So, You Want to Buy the Type 59…

Hello everyone,

one of the most common questions on various forums is: “will we ever get to buy Type 59 again?” – the answer is no so far, because the Type 59 is (when it comes to premium tanks) blatantly OP and Wargaming does not want to promote pay to win. And be grateful for that – because now, I will show you, what happens when a WoT producer DOES promote pay to win.

Player Nishang from Chinese server was kind enough to send me some of the pictures of normal tier 8 battles. Also notice the nicknames of the left platoon 1st platoon (that nick wouldn’t last long here) and the platoon balance – MM rules are clearly different on Chinese server.


That’s right, practically every tank in that battle is a Type 59. It can be purchased for 124 Yuan (cca 20 USD), straight from the shop with 100 percent crew and 100 gold (APCR) rounds. As a result, these tanks plague the battles to the point no other tanks can practically be seen in the battle.


Please note that Wargaming has nothing to do with this – the way these things are handled is decided solely by the Chinese partner, Kongzhong. Another blatant case of pay to win on Chinese server are the 122mm Chinese shells, that, unlike on the EU/US/RU clusters, kept their 300mm penetration (here, it was nerfed to 250mm or so). The thing is, the Chinese tier 8 premium heavy tank (WZ111, not available on our clusters) is using this ammunition as well:


And so, what Kongzhong does is this:


That’s right, for 188 Yuan (cca 30 USD) you get 1800 gold shells for WZ111, 3 months of premium and 1 mil credits. You know, they might have exclusive stuff and all that, but thanks god I don’t play on Chinese server…

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  1. I do occasionally play in CN server (I am in Hong Kong so the ping is not a problem), and SS did not tell lie. Once I drive a KV-1S trying to have some fun, but guess what……. I am in a T8 game with the Grand total of 11 Type 59s in the match. Guess how the match can go that way :)

  2. Looks like the North American server back in the day.
    I could imagine playing a tank which directly counters the Type 59 would be quite the boon.

    Also, what about the Type 59G? You know, that sparkly gold variant? You forgot to mention THAT Chinese server exclusive, the one which makes double the credits of a normal 59. Kinda wish I had one to be honest.

      • That’s true. If you are in a normal Type 59, it’s still 15 vs 15. But once you get in a Golden Type 59, it’s 1 vs 29 for you.

      • So goldspamming wallet warriors hate on goldspamming wallet warriors? Yeah, chinese standards. I#m glad to not live in that part of the world…

  3. I don’t really want to be that guy and I appreciate what you do…

    But I don’t think the Type 59 is overpowered…

    • Exactly what I was thinking. Thats the part where I have to completely disagree. The Type may have his good credit making and turret armor and gun depression, but still, the tank itself is by no means OP. Its totally overhyped by the fact that you cant buy it. Thats all. The only thing really is that for medium players theres nothing to play but the FCM that you can currently buy and the type therefor would be great to farm credits since it may lack on penetration but its more of a medium with camo and all that.

      • It was selling too good even before it was removed from the shop, so it can’t be overhyped by the fact you can’t buy it, as it was already overhyped before. It also doesn’t make sense since on the chinese server you can buy it and it’s full of them.

        • It really is a lot of hype. The 59 has lost tons of power when gold shells came in and a ton of other things.

          59 came out when I was in a t23 at T8 and it had 160 Pen 2k DPM gun….Thats right a Hellcat gun vs T59`s….Also the highest Pen was a Panther2 but most like T23 and others were 170 or below, so this made the T59 a super fast heavy.

          As soon as gold came out there was so much cry from 59 owners, how unfair gold for creds were…Lol

    • Overpowered as a PREMIUM.
      This means it is as GOOD if not slightly better than normal tanks as opposed to the
      ‘better than stock worse than elite” rule.

      Best tier competitor would be the T-44 and it’s actually better than that.
      ( Gun stats/ enginepower traded for armour and topspeed. )
      Most of the tier 8 medium tanks either poorly armoured or awkward. ( i.e. big )

      It makes too many credits as well on top of it and is fun to drive with no major drawbacks that aren’t native to the class.

      • Beeing better than the T44 is not really an argument. That thing is utter shit compared to all the other Tier 8 Meds. Maybe T34-2 also, but other than that, the other meds are better.

        • I chose the T-44 alone on grounds on mobility which the Type 59 excels at together with both having barely adequate guns that you need to work around for the tank to be useful.

          I didn’t mention the T-34-2 because that thing is a joke and wargamming knows it, It’s basically an poorly armoured indien panzer with the gun of the Type 59.

