and Historically accurate. Yes I know it’s that word again but in this case I feel it is warranted. The battles between America and Japan during WW2 fit the design of WoWs perfectly.

      • Russians being mentioned on the russian version of a video to its biggest market?

        How strange. :P

      • I have, however.

        USN/IJN in testing
        + Royal Navy
        + Russia
        + Germany
        Then comes France and Italy (in about 3 years after release for both)
        Sometime after that Smaller Nations, like Poland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Chile, Brazil and Argentina.

            • The Italian navy probably accomplished more than the Soviet navy did. The Soviet battleships and heavy cruisers spent most of the war either trapped in ports, because of minefields, or restricted to port, because of fear they would be sunk by German aircraft. They provided artillery support during the war.

  5. I totally don´t know how the game will play, since (despite I´ve been gaming for like 20 years) I´ve never played a single ship simulator or an arcade. But it looks so damn fantastic, I´d be even able just to sit there and watch someone else play for hours…

  6. That seems pretty high for the Essex-class if they’re going on the 10 tiers scale system. While the Essex class were fantastic ships, units like the Midway class would be a pretty massive jump at tier 10 as compared to the tier 9, with it being a lot harder to represent some of the flaws of such ships in game in a convincing manner- worse sea keeping capability, overweight, greater cost, air groups starting to get too large to control effectively, ect. ect. Not to mention the 60,000+ ton ships like the Shinano. And of course post-war carrier designs.

    But then the developers have obviously put a lot of thought into that so its probably workable enough.

    • “worse sea keeping capability, overweight, greater cost, air groups starting to get too large to control effectively”

      I am sorry, why do you even write/mention this? Do you really think this will matter in WoWs?
      Just look at Wot, the only thing that matters for them is armor and Guns.
      And even theses 2 components will be changed if they feel like it.
      Whats next Fuse reliability? Come on man this is an “action game” not a real life simulater. If a ship has bad sea keeping ability it will just be a bit slower or/and turn worse, thats all and you know it.

      • “with it being a lot harder to represent some of these flaws in world of warships”

        my quote from the text I wrote.

    • Midway is tier 10, when it was last mentioned.
      Shinano is tier 9 when last mentioned.

    • Did you seriously just mention the Shinano in a comparison against the Essex?

      The Shinano wasn’t even a fleet carrier. It was basically intended to serve as a floating repair depot..

  7. ” turrets will change with configuration” – yea, that’s where historical aspect of the game goes out of the window. When they start adding some weird 3 turrets to the ships that were never suppose to have them while keeping RoF or ship characteristics unchanged, just to discover later on that suddenly these ships became OP.

    • Or, you know, you can have historical configurations like the North Carolina with 12 14″ guns like it was actually intended to be built, but then was upgunned to 9 16″/45s during construction.

      Or like the Gneisenau. Can either use the 9 11″ guns or the upgunning to 6 14.96″ that was actually underway when she was bombed.

  8. Ummm i have a question… tier 10 DDs, ok, but this is a little strange, even the worst BB can deal easy with them because BBs have secondary batteries to deal with small ships… a minimal of 6x150mm in a side… maybe game only model main batteries and AAA guns??? this could be a little strange because a BB cant waste time and shells over DDs or CLs.

    Apart this, i find ok the use of diferent configurations of planes in CVs but… you cant touch the CVs plane load??? for example in early war CVs have more torpedo and dive bombers than fighters (maybe from 80 aroud 20 where fighters) but in late war was oposite, practically disapear the torpedo bombers and only have a minimal load of divebomers (USA for example use a lot corsair as fighter-bomber) and well, how they works??? you can send an attack over a selected target but… you need assign scorts to the raid, mantein a CAP over your CV and task force…

    Many questions about game i dont say it looks bad but for me they need a much better integration with WOT, not only in premium days, have your credits/free xp/gold/premium days in common in both games for me is a must have for a premium account, WG needs improve A LOT the value of a premium account and maybe this is a good way to do it.

    AMAGI was a BC proyec cancelled by Washington limitations and was converted in AKAGI CV

    • While we don’t know how they deal with it there’s certain speculations about it from the info I’ve heard.

      First of all, secondaries on big ships will be AI controlled. They could make their AI bad enough (ie. they miss often) so a DD can get close to fire some torpedoes.

      Also it seems the number of big ships (BB and CV) will be limited and WoWs will use a slot system (something like 1 CV, 2 BB, 4 CC and 8 DD). That way you could easily swarm a battleship with multiple destroyers even if their secondaries are good.

      As for the flight loadout on carriers, limiting the choice of the player is a good thing for game balance. Else you end up with 2 optimal configurations:

      1. Only fighters. Denying all enemy scouts would be incredible powerful.
      2. Only torpedo/dive bombers. Big alpha strike against the first spotted enemy.

      Forcing the player to mix it up makes for better gameplay for everybody.

  9. I see same shit as in WoWP – each module change triggers client-server communication.
    In WoWP it isn’t as instant as on video and can take up to few seconds, so comparing modules won’t be so fun as it is in WoT.
    Rendering is also crappy – when he changes torpedo tube, lifeboat vanishes and appears after noticeable time.

    I wonder if Gaijin won’t make a prank and as it was in case of WoWP, won’t launch something in WT, then WG will again launch a game prematurely and it will become fail #2.

  10. This is a problem, in WOT they dont want use a limited team configuration and i doubt they use it in WOWs… apart this maybe they can use something like a division system where you can made battles using a division system… 3 BBs/BCs form a heavy division, 4 CA/CL from a medium division and 5 DDs from a light division… CVs could operate 1 by 1 or in couples… but sure WG is not going use this.

    Ummm AI controled guns… could work, secondary guns where fast shot guns but if you receive a multi attack AI could fail a lot but very rare times you can control secondary battery… only remember now “Fighting steel” but here you can manage very detailed your guns and torpedos targets.

    Well japan is special…. their CLs were more heavy DDs than true CLs… true cruisers… Agano Class, Oyono and if you consider Yubari a CL and not a heavy DD, Japanese use CLs as super DDs based more in torpedos than in guns unlike all nations that use a lot CLs as gunners…. even heavy AAA gunners.

    The carrier load is going to be very important… a CV as AAA dedicated carrier can provide a lot of support and a team could be based in BBs… win by air attacks could be hard if one team decide negate air superiority to enemy this is going to be an interesting thing…. if load is fixed well, maybe CVs are going to see not a lot of action if lauch your planes means leave your BBs with no cover…. is much better wait enemy attack with all you have (fighters, AAA masive barriers) and after rape enemy attack simple send your planes over a single target out of team cover…

    In a ship game team work is veeeeery important because here “scouts” can launch you a dead attack.

  11. I really love naval warfare and i cannot wait to start playing this game but i find it hard how the game play is going to be! 15 VS 15 like in tanks in a open world isn’t gonna be fun. Play Battlestations Pacific and you will get an idea of what the game is like

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