Straight Outta Supertest: T-54 Light and M41 Characteristics

Source: FTR VK community

Just to be clear: the FTR Vkontakte page is managed independently as a project of Russian players and I have no control over its content, thus the leaks come from them.

Either way, here goes.

T-54 Obl. (T-54 “light”)


Stats for 100 percent crew

Weight: 30,638 tons
Hitpoints: 1200
Viewrange: 390
Radio range: 800

Hull armor: 80/60/?
Turret armor: 160/120/?
Engine: 700 hp
Power-to-weight: 22,847 hp/t
Maximum speed: 58,7/20
Hull traverse: 50 deg/s
Ground resistance: 0,671/0,863/1,342

Gun: D-10T
Penetration: 175
Damage: 250
DPM: 1955
Reload: 7,671s
ROF: 7,821
Accuracy: 0,364
Aimtime: 2,21s
Depression: -5
Turret traverse: 50 deg/s

M41 Walker Bulldog

Weight: 23,496 tons
Hitpoints: 910
Viewrange: 400
Radio range: 745

Hull armor: 25,4/25,4/?
Turret armor: 25,4/25,4/?
Engine: 550 hp
Power-to-weight: 23,41 hp/t
Maximum speed: 72,4/21
Hull traverse: 56 deg/s
Ground resistance: 0,479/0,575/1,055

Gun: 76mm
Penetration: 175
Damage: 150
DPM: 2682
Reload: 3,356s
ROF: 17,878
Accuracy: 0,364
Aimtime: 1,82s
Depression: -10/+20
Turret traverse: 52,1 deg/s

91 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: T-54 Light and M41 Characteristics

      • Tier 7?? AMX 13 75 has 144 pen and reloads in 2s while having to reload an entire clip every 6 sec… this tank is so much better than AMX 13 75…

        But anyway, the problem will be the RU251, which will be completely OP, seems much better than the Light T-54 for me.

        • T-54 light will be different, he will be the best armored light, 3x more armor on turret and 2x more armor on hull then WZ, and 5x more then RU

          • Armour is useless if it doesn’t stop anything (Like this), doubly so if all it does is slow the tank down.

          • Question is, if its good to be “best armored” at class which betting on maneuverability and speed.

            • looks like we found the new tier 8 aufklarungspanther….

              i also guess that t54 will get a buff… at least in terms of accuracy or ROF or sth like that.

              And maybe well see some buff for the amx13 somehow…
              i would LOVE to see a 13-105 with a 3 shot 390 dmg autoloader with ~200 pen but about the same rld and other softstats as the 90mm has already
              just to bring in some more variety…

              • Look at it this way – it has better turret armour than the Indien-Panzer, and I get bounces in that thing a lot more often than you’d expect. It won’t be reliable, of course, but it’ll certainly frustrate whoever’s shooting at you when they fail to pen it.

        • Hah, RU251 will be OP? Seems like it will be most shitty LT8. DPM isn’t anything.

              • But if you read (which I know can be difficult for some people) DPM is one of its MANY strengths.
                RU-251 is looking towards being an extremely good light tank that is bordering onto OP.

                • Many strengths? I see only DPM and top speed, which isnt enough to make RU an OP tank
                  Fun to play? Yes. OP? Really not.
                  Even that T54 thing seems like more comfortable to play.

        • The RU251 won’t be op because it has no armor (no more than 30mm), so mobility and an ok gun will be all it has. If anything hits it with HE it will be devastating to it. It really comes down to the camo rating. If it has camo rating similar to that of the Aufklarungspanzer Panther then it can very easily die early in the game, but if it has good camo it could be a very formidable tank.

          • Light tanks generally do not have much armor if you haven’t realized already. Armor isn’t what makes a light tank good because most of the time that armor is useless.
            Anyway this tank has fantastic speed and good mobility alongside a very strong gun. If it has good camo as well than it would be bordering onto OP (considering that it also has above average View range).

