Straight Outta Supertest: FV304 Nerf


Hello everyone,

FV304 tier 6 artillery will be nerfed as such in 9.3 (well, at least on supertest, stats with 100 percent crew):

- DPM nerfed from 2346,4 to 2085,7
- reload nerfed from 11,507s to 12,945s
- ROF nerfed from 5,214 to 4,635
- aimtime nerfed from 4,32s to 4,6s
- accuracy loss (aim spread) after shooting nerfed by 20 percent
- accuracy loss after moving the gun nerfed by cca 17 percent
- accuracy loss after moving and traversing hull nerfed by cca 5 percent
- massive accuracy loss from moving at full speed nerf (cca 20 percent)
- chassis traverse nerfed from 24 deg/s to 22 deg/s
- ground resistance on medium surfaces nerfed from 1,247 to 1,342

213 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: FV304 Nerf

      • How about decreased range to 300 meters so you faggots have to get close enough for people to shoot you back instead of lobbing shells over obstacles like little clicking turds you are.

        • with 300 m range Bert could hit almost anywhere in himmelsdorf because of the skyhigh gun arc *trollface*

          • Let’s do it:-)

            A range buff would mean a nerf.
            But really a nerv in traverse speed? it’s already bad enough.

        • What’s so funny is that this little shitbag that hates artillery so much doesn’t even know what makes the FV so damned good.

          What’s funnier is that his proposed “nerf” is actually a major buff for a tank like FV304.

          Go back to being butthurt at the skycancer, Medjed. Your tears and your throbbing rage will feed their massive erection as they dump their love on your rear hull.

            • What’s funny is that you don’t have the 304… Unless Foxstein isn’t your actual username.

              Strong? Yes. OP? I don’t think so. Do I care about the nerf? Not really, it’s all about the shell arc anyhow.

        • I think I’m going to troll people like you even harder.
          Even after the nerf.

          Enjoy getting buttraped as you sit still, while I pump your soft and gentle butthole full of explosive love <3


          • the fv 304 is not a sky cancer its an elc with a derp gun. try playing it sometime

        • How about learning to take cover and moving not like little camping turd you are?

        • Since you clearly don’t get it, I’ll explain it simply for you. The FV304 as well as the other arty are in the game, they offer an alternative style of gameplay. Not everyone wants to play a tank all the time, a lot of players enjoy playing an arty from time to time for many different reasons. Some do it because its fun smashing trolling idiots and watching them rage like little girls.
          The FV304 has a lower firing range than any tank in the game, tanks can fire to the maximum draw range while the FV304 shoots about 50m further than the maximum view/spotting range of 445m.
          The whiners like yourself have won again, once again WG nerf the hell out of whatever you idiots cry loudest about.

      • oooow poor people. their favorite OP tank gets nerf xD well I love that tank because its so small and cute. so cute that I want to hug them with my Maus

          • ^ this…this is so fuckin true (tho this statement can be applied to 99% of the tanks that are considered OP) :D

            • people need to learn on using fast tank if they want to counter attack this little turd,, my bet is “ohh hell no,, they spam HE on my track,, i can’t move!”. 100% repair on my T-44 and it only took 4 sec to repair it and voila,, back to the Fast and Furious chase scene again (with FV being the bad guy and MT is Toretto)

    • the low gun range is the main ADVANTAGE of FV ;) Its the reason why u can shoot behind every rock.

        • Maximum range tells us where the shell will land when gun is at 45 degrees elevation (maximum arc). Thus, FV304 with its 500m range will send shells flying at enemies 500m away from it at 45 degrees. Other arties at tiers 5-10 have usually about 1300m range, meaning that to land shells at 45 degrees onto enemies, they would have to shoot them from 1300m away (also, at this range, their accuracy would suck hard). Shooting at enemies 800-500m away (usual range), their shell arc is rather low (20-15 degrees? wild guess, can’t do math now).

          Another thing – not all arties can elevate their gun all 45 degrees, so their “range” tells us how far can they shoot at their maximum elevation (for example, tier II T57 has maximum elevation of 35 degrees).

        • the arc is maximized when spgs are shooting close to their max. range, since they have to shoot higher for shells to reach them.
          so i think the fact that it has a short range means that there are more places it can shoot at max range (thus the max arc of the tank), and that it is an advantage.
          the arc itself and the range are different things tho, as you said

        • Not in this game. Because of the way artillery shells are modeled, the shell’s vertical arc is a function of maximum range (or, to be more accurate, both arc and range are functions of muzzle velocity).
          Within artillery, unless something significant has changed, short maximum range and high arc are the same thing. It doesn’t have to be that way with their physics engine, but it is.

