Straight Outta Supertest: RU251 Stats

Source: VK Wotleaks community


Statistics (with 100 percent crew, elite tank)

Price: 2440000 creds
Weight: 25,625 tons
Hitpoints: 1200
Viewrange: 400
Radio range: 745
Engine: 630 hp
Power-to-weight: 25,625
Terrain resistance: 0,767/0,863/1,534
Maximum speed: 80/24
Traverse of hull: 44 deg/s

Top gun: 90mm Rheinmetall DM1
Penetration: 190/250/102
Damage: 240/240/320
Depression: -5,8/18
Rate of fire: 10,092
Reload time: 5,945
Accuracy: 0,345
Aimtime: 2,01
Turret traverse: 45,9 deg/s

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      • Normally if you have the tank before elite they unlock the tank! when they change the tree! i hope they do this I buy the Aufklärungspanzer Panther tonight hope to elite it next week. should not be to difficult as i have indian panzer already all i need is top engine/tracks and turret so 40k XP

        • I cannot see that happening. But if it does, great, I am at the same case than yours, have the tier 7 scout and the Indian P. I think I only need the engine, is this tank coming on 9.3? If so, would they release before 1st September?

          • supposed to be 9.3 they did what i said when the released the other German tanks a few months back So maybe this time they do the same

            • Doubtfull. You only got those other tanks unlocked because they were put in front of other tanks. When WG changed the USA branch and made the Chaffee lead to the M41 arty, nobody got the M41 arty unlocked.

              My friend Bommetje actually has an Elite Chaffee with accelerated crew training in his garage, but no M41 unlocked.

            • Sorry to burst your bubble Toby, but the common practise is for your vehicle to retain elite status (allowing accelerate crew training and free exp conversion still) even though the vehicle is technically no longer elite.

              I have experienced this several times.

              • The last tank I had changed (the MT-25) went back to being non-elite before researching the KV-13 so who knows what’s going to happen next time?

    • My recommendation is to look at the research costs of the T8 LTs currently. WZ costs 75k and AMX is more but has less modules to research before you can get it. So, best bet is to bank 75k on the AFK and wait till the test server is out. Then you’ll have 2 weeks to make up any difference.

      This goes for Chaffee-T6 and MT-25-LTTP costs. Bank the minimum cost for other LTs of that tier then grind the rest during the patch.

      • It’s good enough anyway. I got the VK 30.01(P) and has 34 traverse speed…turns good enough and doesn’t lose much speed while turning. I think those 80 km/h are going to compensate for traverse speed.

      • I noticed this as well. Nobody would play a WZ-132 when this tank is significantly superior in nearly every way. How can you fail at balance so horribly, Wargaming? Whoever balances these tanks should be fired for incompetence.

        Don’t you have enough borderline OP soviet tanks? Shouldn’t there be at least one Chinese tank that could remotely be considered better than a Soviet tank?

    • They will be re-balancing scout tanks in the future so that scouts are king of vision control even over tier 10s. The most important question is how good the camo is.

      • “in the future” so until then you’re still better off with a 420m view range tier 10 medium, right?

    • only????????

      With optics, crew skills, bia and food you’ll reach 497m. Add vents too if you’re going overboard.

  1. Questions remaining are
    Crew of 4?
    If so, who has the radio operator skills?
    How much XP would it cost to research?

    • umm you realize its probably gona be like the pz1c where it has a good top speed but never actually reaches it……… i mean i guess the power to weight ratio is pretty good so i might be wrong but i just cant imagine WG giving a tank thats faster than all other tier 8s but 20kmh

      • With a P/W ratio of 25 and excellent ground resist? This thing is gonna go fast. Pz 1C is slow because it has under 20 P/W and also bad ground resist (for a light).

        Napkin math says that RU251 will have over 50% more output from it’s engine than Pz. 1C.

          • Also who can’t reach top speed in a PZ-1C? Sure you don’t get it everywhere but I hit 80 on the smallest of slopes. On good terrain you max and I have certainly seen over max (87/88) on big hills (so much for 84 max right ;)

    • Yeah, Chinese 100mm and IDIOT only gets +10 damage over those 100mms…

      I know it’s meant to be a balance parameter, but I find some things really inconsistent.

      107mm ZiS, 320 damage
      100mm D-54, 320 damage (tier IX gun)

      Yet Chinese 100mm, tier IX gun, still only 250. Not much different from the 90mm (US, German) on the same tier.

      • What ? Since when same-caliber guns must have same alpha damage ?

        Arcording to your logic, SU-100Y should deal 550 damage as Obj 263 not 440 as currently, Su-122-44 should deal 440 not 390, T-44′s 100mm gun should deal 320 not 250 … and many more.

