Italeri Models and Wargaming Cooperation

Hello everyone,

the well-known Italian kit producer, Italeri, launched a special edition of its models in cooperation with World of Tanks. On its website, you can check them out – so far, it’s four vehicles: Ferdinand, Tiger, Sherman and Chaffee. These 1:35 kits come with a WoT-themed box, WoT-themed decals, some brochure and a bonus code.


The bonus code is for the LeFH arty. According to the info from the webshop linked above, these four special edition models will be available from… today (18.8.2014).

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    even though Tamiya tank kits are better. and cheaper (usually). also more newb friendly i hear. haven’t had the budget to buy a model, dont even have the skills to not screw up =|


    • I build Gundam kits from Bandai, but I haven’t tried out Tank related kits yet. Perhaps I should.
      Unfortunately, I’m in Hong Kong, and Italy is oh-so-far away…

      • Italeri kits are pretty common in Australia, if they’re not around in China, might be cheaper to import from there rather than the source?

    • Just keep at it, this Tiger ( was all hand painted after about 4 years after I started modelling, even though I eventually abandoned it, it still serves as a reminder of how far I’ve gotten since then. Dont be afraid to fail.

    • Italieri is actually quite nice bang for a buck. Their models certainly aren’t perfect, but generally parts fit together quite well and they are easy to build, plus, once completed, they actually make quite a good impression. Not the worst coice for model kit on a budget.

  2. Just fyi, when I was mostly buying aircraft kits, Italeri made HORRIBLE casts.

    This was around… 5-6 years ago, so their techniques may have gotten better, but… I won’t have high expectations out of it.

    If anything, treat it as a way to get the rare premium tanks. The kits might turn out to be a bonus.

    • On that note as well, there are other kits available. Copy and pasting from Crazycat109 on the official forums: (Verified from the Italeri site as well, as you can zoom in on the boxes to see the bonuses)

      chaffee model comes with T1E6 bonus code
      Tiger 1 model comes with Pz B2 740(f) bonus code
      Ferdinand model comes with Lefh18b2 bonus code
      sherman model comes with tetrarch bonus code

      So yeah. Ferdinand and Sherman are the only ones worth getting. Too bad a Chaffee kit is slightly harder to come across…

      • Why is it slightly harder to come across? It’s on their online store for 30 euro, cheaper than the Tiger and Ferdi (anti-german bias :o)

      • I got a 1:72 (or 1:76) model kit of the Chaffee from Revell. The only model out of four I bought, that is actually finished (except for the paintjobs, too lazy to do it).

    • I’ve been trying to look at the bonus codes, but only see the french arty as bonus. Any link were I can check the actual gift tanks?

  3. Nice, although my past experiences with Italeri models has been, that some of them has certain lacks of details, compared to other models. The kit released of the Elefant Tank Destroyer, by Tamiya is phenomenal in detail compared to the Italeri one.

    However, the Tamiya one was also 30€ more then the one from Italeri. So it really comes down to what you are after. We also have to remember that the model from Italeri has got a few years on its back.

    Anyways this is awesome. :D

  4. Well I’ve made heaps of modelkits. IMO if you want tanks Dragon is the best right now the downside is their kits are expensive. Tamiya’s kits are very nice aswell. Italeri… unless they’ve seriously improved are so so

    • I disagree. I had one Dragon kit where in instructions were so misleading that I had to find a player made instructions on the internet. For example the suspension in my manual was from a different tank type :D

      Meng is the current top notch brand in the middle to higher price range. Still affordable tho. For the masochists there is still Accurate Armor with VERY unique models, but very expensive :)

      • Just one Dragon kit with misleading instructions – either you’ve been very luck or you’ve only ever built one Dragon kit :-)

        As a company they really seem to have lost their way. Their new kits come in at around £50 each and their quality control has not improved at all.

        What would I rather have a well produced and interesting Meng kit at about the same price or a Dragon kit with instructions that nobody has actually used to build it, sprues made up of a couple of previous kits with an extra one chucked in (well it almost fits together with a bit of cutting, filing and filling) and let’s not forget this represents a Pz IV as produced between August 14th 10:34am and August 16th 2:38 pm – well you want to complete the collection right?

  5. Hmm…might have to get these, since I’m starting to get back into the hobby. And hey, LeFh arty added in? bonus. The other codes…just a ton of free gold & a spare garage slot (already have the other 3 rare premiums).

  6. BTW these models where also given out at the wargaming booth at gamescom. They threw a couple of them out and you could also see them in a display stand at the booth.

    And btw only Tiger and Ferdi come with the Lefh. The M4 comes with a Tetrarch and Chafee with a T1E6

  7. Italeri’s Ferdinand is not suitable to making “true” Ferdinand. The referance vehicle of this kit is based on a captured Ferdi from Italy by american forces. Americans send the tank to mainland (I think it was Aberdeen but not sure about this) to evaluation. After tests (including fire and armor protection test) the vehicle was throwned to scrapyard and americans forgot it until end of the war. Then they remembered the vehicle and decided to make a restoration on it. But they had no “correct” referances to correct restoration process so they decided to do the “most optimal solutions”. (photod, memories etc)

    After restoration process the tank send to museum. Then Italeri’s specialists came to museum to inspect the tank. Maybe they didnt know anything about the restoration or maybe they didnt care about it, anyway the model kit was produced on wrong based model.

    In this point the true modelling of the tank is just interested in professional modelers (just like me). If you try to join a model competition with this model, you have to show the making of correction process according to historical datas.

    If you are not a professional modelers and just love to look “a tiny Ferdinand” on your desk of course you can buy it and make it… ;)

    • That kind of sounds like a plus, it’s more interesting with a model of a specific Ferdinand with a specific history than a model of a generic Ferdinand, not matter how correct it is.

      But I’m an amateur working on my first model in 30 years (which I’m going to paint in wildly inappropriate colours), so feel free to ignore my opinion about this :-)

  8. ITALERI has pretty expensive models, this one could be around 80€ with all that premium WoT stuff

    • What? Italeri models range from 25 to 40 Euro tops… What the fck you talking about son…

      For 80 Euros you could get a masterpiece model kit with a brass detailing set from Voyager included…

  9. I wonder if its been retooled to bring the moldings up to more modern standards, as I know from building one myself that it wasn’t very good.
    There always after market details u can get, I might get one myself to be honest.

  10. Some years back i bought Italeri Sukhoi Su 27 plane and i was quite disappointed because somehow super glue didn’t hold plastic together. Probably quality of plastic was really bad. Revel was much better, till today all of my Revel model are still holding up. The Italeri Sukhoi Su 27 didn’t, fallen apart. So Italeri = bad (at least for me and from my experience with it).

  11. Ferdinand, Tiger, Sherman and Chaffee? Why? There are hundreds of model kits of these tanks already since the dawn of tank model kits! With World of Tanks you get obscure and planned designs, where’s the Indien-Panzer or the FV215b (183)?

  12. Am I the only one who finds it ironic the Ferdi model gets you first off a French and 2nd an ARTY code?

    • I’m sad because of this. Life is teasing me with the LeFH. It becomes finally available again, and I can’t get it due to not living in Europe…