Straight Outta Supertest: 9.3 Branch Changes

Source: VK Wotleaks community

Hello everyone,

this is how the branches setup will change in 9.3 – please note that these branch changes were confirmed as legit so yes, this is how it’s going to be.

Germans will recieve the RU251 on tier 8, that will merge with Leopard Prototype.


Soviet changes are more extensive. MT-25 will no longer be unlocked from tier 6 KV-1S, but from tier 5 T-34 and will lead to tier 7 LTTB, tier 8 T-54 Obl. (light T-54), which will merge with tier 9 T-54. Current KV-1S will be split into tier 5 KV-1S (unlockable from KV-1) and KV-85 (tier 6), that will be researchable from KV-1S.


American branch is pretty straightforward – Chaffe, T37, M41, T49 (which merges into T54E1). What is interesting is that the T49 tier 5 tank destroyer was renamed to T67 (which is historical, or at least more historical).


66 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: 9.3 Branch Changes

  1. Oh, god. To bad i need to grind that shitty aufklarunspanzer even more now :(

    But im readdy to get that T54 light in my arms!

    And do you have any idea about how much xp the chaffe will need with this update? I hope a lot less then the current amount?

      • Sadly enough, I do not do that. And I like lights and im not a complete patato :(
        You only shoot APCR in that thing? Ill try it, but I’m afraid it will just eat credits like there’s no tomorrow …

        • never use goldshells, and suddenly you realize you can make a shitty gun like the 17Pdr on a BP into a DPS beast. luv mai BP.

          oh you also forgot that aufkl is HUUGE

        • the Aufk.panther is more of a fast medium with thin armour that is quite heavy so it is a pretty good rammer when you are against lightly armoured tanks like the Borsig or any other light tank and the gun on it isn’t that bad

    • Aufklofung Panther is only shitty as his driver. After ROF buff its more than decent if you have good crew.
      Best thing about is that it can ram a lot of stuff. Poor borsigs never saw that coming.

  2. A bit confusing, I’ve never had T-50-2 nor KV-1S so I don’t have MT-25. Now I would need to rebuy T-34 again to get to T-54 light. It’s kinda stupid that I already have almost top branch Leo PT and top ruskie T-62A/Ob140 but can’t have their predecessors and have to grind from lower tier.

  3. Is this mean that we must reserch Leopard so we can swich ON acelerate crew trening on RU-251 or what ? :/

  4. Looks like M41 arty is getting renamed “M41 HMC” as well?

    And I spot a T-34-85M in that tree, so hopefully it will be normally available and not a reward tank.

      • Yeah, but WG is known to change their minds. They also said that T23E3 would go on sale for a limited time after the CW event. And then they said ‘nope’.

  5. OK, now I can take out those Accelerated Crew XP checkboxes on MT-25 and Chaffee too (not only Auf. Panther), good to know and to be 100% sure.

    And people – if you don’t have a KV-1S in garage, I suggest to buy it. You will most likely get KV-85 for free with garage slot and 100% crew.

    • Or whats more likely to happen is, you will keep your KV-1S and it will be renamed KV-85 and the new KV-1S will be unlocked for you on Tier 5. Like it was with the StuG3.

  6. I have mt25 researched but not purchased. What will happen with the exp.

    What will happen with my kv1s? Will i get 2 tanks? What about my 3 skill crew?

  7. Im gonna ask the same question the others have – If one already has the entire KV line unlocked, and with the KV1 and KV1s in the garage; when they nerf AKA SCREW OVER the KV1S does that mean we get a KV85? And yes I AM bitter that both the KV1s and Chaffee are getting SCREWED OVER.

    • “Screwed Over” like all your opponents have been when you seal club in your OP-1S?

      As for chaffee, they did it to all special T5 LTs, only different thing with the Chaffee is it is last. We all knew this was coming for well over a year.

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  9. damn i want that derpy T49 light but i really hae grinding US M5 -__-

    i mean, the derp’s just there for a consolation prize, and now they’re gunna remove it? BRING ON THE GOLD+free xp cuz we got a HOOLLE here

  10. In my opinion. Chaffee drivers are getting f**k in the ass by WG. It was a Massive Grind in the M5 to get the Chaffee and to get all the upgrades. And now the Chaffee is getting massively nerved. I hope WG will give all Chaffee owners the new T49 as compensation for their efforts and loss. Or even better. Make the chaffee as it is now, a premium tank next to the new Branch line. Compensation is in order.

    • crii moar psl…

      compensation my arse, shit happens, suck it up…there’s no need to compensate this player base every time something changes in the tech tree. It’s already a compensation that you will end up having a t49 that will eat WT-E100s for breakfast…

    • Whine whine whine.

      I for one consider the 1.3k fantastic games I’ve had in the Chaffee as more than enough reward for the “massive grind” on the M5 Stuart which only took 100 or so games back in the day.

      • 75 battles for me to elite the M5. That’s stock to elite, all modules, M7, and Chaffee. With premium, really that’s pretty easy when 1v1 you can beat almost every T4 tank.

  11. Sooo will the overall exp for the chaffee be dropped since it’s not anymore the end of the line?

  12. Am I the only one here who’s a bit worried that the “T-54 Light” is basically going to be a regular, light tank version of a Type 59?

    Think I’m exaggerating, think about it:

    Take the Type 59, remove some of its armor but make it faster, AND allow it to keep its full camo rating while moving. That thing’s going to be an absolute NIGHTMARE to go up against.