        • And yet completely related bud.

          Increase the total range and the arc to hit closer targets becomes flatter.

          • Technically – for the same amount of propellant: at 45° you should get the max ballistic trajectory, and resultant shorter ‘flights’ at shallower or wider angles. Theoretically 30° and 60° would result in the same end of flight.

            • The game just automatically picks 30 instead of 60. It’d be more gameplay depth if you could choose between faster travel time (30 degrees) and higher arc (60 degrees) but arty doesn’t need that in a million years.

  1. Why nerf EVERYTHING? I’m for a nerf, but not this much. FV’s never bothered me, and I found aiming at the longest range and waiting four seconds made it hard to hit anything that moved even a little. it did need a nerf, but why not a LITTLE less.

    • So it does not feel completely crippled on ONE thing.

      Do you want to make it go 20kmph max?

      Or do you want it to bloom like a T92?

      Or reload like bc155?

      Without a rof nerf; it can permanently detrack a tank for the whole game.

      This was the most fun thing to instagib a hellcat at close range with.
      Hellcat is getting the bat too.

        • Yes, because everyone should occupy one of their equipment slots with fucking toolbox just because of clicking faggots. Nah, i prefer WG nerfing those cancers instead.

          • Maybe its time to create 2-3 man Bert toons, just for annoying the fuck out of players like you ;)

            • I was just pointing out pubbie’s logic. Put on pretty much useless piece of equipment that will take a slot where you could put on something much more useful just because of morons that can’t be useful unless they are in cancermobiles is beyond stupid. But you can’t expect much from someone that sucks at the game after 10k+ games played. Please make 3 FV pluton. I’m sure you’ll encounter me among thousands of players. Specially if i play only couple of games per day.

            • and then your precious trash bert will get nerfed next patch,one cold fact people won’t deny is they love op or unbalanced tanks.

              so much rage for hellcat nerf.

          • Keep crying and the game will be tailored exactly the way you want it. Your problem will then change because you’ll have no one left to play with and WG will have fewer people paying for premium accounts every month. You wanted to sit still and chose to cry instead of moving about, it’s only bad players that get hit by the FV304 regularly, because they are too dumb to use the engine and tracks for the reason they were fitted.

      • “Without a rof nerf it can permanently detrack a tank”
        Not if you have a, say, 50% repair crew… 100% repair crew will retrack in about 5-6 seconds…

        Why not nerf every tank in the game who has a reload speed fast enough to permatrack someone who HAS a 100% repair crew? Like, Cromwell, scouts, A43, etc…

    • Lel so you thought we’d let our hands out of the Bert? Rammer, BiA, etc.. will bring my Bert back to its annoyance! :D

      With kind regards,
      An Arty-player that use HEAT on a regular and succesfull basis.

  2. ROF and aim time I can live with. I’m most upset with the mobility changes. Like no other Tier 6 arty, this thing has to keep moving to even participate in the battle. A mobility nerf will make it very unprofitable to play.

    • This.
      ROF nerf? Needed it.
      Aim time nerf? Ugh, can live with it.
      Mobility nerf? Why? FV NEEDS that mobility.

      Will try the FV after patch, but it will be a lot less efffective than now. On the other hand, Bishop will be relatively stronger now, compared to FV, maybe I will rebuy it :>.

      BTW, everytime I see those “Balance changes” I die a little inside, WG keeps going overboard with nerfs and buffs.

      • “Mobility nerf? Why? FV NEEDS that mobility.”

        A tiny vehicle that can hit you on the other side of the map regardless of terrain “needs mobility”? Welp, can’t argue with such stronk logic.

        • “other side of the map”

          most maps are more than 500x500m… And since you apparently don’t know, the FV304 only has 500m range. And the worst view range of any tier 6 tank. It needs to be able to move to hide.

        • 500 meters range on fv304 it has to constantly move to be in range. switch brain on before talking about logic.

        • “A tiny vehicle that can hit you on the other side of the map regardless of terrain “needs mobility”? Welp, can’t argue with such stronk logic.”

          Another post from a clueless window licker.

          It must be a very small map for an FV304 to do that.

            • “Wrong, I don’t play arty.”

              Great…you have no clue what you are talking about, but you still have an opinion that you have to impose…such wow. :/

              • Tried arty in beta, on test server and on a different account.
                Those few hundreds of battles were enough for me to see that it is nothing more than “1. press shift, 2. click at red tanks”.
                Frankly, if anyone finds that difficult, they should seek out professional help.