          • You should check your soft stats again. T44 outperforms the Type on passability and maneuverability. Also check gun stats. T44 is just better in all ways bar turret armour.

            • Type 59 has better ground resistance as the T 44 that would help to close the gap between engine power same with the better turning speed
              it has better armor that can reliably bounce shots from t 44 if not using gold whyle the Type can pen T 44 without gold easy
              Type has far better gun depression that would help him in both close and long distance fights

              On the actual data (informations based on tank inspector) I am sure the Type 59 is way better than T 44 if it comes to one vs one if none uses gold
              and for the med 8 guns I prefer to go without because the damage isnt worth the costs imho

              The t 44 might be able to go to core positions with his speed the problem is this tank isnt able to use this positions very well without gundepression and with a bad armor and if I remember right bad ammo rack design its a tank that shouldnt stay in the front line at least they increased the dpm now that would help it a little

      • T-44 has a a .5 second faster reload on a more accurate gun with .6 seconds less aim time allowing the T-44 to take Coated Optics instead of Gun Laying Drive. This makes the role different. The T-44 is also a faster tank which is important in a medium. If the Type meets a TD on an incline its fucked.

        Out of all the T8 meds I played (and I played all of them except the T69 and T-34-2 as I went up the light route) I don’t consider the Type 59 overpowered at all – I liked the Pershing most if you’re wondering.

        I think the IS-6 is in a stronger place as a premium tank than the Type 59.

        EDIT: What the hell is OP premium supposed to mean. The Superpershing will outDPM a Type – try sniping the turret weakspot with 0.39 pen, an IS-6 will outDPM a Type and has more armour, the JgTiger 8.8 will outDPM a Type and is a bitch to pen even with gold, the FCM will outDPM a Type and has much better pen and can afford to take Optics instead of GLD making it a much better spotter.

      • Pershing, T69, are both better by far.
        Ipanzer, T44 will beat a T59 1 vs 1 and both do better vs T9`s.
        STA-1 pen/DPM is just redic and even good vs 10`s

        • Dont know if the type would perform better in a t 9 than the other meds but at least I am sure that it wont suck so much against t 9 than the others suck against the t 10 ;)

          played all of these and the most of their guns are almost useless against t 10 if you dont spam gold all the time
          all of them might be better in one or two things but what the type makes strong is is flexibility and I am not sure if any of the tier 8 meds are better alltogether

          Most important part is if you have fun to play the tank and playing a t 8 med is really not much fun anymore at all especially after these map changes thats made against tds and for heavies I think the most good sniper meds like sta indien panther II looses their chance to snipe and others like pershing t 69 t 44 are also not made for head to head encounters in these now all around canyon structures
          at least if you lack credits

          Sure I never played the type but with this turret and depression it would perform well probably

      • Premium tanks being worse than elited vehicles is not really applicable anymore. A better rule to follow would be Stock<Premium=<Elited.

        At tier 2, there's the Tetrarch and Micromaus. In tier 3, you have the T127, Somua, Locust, and FCM36. The Ram II and T-25 would have the odds stacked in their favor when matched up against a standard tier 5 medium in a straight-up fight. Tier 7 has the E-25 and SU-122-44 (which, while often considered OP, are not entirely irrelevant), and lastly, the FCM50 T at tier 8 serves as a decent medium substitute. In fact, that's the precise reason why so many people want the Type 59-it's the only other tier 8 premium tank that follows a classic medium playstyle.

    • Compare the Type 59 to the Pershing or T-44.

      It’s OP. Especially for a premium tank. Premium tanks are supposed to be better than a stock tank of the same class and tier but not as good as the elited tanks of that class and tier.

      Type 59 is better than most of the elited tier 8 mediums. Better hull, better turret, better gun, a-historical gun depression, better camo than a T-54…

      It was OP. And that’s why it was so ridiculously popular. And then it got buffed even more.

    • Its OP for a premium tier 8… its suppose to be worse or at least equal to its counter part (T-34-2, which is horridly underpowerd, needs a buff), and compared to many other tier 8 premium meds, its rather powerful, and despite all the nerfs, it is still very powerful for a tier 8 premium. Regardless of what you think of it, for a tier 8 premium it is wayyyy to powerful. Its practically a tier 9 (WZ-120) with a stock gun, slightly worse mobility and less hitpoints, and there- Type 59. Not to mention on the Chinese server, where the Type 59 is still untouched by the nerf hammer. Heck the Type 59 is probably more powerful than the T-44 which just isn’t acceptable for a tier 8 premium med, practically pay2win.

