9.2.2 Micropatch

Hello everyone,

today, both the US and EU server (not RU and ASIA, strangely enough), recieved a new micropatch, designated 9.2.2 (9.2.2_2 in US versions). The contents of this micropatch are not known and I haven’t been able to find them anywhere (neither on US nor on EU forums). So, if they got posted by someone from WG somewhere, feel free to share with us.

Edit: nothing was updated yet apparently. Source of the info:


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  1. Go to /updates and try to open the .patch file with an archiver software, winrar/7z/something else. This sometimes works, and you can figure out changes based on files inside.

  2. Oh no.. i think this will repair my FV 215b 183s bug … i still see there 275mm penetration of HESH shells.

  3. @SS :Maybe this :
    The map designed for
    “Twilight of the Gods”
    will be launched on 21
    August in test mode

    • Related to evnironmental effects on various maps, like fire and smoke of premade destroyed tanks, ambient sounds, birds and scripted stuff on maps and in the hangar. This probably concerns the latter.

  4. I have a funny feeling the reason this micropatch was released is to fuck with the people who use mods… >.>

  5. Hopfully it will fix that bullshit where spotted vehicles appear 90° turned for a split second. But I doubt that, as they didn’t even fix that arty shell bug in a micropatch…

    • I noticed that problem as well only in the last version (9.2), very weird in deed. It could be me but I am sure that I am suffering a lot more from shots going nowhere on full aimed enemies. The other day I had the back of a Tiger II at 20 mts, wait to get full aimed and it did not even record a bounced, it seemed that it went through the enemy tank.

  6. I suppose it’s a micro patch for server only, not for the client…

    perhaps for fix the problem on clan wars (only on EU1 yesterday)

    WG inform us because it was necessary to stop server between the update

  7. SS please update the info,, micropatch will be updated tomorrow in ASIA server at 05:00 AM (i have no idea what this micropatch do but,, i got a bad feeling about it)

  8. Maybe they’re gonna fix the bug where the tanks face in default position the first second after being spotted before they jerkily jump to their actual azimuth. It may not seem long, but it is very irritating and those few milliseconds can be/are important when it comes to targetting something that takes a pop-shot.

    • I have seen this “feature” in few matches, also, when the game stars, I can only see my tank tracks for one second or so, then the whole tank appears. I am playing WT more these days, I have a really good rig (I run some maps at more than 80 fps at max resolution) but still WoT feels sluggish and the tanks dont move as smoothly as it feels when playing WT, once you play WT, the tanks in WoT just feel like toys and not like proper tanks as you realize that the physics are not right. I only have time to play one game so I am struggling making my mind which of the two games I should play.