War Thunder Destructible Environment

Meanwhile in War Thunder…



I really hope you are up for the challenge, Wargaming, because this looks pretty good (and I am not even talking about Armored Warfare).

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    • They keep saying Big World engine is so good server side and I totally agree with them. We, players, complain about how bad BigWorld is optimized for the client side. A very stronk PC is needed so the game can look decent and have decent frame rate. With the same stronk PC other games would have better looks and FPS. Of course Wargaming is saying Big World client and server cannot be separated.

      But I remember when they made WoT for Xbox they used Big World server side magic with a NEW engine for client side. The transition took only a few days. So its possible and it took only a “mere days”. Amazing right?
      You can read about it in this interview with Xbox development team. http://www.polygon.com/e3-2013/2013/6/10/4411736/world-of-tanks-xbox-360-edition

      BigWorld is using only 1GB of ram, it takes textures from HDD/SDD instead of loading them in RAM or VRAM like all normal games do. BigWorld is using only one core and we read for more than one year promises about how Havok will use a second core..
      Why they cannot switch the client side to CryEngine (look how good Armored Warefare looks) or Unreal Engine? They already have the models/textures etc etc Dont tell me its the physics, because they are a joke anyway.

      Maybe because only ~70 people actually work on the game while ~3000 people are providing the excellent customer support.

      • “Maybe because only ~70 people actually work on the game while ~3000 people are providing the excellent customer support.” – You made my day :)

        • it is amazing how they automatically reject any body that aren’t russian and treat them like shit.

  1. Haven’t played WT for a while … is it what it is now? Or just what they are working on? ( can’t be bothered to browse their forums :P )

      • It says work in progress … might mean it’s what they are working on now, or it’s what we got so far and what they will be polishing in the future. They are known for releasing bits of contents as they go through them, not in big patches like wg does.

      • Actually it would be an even better thing, if they worked on fixing flight, damage and armor models and working on imbalances and ingame problems, instead of goofing around with X-Ray vision and whatnotelse, which will only disrupt the gameplay..

  2. I can’t but notice that the tanks are mostly static in the video… do they still drift as hell?

    Overall, I think that by now the Gaijin model is really mean. Wait for what WoT announces => do it before they can implement it (see: garage battles, HD models, Havok support).

    If this continues, WoT will simply stop announcing their plans, because Gaijin will just steal it every time.

          • Did it ever occure to you or any in the “then don’t play arcade”-crowd, that not everyone wants to play without certain assist mechanics, yet still would like to have the performance differences between the different vehciles vaguely accurate and distinctive, instead of everything performing the same and absolutely unrealistic?

          • When I go forward in the battle and start turning, even at the low speeds the tanks start drifting, on any surface. The back overturns and if I stop it slides further than the front, overturning me in the process (and I have to compensate).

      • Garage battles were planned (albeit not implemented, and I am aware of that) ever since WoT alpha/beta – that is, early 2009.

        The WT development started in late 2009.

        The concept was probably thought up in both at the same time, though I am fairly inclined to believe that Gaijin at least “inspired” themselves in WG’s proclaimed direction (“If they said they’d have it, we have to have it too – to have a head start”)

    • Can’t say I agree that Gaijin would be stealing that from Wargaming, implementation of HD models was not considered until after Gaijin started releasing pictures of their ground forces. And garage battles has been in WT since day one, long before it was considered by WG, kinda like Historical battles.

      Truth be told, I’m quite sure that they are both watching each other very carefully.

        • @JonasTheRoman: It’s also kind of strategy.
          Let’s have a look at what WG has announced but not implemented for many releases:
          - HAVOK engine, postponed to be postponed again
          - Multicore-Support, a running gag
          - HD Models – well some are implemented, but not all
          - customer service – yeah there are some morons like W4RGAMER or “There-are-no-cheats-in-WOT-you-get-banned-because-using-cheats-nRicochet” – a very famous idiot in the german community – but they all are not customer support.
          - fighting bots (LOL, whoever doesn’t use a bot today for grinding is just a fool).

          WG is the world champion in announcing and postponing…

          • “- fighting bots (LOL, whoever doesn’t use a bot today for grinding is just a fool).”

            You will never get in good clan, play TCs, team battles, platoons with good players and loose shitloads of money while grinding from t9 to t10 Enjoy having top tier for price of that.

    • HD models were implemented before tanks were even in alpha in WT – planes are in the same quality and models of tanks in aviation were already better than WoT.
      Garage battles (arcade) were there from the start, only in RB/HB there’s one vehicle rule [though now you have one plane and one tank (I consider multiple lives as one tank here) during one battle]

      Even if WG announced what they’re planning earlier I don’t care. The thing that is important is who is able to implement it (not who’s first) and the quality of implementation.

  3. I personally look more forward to the multi turret mechanism they had a video about a while ago, adding that infantry we have been seeing around would not hurt either :)

    • Iam not sure about this. Havoc looks imo more polished atm. Especially the AP penetration mechanics as seen in one of the havoc vids. All that was shown here was them shooting corners of buildings that collapsed almost all in a same manner. Its not like Gaijin or WG did invent it… These player action adapting surroundings are in games for years already.

  4. it’s ALL in pre-alpha right now, lots to be worked on before release, but yeah, looking promising (so long as it doesn’t kill toasters)

  5. Pretty damn pointless as most of all we all shoot AP rounds- those will do absolutely no damage whatsoever to a building (besides punching a hole comparable to a needle of a syringe into a human skin).
    If you want too destroy environment you need to shoot big caliber HE shells.