  4. Well if WG did no insist to put all the money making tanks on tier 8 this would not be the problem. Put enough credit making tank that can earn 80k in a match on tier 4-5 or 9-10 and you will get people playing on tiers different than tier 8.

  5. I got one of this Type 59 gift cards last year at GC. Took me a week to decide what to do with it. Wrecked my head though. Put it on eBay. Still can’t believe what happened…..;-) glad I did cause I’m not really playing WoT anymore. Few matches from time to time.

    • Even if they gave it the nerfed HEAT pen, the armour on that thing is amazing. I’d consider it better than the 110 and miles beyond the IS3. Probably why the WZ111 is a happy tier 9.

      • Not really, I played 400 battles in WZ-111 on my way to my glorious 113. The turret is awesomely armored but the front hull is very unreliable. You can’t practically angle it to guarantee a ricochet. No matter how you position the tank, front plate may not stand against tier X Heavy tank guns. Even if you do try to use a slope and make it auto-bounce everything, you can’t return-fire because gun depression forbids you to do so.

        Though the tank has other qualities that makes it a great tier IX tank. Low profile, excellent suspension performance, high max speed , strong turret , HEAT nom nom mantlet and great alpha damage ( on par with E75 and VKb) makes this tank really a nasty competition.

  6. SS its not good reason to apologize WG. Type 59 on EU server has lower premium shell pene (as you wrote). Its not OP tank, but still is a good tank in skilled players hands.
    WG could sell it in gift shop for a while (1-2 days for special occassions).

  7. I would grind KV-4 only to make them to spam gold on me.
    I loved on EU to take KV-4 and roll on in area, where meds usually go, and have fun with my armor.

    • Damn, I really like you. Just for the fact you like KV-4 and don’t glorify the IS-3 which is picked by… 80% of the players ?

      • I had both tanks, and since I played T28 Prototype at the same time, I got to use to play a glacier.
        KV-4 isn’t a bad tank, it lacks mobility that IS-3 has, so IS-3 can faster respond to the situation on the battlefield.

        • Me too, I love KV4 so much.
          When I sidescrap, only lucky shots or rushing IS3 can take me out of my position ^^
          Unlucky shots just tends to break my track and them I laugh ;)

  8. us chinese likes opportunities =) we want big $$$$$

    then again, if you remove Type 59 from chinese server, that would be wrong since that’s like removing hellcats for americans, Tigers for germans, or the KV + IS branch for ruskies (massive whine+ragequit+mass-migration to WT and all that =v)

    • Considering that the Tiger is rather an underwhelming tank, I would be sad to see it go, but it might mean that it’s replacement could be a real heavy tank and not just a paper heavy.

      And even if it was replaced with a near identical tank, that would be okay, because it won’t be a Tiger. Which would give a little hope that one day, the Tiger could return as a true Tiger, and not just as a pussy cat.

      • The Tiger I is amazing. No idea what you’re on about, but the DPM and accuracy of the Tiger make it much more than just a “paper heavy”.

        • It is hard to make good use out of the Tiger’s dpm when it’s armour might as well be made out of paper, and nearly every other same tier heavy can out alpha it.

  9. Typical Chinese lack of a grip on reality. They keep the Type because it’s OP and Chinese. You think the rules would be the same if it were from anywhere else ? Let alone the fact that it’s a cheap knock-off T-54 in the first place. And of course the 122mm shells don’t get nerfed there. Because they are Chinese too ! Look’s like playing in China is completely broken and corrupt, like the rest of the country ;)

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  11. Sorry but I’ve got the Type 59 myself and it’s not even overpowered at all, it’s not a bad tank, but it works best in a coordinated wolf-pack of types, but of anything it’s not as good as people think.

      • Why is he terrible player?

        It’s plainly obvious that since gold for credits came along the type isn’t as good as before. Of course you can play the same way and use its slope and strong turret but of course it MUST get penned more often!
        If you don’t understand that you’re a terrible player then.

  12. The legends lives on..

    Type 59 is NOT OP anymore. it was in former times, but the game has changed in many aspects.
    (I wont go into detail)

    The Type 59 is just an allrounder, not any better than a Pershing or T44, but with premium Income benefits.

    Dont hype old legends please.. thanks..

    • The major problem is; Pershing, T44 and other T8 meds don’t get limited MM, like Type.
      That’s why it’s “OP”.

  13. Regarding the nick names I am a bit pissed of why some nations can add what ever they want.

    For example SLF is for Serbian Land forces. If you look the history of the Serbian nation, you can see that their Serbian land forces have committed crimes against humanity in 4 countries. Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo. Why is WG allowing the to have a clan like that?