  1. ALready have enough xp for the chaffe , cant wait for that sweet american line .

    It would be fun when someone mistakes your T-54 for a t-54s light xD

  2. Holy crap that M41 DPM

    Also yeah, as stated before, the existing tier 7 and 8 light tanks better be getting some pretty substantial buffs…. though aside from armor the T-54 light actually doesn’t look all that good compared to the WZ-132, though my memory might be playing tricks on me.

    • Quite nice mobility (hp/t and top speed) for a T8 prem, meh gun, but still ok-ish for a limited MM-ed tank.
      So maybe finally a proper prem med, after FCM and T-34-3 (not Type59 ofc).

  3. The T-54 Light doesn’t seem to be anything outstanding.
    The Walker Bulldog on the other hand would be a very strong light.Very good gun depression,amazing DPM and very good view range.

  4. Russian tier 8 light with better armor than most of medium tanks from the same tier. Why am I not surprised.

    • Have you seen how OP will be RU251. I have heard about that “russian bias” crap for the last near 3 years and I can’t anymore. Seriusly, which russian tank is OP appart from T-54 and MAYBE KV-1?

      If you want, we can make a song with the names of german OP tanks:
      -Pz I,
      -Pz II,
      -Pz Ic,
      -marder 38t,
      - hetzer,
      -Pz II J (this one we can not take it into account),
      -Pz sfl IV C,
      -sturer emil,
      -tiger I,
      -rhm B. WT,
      -WT Pz IV,
      -WT E-100,
      and some others are very good (E-100 is the best tier X heavy with T57 and T110E5, but americans are usually OP too)

      • PzI – nope.
        PzII – nope.
        PzIC – fun tank, but not nope.
        Marder – stronk, but nope OP.
        Hetzer – stronk, but nope OP.
        Coffin – hell nope.
        Sturer – lol, nope.
        Borsig – OPwagen.
        WTZ – stronk, but nope.
        E-75 – stronkerester, but nope OP.
        WTF100 – unbalanced as fuck.
        Je100 – LOL!!!! Nope OP :D

          • Yea the Pz1c is so OP! Even though it can’t penetrate a lot of tier 4 tanks no matter the angle and is actually pretty easy to kill if you just aim properly.

            Sorry but how does a tank that can’t penetrate a bunch of tanks at it’s own tier without getting at its rear be OP? I’ve almost never been damaged by a PZ1c in my T-127.
            Also the Hetzer is not OP.

        • Hetzer has some armor, but no mobility. I’d say that the new StuG 3b is more OP because it has the same derp with mobility which more than makes up for armor…

      • you know what? I’ll start with americans too, so you see that OP trees are american and german (worse ones are french, chinese, japanese and russian):
        -T1 cunningham (new players start hating the game when they see they can’t do shit agains completely OP tanks)
        -hellcat (ok, this one will be nerfed)
        and there are A LOT of very good ones, even not being OP (pershing, T30, M4, T95…)

        • now i’m looking at soviet tech tree:
          -kv1s (nerfed in 9.3)

          • -su85b, Probably No
            -kv-1? Nein
            -su100 Nein
            -kv1s (nerfed in 9.3) Tier 7 tank. OP as fuck.
            -kv2? Nein
            -isu No.
            -is3? No. Who the fuck believes that?
            -t-54 Only due to HEAT.
            -ST-I Worse the E-75
            -t-62a? Nope.

            Reply ↓

            • su85b – OP wtf view range?
              t-62a like obj 140 – clealry OP
              T54 + heats – OP
              fixed for you

              • Hetzer is just as OP. So is Alecto :) . If almost all your competition is on your level, then you aint OP.

                T-62A and 140 are clearly OP if you are an idiot. On the same level as them we have E-50M , Leopard 1, STB 1 and Batchat.

                T-54 + HEAT = OP. True. Exactly what I saud.

            • lolwut? kv-1 on 5tier is even more OP than current kvasss on 6tier… Don’t worry, after so called “nerf” there will be two OP tanks on 5tier instead one, kv-1s will follow.

      • The russians have the op kv1s,kv220,122-44 td

        Soooooo why are german tanks op??? Up to tier 6 most of them have unsloped armour and there guns are accurate but tend to miss faster

        • op kv1s will be not op after 9.3, 122-44?–>E-25, kv220 is op, true, i forgot it.