        • STRAWMAN
          I know perfectly fucking well it’s a balance parameter, that’s why I wrote “I knoe it’s a balance parameter”.

          My point is it’s inconsistent with high tier 100mm guns but, more importantly there’s meant to be a choice on the WZ between dpm (85mm) and alpha (100mm).
          It’s meant to have a big stick, but this big stick is looking pretty puny with these new 90mm guns floating around.

  2. Squee RU251! I hate the Awfulpanther but this looks like a super WZ-132 which is my second fave tank in the game after the Cromwell :)

  3. Stats looks too good… very very good.

    a bait and switch by WG most probably if it will stay that way so when people starts grinding it, they’ll nerf it afterwards to oblivion.

    • It will be nerfed before release, and, as you say, after a few patches once enough related goldspend has occurred.

      DPM: 2422, that in the region of tier 9 meds, and massively more than either of the existing tier 8 LTs.

      • It has way less reliable gold ammo thought, so “old” t8 lights still can engage well armoured targets better than RU.

  4. 13 90 will always have a role. Struggling to see how the wz-132 will offer comparable performance to this though. That power/weight with great ground resistance should make this very quick with very useable gun. WZ only gets close to DPM with lower pen/lower alpha 85mm setup. Test server 1st impressions will be interesting gents

    • WZ will probably have better camouflage at least, this thing is based off the Leopard if I correctly recall and so is much larger.

      • WZ will also have the 100mm which is still quite a sting for a light tanks alpha wise. They may buff the WZ also in this patch and rebalance the other lights also.

        • RU-152 has only 10 less damage per shot, and with RNG that means nearly nothing. It has a much faster reload too. It is ridiculous how much better this tank is than the WZ-132. Soviet camo is typically better than Chinese too.

      • if all the wz gets over the ru is better camo and better on paper traverse, it’s still obsolete if the ru gets released like this. the camo difference will be negligible and the power to weight advantage the ru gets makes the traverse speeds much more close.

  5. Hopefully the “Buff existing light tanks in 9.3″ part will come and save the WZ-132′s ass

  6. looks good maybe even slightly to good

    but it is nothing compared to how disgustingly overpowered the T49 will be

  7. - Enough FreeXP ready to skip right to that tenk the second 9.3 arrives: Check
    - 2.4Mio credits: Check (note to self, temporarily stop bleeding money in the Obj 416)
    - German LT crew: Er… crap.. Ah well, i’ll just retrain my Tiger I crew methinks

    Or i could go for the new T-49 LT…

    • “- Enough FreeXP ready to skip right to that tenk the second 9.3 arrives: Check”

      And then they nerf it into the ground in the next patch.

      Surely that’s never happened before!!

      It is a fantastic looking tank though. That 90mm looks sweet.

  8. This thing is going to get its stats changed (nerfed) many times over, before going to live server

  9. what are the stats for the lttp because want to nowif it was worth grinding out my elite mt25 to 80000xp

    • If you mean by color
      It might be that WG finally decided to give post war Bundeswehr era vehicles their NATO olive and contemporary camouflage.

      If you mean by design
      Post war german AFVs combined several schools of tank design and of course these were also inspired by shapes typical for russian and american designs as they proved to be effecive.

  10. I will continue to have faith in my trusty WZ-132. It trollbounces more hits taken than this thing looks like it will, and it has APCR for premium ammo on the 100mm, far more reliable than HEAT. It is also much smaller than this thing.

    I also believe they will either buff it or nerf this thing.

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  12. guardian54 you lier u dont have wz 132 . if u have u will know it dont bounce anythink cos 55 armor on turret is on little space forwarf like in up coming t54light (but hi have 170) i hope they will buff wz 132 drastically becaouse it have only slighty beter gun than 131 barly more hp. now compare gun of ru 251 and wz 132
    tier 9 wz132 gun 100 mm 60-100T 189/244/50 250/250/330 reload 7.06 acuuracy0.36 aimtime2.3
    -5 depresion +20 TIER 9
    Pen: 190/250/102 Damage: 240/240/320 Depression: -5,8/18 Rate of fire: 10,092 Reload time: 5,945 Accuracy: 0,345 Aimtime: 2,01 AND ITS TIER 8 WTF IT ALSO HAVE 102 pen so helo french tanks and american tanks (rear armor) ru will be op even if it will have wafentranger e 100 camovlage level

    • Calm down man, I have a WZ-132, check my service record. My WZ-131 has armor-use efficiency at 0.02, but my 132 has 0.06

      What that means is that every once in a while I autobounce something off my frontal hull or the stock turret I’m currently still stuck with..

      I do however agree that I hope they buff it, a lot.

  13. Hum,

    240hp per 6 sec + speed = burn sta-1 ?

