WG Insider: Chaffee Missions

Hello everyone,

yesterday, it was mentioned that there would be a new fun mode – a race with Chaffee tanks. Here are the missions (coming in September), related to the event.

Event name: Great Racing

Win a race while driving the special M24 Chaffee Sport tank.

Long-Distance Run
Win 50 races and earn a total of 1,000 base capture points while driving the special M24 Chaffee Sport tank.

Winning Sprint
Survive and win the race while driving the special M24 Chaffee Sport tank.

Team Start
Win a battle as a Platoon member while driving the special M24 Chaffee Sport tank. All members of the Platoon must survive.

Mission can be completed 3 times.

Rewards are not disclosed yet.

25 thoughts on “WG Insider: Chaffee Missions

    • The WG ‘insider’ is almost certainly a deliberate ‘leak’ by WG. Using FTR as an English language version of their VK account makes sense.

      • I actually had the same idea but never gave it much thought . Well ftr is doing wg”s job and ftr is doing it way better . if wg was to pay SS for his job it would be good , but it would limit the info a bit on the blog ( leaks and whatnot )

        • Exactly. WG has tried several times to have an Englsih language blog, but they have all died quickly (Veider) or slowly (Overlord), and it’s much better from them to use SS for free. Also, I think that 90%+ of the ‘leaks’ from WG are officially sanctioned. It’s a recognized way of maintaining hype amongst existing customer base.

          • I agree , hence why they asked the leaked WoWs videos to be removed . that leak was a legit leak . others are basically pieces of info wg is allowed to share but is too lazy to write .

        • There are already limits.
          I have a little thingy that checks RSS channel quite often, and from time to time entries happen to disappear, like WoWS gameplay leaked and then removed from youtube and from megaupload also (I think WG did the good job reading fingerprint from that video).

          “Not my leak in this case. This got published yesterday on Youtube, found it by accident. The quality is lousy, but, well… at least it gives you an idea. Alternatively, a copy is available here for download.”

      • Wargaming does not employ or pay FTR in any way, shape, or form.

        As for the WoWS stuff, please read the FTR FB comments on it for more info.

        • You know, they could. There are donations and patreon, so if they ever feel grateful thyey can do that, either via sock puppets ;) or in more official way.
          And, since SS takes short messages for publication, SerB could troll him that way :P …

    • If this was a circuit race, expect roadblocks of chaffees preventing you (and your platoon) from reaching the end alive!

      Though honestly, I’d prefer it if there was no shooting at all.

  1. I’d be interested to see how you would get “1000 base capture points” in a race…hopefully that is not meant in the conventional use of the phrase “base capture”

    • From the phrase i just think that they way the races will be made is with the base capture textures aka the racing circuit limit(i’m guessing you might die or lose if you are down to zero base cap points or something aka exiting the racing circuit limit), so that means that during the race you will cap aswell.