          • KV-220 isnt really OP.The hull is insane,but it has a bad turret,and while the gun is enough to be usable its not that great overall.Its OP against people that dont know its weakspots (and assume that its hull is easier to pen than its turret),but otherwise its not that great.

            • What about the Obj 416?
              >Best tier 8 Med gun, very good accuracy
              >Best camo for any med in the game
              >Excellent mobility

                • I saw PzI OP and i knew immediately that you’re a moron. That tank is nowhere to see in the game because it sucks so fkn hard. Didn’t even bothered with the rest of the list after that.

  5. Now WZ 132 NEEDS buffs…

    WZ-132 buff:
    HP to 1100 or 1150
    Best engine to also give 40 more horse power
    Buff turret armor to 62 , hull to 51-52 (stops some overmatching shots)

  6. The T-54 Light looks like it’s going to be a total piece of shit… too little armor to bounce anything, but just enough to weigh it down so that mediums can catch it. The DPM is also pretty trashy for what’s effectively a Tier 9 tank.

    Why not just bring a regular T-54? Everything else is so much better for the loss of 3 kph in top speed and some acceleration.

  7. So why is the T8 Russian LT outgunned by T7 American light tanks exactly?

    They should have made it a premium T8 with pref matchmaking because that thing is as good as worthless, just a T-44 reskin with even worse matchmaking.

  8. I wouldn’t be TOO dismissive of the T-54 light. That turret armor might end up saving your ass af ew times.

  9. If the M41 Walker Bulldog stays like that I think my T71 is going to be very neglected…Same pen and damage per shot, only 1.3 seconds a shot slower and it won’t need to hide/run for 20s to reload the clip. Oh baby come to me!

    • actually, its just 100% crew and no equip/consum .

      2.6s/ shot when M41 use vent/rammer with BiA and Cola

      • Even without BiA/Vents/Rammer/Cola that’s approx 1500 damage in the time a T71 does 900 and reloads again..Ignoring the fact autoloaders ALWAYS miss one and hit a track for 0 damage pen each burst.

  10. The T-54 Light will be great tank… Better armor then the T-44(same tier soviet medium)same hp, same gun and same hp/ton… Ti is not a light tank by any means, but a medium tank… the T44 should have been the light then…

    • T-54 LT will have higher MM level than T-44, which mean it will face tier 10 frequently. That armour is nothing in a tier 10 battle, unless you’re fighting with another LT.

      People don’t need good armour on a LT, we need it to be fast, small with a good gun.

  11. i think T-54 LT “JUST” a downgraded T-54 chassis and turret that are lighter than 1949 version,, with it’s stock gun,, unknown track (dunno probably the 1946 ver),, better radio and same view range (and hey,, we talking about that that idiot gun)

  12. yummy, that Bulldog has exactly the HP and armor to make my KV-2 derp shell count 100% :-) Release it now! ^^

    • if it is a t7 as it looks like you wont see it very often probably
      And I doubt that it would be easy to hit it with this inacurate gun
      You must be very self confident if you think of hitting such a fast scout with this gun I even suck agaist stuff like hellcats and moving t 6 meds ^^

  13. silent stalker would you plz try to find some stats on the lttb cuz ive been grinding with my mt25 and i wanna know if it was worth it… oh and i know the leaks arent directly from you but still try to find some thank you :)

    • one vs one against scouts this T 54 armor could be usefull … maybe
      Still not interesting for me to have
      same with the RU power to weight not impressive not small no armor
      easy target for the tier ten tanks I guess
      With this things in city maps and canyon maps agaist T 10 ?
      Dont think so and these are almost 90 % of all maps
      Dont see much sense in scouts anymore anyway
      even scaped the most of my optics in meds and heavies because not really needed anymore….

      But this Bulldog does at least have dpm and gun depression wich is still pretty usefull and it looks very mobil

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  15. The M41 looks like the real winner here!

    Holy crap that’s gonna’ be a sweet tank.

    I saw it’s health and thought it was a bit low compared to the T-54L, but then remembered it’s a tier lower. Lol.