Meanwhile in WoT Xbox…

Hello everyone,

according to this thread (and somewhat confirmed by US forums), WoT Xbox is getting some interesting (exclusive?) premium tanks.

First is the T-34 with 88mm gun. Yea, you heard right. A T-34 with the German 88mm.


In case you are wondering, it’s this tank:


This conversion was allegedly made in 1944 by Germans, but there is no proof of that and I am almost certain that it is a fake. Oh well, who needs historical accuracy, right? It’s going to be a tier 6 or 7 premium tank. Characteristics are unknown.

Second will be a “Ripper” M4A2E4 Sherman. It’s very… American. Damn, I want that camo on other tanks :) This is going to allegedly be a tier 5 premium tank.



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    • it’s the proper 88 that the Tiger should have so if it was real it would be more deadly as you could make more T-34-88′s than Tiger 1′s or King tigers

        • Stop spreading bull yourself.
          132mm is not accurate, the lowest from reliable sources is 120mm @ 30, aka 138mm and from all decent sources we know it’s something between that and 146mm.

          • It always depends on who did the tests, and with whats shells…

            Germans used specifically well-made shells during their tests, instead of random shells off the assembly lines like the Soviets, didn’t they?

            Not trying to say you are obviously wrong, or anything, but depending on the sources, 132mm could be an accurate number for a random shell using Soviet standards.

            • Germans also had something like a 90% pen critera with rounds filled with HE while most books assume they had similar to US/UK testing of 50%

              soviet standards were different again, so if they are converting what they assume is a 50% german testing critera to soviet standards, it is off.

              • And German penetration tests were conducted with higher quality ammunition than was actually used on the tanks (among other things). It’s moronic (and reeks of racism/nationalism) to insist that only the Germans could test German guns properly, especially when the other nations were actually testing German weapons as used, in combat, by the actual German army.

            • There is no single reputable source that gives 132mm.
              Quotes usually are 120mm/30° (138mm /0°), 142mm, 146mm up to 162mm from WWII Ballistics and gunnery, but that one uses the american system.

              I’ll give you another hint: the German 75mm flak L/60 matched the penetration of the 88mm L/56, check what value is it in WOT on the Pz. Sfl. IVc.

          • Tell that to the Warthunder devs, the 88mm L/56 is even weaker in that game than it is in WOT.

      • Could someone just cite any reputable source of the Tiger’s main gun being ineffective against a tank actually encountered in battle?

        • It wasn’t. 132mm of pen at 100m would shave been perfectly effective against Shermans and T-34′s IRL just as it is in WOT.

        • in Otto’s book; tigers in the mud, he mentions that when facing the new IS tanks he has to allow then to get closer to make sure his round penetrated.

  1. looks like it. i mean, the long 88 on t6 medium would be a little too much even for WG

    • WG and the WOT 360 crew is not the same. The 360 crew have been given freedom to do what they want and add what they want. Much the same as the EU portal can have what events they want. 360 version is more for the money then anything, as the general population is lower vs PC. And thus these crazy ass tanks is a sure way to get em to buy.

  2. At first I thought those were little ducks drawn on the 88′s barrel x)

    Also, Korean paint jobs M26s and M4s look badass, even if they don’t do much for actually camouflage!

  3. I’d really like some more interesting paint jobs in the pc version like that m4.

    • I presume the beta tester gift M4A2E4 and the new premium will be called different names?

      I’ve still got the beta tester gift tank in my garage and it does get occasional ‘run outs’.

  4. all that talk about “historicality” by wargaming, than they go right back to their roots with this stunt

    • WOT 360 is like the non RU portals. WG lets 360 do what they want and add what they want. Thus they have more in game effects and have added several premium tanks PC don’t have. Just like each non RU portal can sell whatever premium tank they want that’s not on sale anymore like the KV-5 abd 220. And have what events they want. So no, WG don’t control the 360 version. Its a money bag, and if it can get people to waste more money. Then the 360 crew will keep adding tanks like this. If these two tanks and even the Freedom SP was added. It would have sold like crazy, we all know that. Then suddenly the SP would be “cool” again.

  5. “painted tigers” were popular in Asia… i dont know who use them first (or nationalist chinese in late WWII or in civil war or Americans in Korea war) but a many use them… i remember now South Korea and japan??? they use dragons but i have in mind some tiger painting.

    The T-34/88 is a freak design… inferior in firepower to T-34/85 (less pen and sure less DPM) but looks more capable of hulldown… maybe with gun in lower position it has better gun depresion.

    In the end is T-34/85 with less firepower and mobility, the add of 88 and cupola … increase weight for sure and doubt it uses a german engine.

  6. Looks like WG is focusing on “interesting” (aka money-grabbing) content from the console masses… well played WG… well played indeed. Cater to the console masses and let’s just ignore the platform that got you here first.

  7. The most realistic I found on the web regardin the 88 on a T-34

    1/144 Beutepanzer T34/85(r) 88mm – CGD
    Another of CGD more esoteric productions, a captured beutepanzer T34/85(r) rearmed with 88mm Gun.
    The Germans captured very few T34/85 tanks and even fewer was put into service. However, from unconfirmed sources, Panzerbrigade Kurland, in Kurland, had only captured tanks. They took a captured T34/85 to a shipyard and rearmed to fire 88mm shells. They might have rebored the 85mm gun barrel to take 88mm shells (not quite probable) or took the 88mm gun form a damaged Tiger I and fit it into the turret. Supposedly the turret storage box from the Tiger was also fitted onto the T34, with some other custom additions.

    More realistic is this:
    T34 in German service with 88mm Flak 38 – rebuild by the Germans

    On the end of the War the Germans has convert a captured T-34 with 8,8cm Flak 36. The vehicle was in service by the battle group “Kienast”. This vehicle was used during the late battle in April 1945 in East-Sachsen.