    This company of WG is a fucking Russian dirty shit.

    • Well, well… yet another patriot very offended by other nations and their crimes, yet utterly blind to the crimes committed by soliders/forces of his own country.
      If Blue Soul means you come from where I’m guessing you come from, pozdrav iz Španskog.

      First of all, this is a game, and one in which your opinion means shit, or even less. If SLF is a big problem for you, I suggest you get your head checked, as its a legitimate name for the forces of a sovereign country.

      Soldiers of our own lovely country (if I’m wrong about the nation, apologies, but I don’t think I am) committed crimes in many more countries while collaborating with the Third Reich, and then later on in our own country (Knin) and neighboring Bosnia, all in the name of a nationalist ideal that’s 200 years past it’s time. Since that is true if you observe it from a very narrow, dickheaded perspective, you might want to ban HVO clans as well. Or is that a legitimate name and not a problem?

      Clan names are just that, names, in an arcade game where a bunch of quasi-historical pixels shoot each other. Get over yourself.

  14. Well, its simple, in China the game isnt even by far about the people, its about making money.
    WG atleast somewhat cares about ppl, but in china, you must adapt to the developer or gtfo, not the other way.

  15. Type 59?

    Meanwhile, the IS-6 is made of spaced armour and has more DPM than the IS-3, the FCM50t is a god at flexing and being phat, and the KV-5 has enough DPM and armour to annihilate in the hands of a skilled player.

    The Type is on the same level as those other T8 prefs I listed, it’s nowhere near OP after the huge nerfs it took. I still highly enjoy mine, but come on, APCR invalidates most of it’s armor scheme.

  16. It is not that bad. At least you buy a premium tank and see only things you can fight, other tier VIII tanks.
    In the US server, you buy a premium tank and tier X vehicles are the only ones you see. It is easier to see a battletier 12 match playing the Lowe than if you pick a E-100.

  17. Yeah. I do want to be able to buy a Type 59.

    And yeah, if they were always on sale for $20 apiece with a garage slot, 100 premium rounds, and a 100% crew, they would be that common on the NA servers.

    But I don’t think what is shown above from the CN server is a realistic expectation of what would happen if they sold the tank plus a garage slot with the customary 50% crew maybe twice a year for something more like $45 on the NA servers.

  18. I actually would laugh if they let people buy the Type 59 again. Anyone who bought it expecting it to be overpowered would be wasting their money.

    I’ve owned mine since the second day they were available on the North American server. When it first came out, it was indeed unbalanced. It was fun to play with quick acceleration and people not yet knowing it’s weaknesses. When it came out, the lower front plate was a fire hazard and it got racked easily if people didn’t panic and kept laying down fire at it.

    But since then, it’s been hit with several nerfs people seem to disregard.

    It now accelerates like a slug even with the engine governor removal consumable. It climbs hills almost as slowly as some heavies now. It also feels much less nimble than it was when introduced due to the nerfed terrain resistance. I quite often find the tank getting out traversed by other tanks who have close to the same listed stats that affect that.

    They introduced a gap behind the gun mantle in the turret allowing you to put shells into the turret as if it’s not armored (assuming you don’t hit the gun itself). The T-54 had the same gap introduced at the same time for “historical reasons” as they shared a turret model then.

    And the gun….dear god the gun. The dispersion on this gun at times is enough to make the baby Jeebus want to club orphans and nuns with baby seals. Shots going wild, streaks of non damaging crit hits. Random bullshit bounces off flat thin armor. It’s almost as self trolling as the BL10 at times.

    The in game stats for this tank have been a lie for quite a while. The armor isn’t even as reliable as it once was either. The only time I have to use gold to pen a Type 59 is if I’m shooting at it with another Type 59.

    The only time I find my Type 59 OP anymore is when facing another Type 59. It turns into a bounce fest. And lets not forget they get primaried due to everyone thinking they’re OP lol.

  19. Type-59 is not overpowered on EU server. “Overpowered as premium”? What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Overpowered compared to what? There are no other tier VIII MT premiums available, so how can you say it’s op as a premium tank? T26E4 isn’t anything like a medum so it doesn’t count.

  20. Lol, pubbies still imagine type59 as some fearsome OP tank. Yea, it used to be OP, like 2 years ago. Now it’s ok tank for making moni and nothing else. If they want OP t8 prem tank then buy IS-6.

  21. My idea would be WG NA lets out 100 Type 59′s for sale every major event. Big holiday’s, anniversaries, ect.