    Can’t understand why this tank got more move AND more damage than the sta-1 (and a lit bit less pen).

    I hope he will have the MM for light: 9-11

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  15. Here’s some stats which hasn’t been posted which are on Wotleaks(sorry if you plan to release this SS):

    Accuracy Dispersion Stats
    After Shooting Gun: 3.356
    While Turning Turret: 0.077
    On Vehicle Move: 0.153
    On Vehicle Traverse:0.153
    On Turret Full Speed Traversing: 3.38
    On Vehicle Full Speed Moving: 12.27
    On Vehicle Full Speed Traversing: 6.75

      • You’re comparing a tier 7 light to a tier 8, so you can’t really make a comparison.

        But the T71 has pretty horrid dispersion on the move 2-3 times worse than this tank and also 50% worse turret dispersion. It is the price it pays for having an autoloader.

        shooting: 3.356
        turret turn: 0.115
        move hull: 0.23
        traverse hull: 0.23
        traverse turret full speed: 4.83
        full speed moving: 14.82
        full speed traversing: 12.89

        Accuracy: 0.39
        Aim Time: 2.3

        The RU251 has barely any accuracy loss while turning the turret and a moderate loss when moving not to mention better aim time and accuracy.

        • T71 basically is a tier 8 LT as compared to other T7 LTs serving in the same role such as *Cough cough* AMX-13 75.

  16. Is 80 km/h top speed on LEVEL terrain or top speed downhill? In other tanks they have claimed a high top speed only to find out it was downhill top speed, not on level terrain.

    • It will reach 80 kmh top speed as it has 25 hp/ton and a low 0.8/0.9/1.6 ground resistance giving it an effective hp/ton of 31.25/27.77/16.63 h/ton which is excellent for a light tank. It will accelerate to that top speed and be able to maintain that speed on level ground.

    • Top speed is always the allowed speed. Meaning its always measured as downhill, very few tanks are able to hit there topspeed without a boost.

      I bet it hits 73 on flat ground.

      Seriously they need to boost HP of lights though.

      I do love the 400m view range though

      • With 25 hp/ton and low ground resistance listed on the stats, it will accelerate very well and will reach its top speed without problem.

  17. silent stalker would you plz post some stats about the lttp because for the past couple weeks ive been grinding with mah mt25 (which is elite) to 80000xp and i dont want to have wasted it cuz i could have my crew perks at 100% but because ive been saving up theyre at 94%

    • Its not like he can get the information if he wants to its up to the leakers to leak the info without getting caught.

      Besides WG is supposed to release the full details of 9.3 in less than a week.

      • i know. what i was really saying is . “plz try to find and post some info on the lttb” etc

  18. lol better penetration than T-44.. and more DPM.

    These new lights put mediums to shame.

  19. Um… If I’m not mistaken that says 102mm of penetration for HE, I know it’s supper test and their might be errors, but I really hope that’s true

    That might be HESH….

  20. I see this now, they make all light tanks OP and then will having fun by nerfing them ;)

    • LT is currently an underwhelming class, it may seem OP, but you forget that they have +1 tier MM higher than other classes. So tier 8 lights are basically tier 9 medium tanks in terms of MM.

  21. thats a fucking hilarious tank……

    so the Gun on the Panther II with 8 rpm and on indien a similar gun with 8.3 mm suffer horribly (on a medium rigid hull and turret tank)
    but on this speed devil lightweight the gun is snappy with excellent aim characteristics (surely on the move) and no shit 10+ RPM rate of fire?????
    WTF is this? introducing such thing means a total need of rebalance of this game!!!
    the infamous german panther II is Bye bye? what about the WZ-132 and 131??? wtf is this???
    people who play this game do you do simple maths???
    Do you like WG ruining and destroying balance like this

    let me ask a question.. with this ultra stable/ ultra fast firing and excellent DPM gun what on EARTH a WZ-132 will be? its not even funny the f***ing Chinese line is till NEW that fast they ruin some of its sweet tanks?

    and oh, i forgot wallet warriors chill cause u got a new premium machine gun to eat a e100 alive until he turns his back and shoot back LOL
    i didn`t even look at traverse and speed/ resistance cause oh man if this thing is maunevable like wz-132 or near it i can circle E100 full health to death!!!

    c`mon this CRAP

    OH and 80 km/s :D LOL aim that on the mvoe GOOD luck with server reticle!!!!

  22. it would seem unclear but if i really has -8 gun depression on the front of this tank it will be awesome. but im skeptical it does. i personally would find -5 a bit painful

  23. With the splitting of the KV-1S and nerfing the Hellcat, it looks like WG has a new cash cow. Leaking the super test stat’s was a nice touch, too. Gets everyone excited and grinding out all that free xp. WG is making money off the new tank, and they haven’t even released it.