    • There are few derp tanks there that are effective with HE. There also mixed battles, with player planes flying over the battlefield. The actual destruction may be on a greater scale than just small AP holes in the brick wall.

    • Wrong perspective. You will need to load HE if you want knock down shit big time or if you are in a HE lobbing tank, new part of meta for you is to help teammates that have slow reload AP guns clear whatever is the target hiding behind with your derpcannon (no exp, but you know.. winning, teamwork and all). Also T10 arty in city maps should produce some spectacular destruction, not that I’m a fan of arty, but it would be cool.

      So overall it would add be more depth to the game. (and intuition perk would become more useful, loaders everywhere rejoice!)

    • Who needs AP when you can use awesome APHE with a delayed fuse ? By the way, try hurling a 38kg shell flying at 900 m/s at your house, we’ll see how it holds. ;)

  6. Don’ forget about their X-ray kill cam they are working on too, which will show you what exactly did enemy hit in your tank when he destroyed you. It will give you an insight into where different hit boxes are placed and how they can be damaged/destroyed.

    I think they are working on this because many people don’t understand how DM works in WT and are wondering things like “I shot this guy in the same place 10 times! Why won’t he die?!” and they do not realize that most of the time it is exactly the very opposite of what they should do.

  7. No more WT for me. I hate to be constantly ammo racked 1 shot kill BS. Yea i know that is realistic, but still. I fell that they are like bots, aiming only for that.

    • Well, it’s just how tank battles looked tbh. You either one shot your enemy, or you might not have time to fix that. I kinda like that part of the game, but you have to play carefully. WoT is a game for people who like reckless action and I still play it, but WT is a greater challange. Also I like what we did in HB long time ago on EU server and what’s present in WT – minimal UI – no icons over enemies and such and over turret camera.

    • It was said that the rubble wont act as a solid object so it cant be used to create hull down positions. Iam also guessing that the rubble will at some point disapear from the ground to stress less the servers. If they do it client wise then praise the god almighty!

  8. Yes, buildings look pretty and pretty to destroy …but that’s all aesthetics. Graphics stuff.
    In the graphics department, Gaijin has WG beat pretty well for now, even with the HD models.

    But is graphics what we should be comparing ?
    I don’t thinks so.

    Or should we be comparing at all ? …
    Seems childish to me, but that’s probably because i’m really really bored with both games.
    Tired of WoT BS and have no interest in grinding anymore
    And WT, even though i prefer it, after a while just became boring and repetitive.

    In conclusion, Dark Souls 2 DLC is coming soon so back to Sunbro-ing it is for me. Later, casuals.(only kidding about the casuals)

    • Dark Souls master race, Yo! Kidding aside I agree with you. I liked WT at first (planes). but then I hit the economy wall of higher tier planes. Even tho I had a decent game with premium active I barely managed to make 15k clean profit (after paying for repairs and ammo). And my next plane was 1.5 mil… So I gave up. Became to much of a grind for my taste.

      I surely tho will give it a chance again. Btw someone who plays WT planes now and in the past… Did they tweak the economy further?

      • I hate the mechanic they introduced of having to unlock 6 vehicles for every tier before moving on to the next tier.
        Credits are easy to make, exp seems to be nerfed, at least for tanks.

      • B-17 Master Race Gunships, Bearcats fighting A6M2s. Early model KV-1 with 75-L11 higher BR than late model KV-1 with Zis-5. Rare Prototypes sush as I-185 dominating their tiers. Hellcat lower tier than Wildcat, bcs logic. ME-262 considered OP by devs due to 4 30mm and idiots constantly doing headons with it. A moderator team that makes Serb look like a Priest. Not good.

  9. I like where this is going:

    WoT announces garage battles, WT has them right from the beginning.
    WoT announces HD tanks after WT has them right from the beginning.
    WoT announces multi-turret, WT has a functional prototype up already.
    WoT announces destructible environment, WT has a demo already.
    After WoT implemented HD models, WT detailed their Tiger model even more.

    More competition is alwas good. Let’s hope WG will step it up a notch.

    • WoT has a demo aswell. The difference between WoT and WT tanks is that the sheer amount of buildings that need to be reworked for Havoc are multiple times higher then in WT.

      I personally dont really give a crap for HD models. I would be OK with abit improved details on the tanks with some more customizing options.

    • WG should change (like CryEngine or Unreal Engine or other) their server from out-dated BigWorld or update it.

      • No, they just need to optimize their engine. Haven’t you read this blog? The articles about the client-behaviour? The game is hampered by two things, really. Client-performence and clientserver comm issues. Neither is a problem of Big World per se, but really bad, or rather said, no optimization.

  10. It’s just scripted. And WoT has destructible environment: shoot at some smaller houses or trains. Only bits don’t fly away. Oh, and btw, it actually has desctructible trees instead of trees destroying tanks ;) . All you really need is to add similar effects, by more scripts or havok.

    While i am entusiasthic what they do with WT, that one is pure hype aimed to make you fap over old things.

  11. Wow so WT came on the destructible environments bandwagon too huh? That’ll show WG a thing or two – now if they only had any urban environments in which to fight and support that wonderful scenery, prooobably then would they even be considered threatening.

    For the time being *snort*

    • You all do realize that that video was CGI don’t you? I guess not from the comments.