            • So now you know that an FV304 has to be within 500m of you to hit you. Now you have learned something you were too stupid to find out about yourself you can change your status to just Window Licker. Lucky boy

  3. I am glad that I am done with that arty then. Starting tier 8 this week, is it any good?

  4. “Yaas. Arty should be fast firing and low damage, not wtfnukecannon”

    Welp, I guess we just saw how that idea turned out.

    Please WG, if you’re gonna remove arty, just do it.
    Just refund me my exp and I’ll roll something else.
    Like a WTF9000 and a Type 57.

    • It will be still good against camping t7-t8 HTs who ignore the two-digit damages that Bert causes

      • I will miss the lols you could get when playing Bert as a scout/LT. Suddently driving up to someone’s bum and stuffing an HE shell there.

  5. Typical just as I buy it to grind to the conq GC. This might be a little op but after the Bishop pos its a reward

  6. All for the sake of the whinging morons who’d sit there and whine after getting hit time and time again, they still don’t move, still don’t carry repair packs. For all those morons , they will still get perm – tracked, and destroyed. Of all the things that they need to spend time on they waste it on a weak fast little arty? It won’t change much, scouts will still die in droves as the cammo/spotting system is shite. TD’s will still camp even further back, and the heavy tanks will still think they are TDs and hide in bushes. At this rate they should just take all tanks except mediums out of the game to satisfy the lowest common play style ability, and even then they’d still whinge about Gold ammo, blah, blah, blah. I bet if FV304 was Soviet, nerf bat would not be seen, only smug git saying “How terrible”

      • The nerf means nothing to me, for my FV304. It has a rammer, vents, GLD, crew with BIA, clutch braking and snap shot. The key to playing the FV304 is to play at the extreme of range, and drop the shells vertically onto the “morons who don’t move” engine decks or tracks. I bemoan the programmers time spent on this nerf, when there are so many other issues in the game that require attention. WG are pandering to the noob players, in an effort to increase income. For a game to try and become a jack of all trades and master of none, being all things to all men, when there are new tank games coming out, is in my opinion short sighted.

        They winged about arty…nerfed, and again nerfed
        They winged about TDs….all TDs except premium ones nerfed!
        They whinged about premium ammo being used instead of skill…….nothing done.

        Do we get bigger maps? no. AFK’ers, and bots sorted, nah!
        Shitty servers…nah.
        Adding more and more Soviet tanks, but no extra EU lines YES! YES! fucking orgasmic YES! more Soviet Tanks!…….sigh.

        How to spend programmers time? Nerf FV304 little arty, that few play…..well

        • The problem with Bert is the vertical trajectory. There is no defense, you can’t get protection from it. So, slow heavies get pummeled.

          • if they did not change the 500m max gun range, vertical trajectory (and accuracy) will stay the same

        • “They whinged about premium ammo being used instead of skill…….nothing done.”

          If you are hypocritically whining for them do something about prem ammo, its costs and penetrations were nerfed and adjusted some time ago, and more recently the DeathStar’s hesh ammo. The issue has its annoyances but its not game breaking. Out skill the problem.

          “Do we get bigger maps? no. AFK’ers, and bots sorted, nah!”

          Bigger maps? T95 says hi. And the game’s core mechanics are based around the sizes of the existing map, its not as easy as just popping a huge map on the fly.
          In all honesty I haven’t seen as much bots as I have recently, and they did say that they’ve banned a lot of botters recently. Give the issue some time, things don’t get done the moment his majesty commands it.

          “Adding more and more Soviet tanks, but no extra EU lines YES! YES! fucking orgasmic YES! more Soviet Tanks!…….sigh.”

          Oh, so we didn’t get new German, U.S., and Japanese tanks? They were actually Soviet tanks painted wrong? well shit…
          And the upcoming lights are also only Soviet tanks I’m assuming, and the Soviet lights are going to eclipse every other nation’s lights because of how master tonk they are. Just like how the OP rear turret medium and TD lines are.

          Flashback, WG said before that they would balance tanks in the entire tier, the FV was done at the same time as the KVAS and the Hellcat. Or did those tanks not need any nerfing either?

          One last thing, fuck the FV304. That piece of shit was rampart in the game and it was a bitch.

        • And how many times have you seen SU-26 these days and how many would you see of those before. And most important how many statpadders do you see in SU-26 nowadays unlike before where there was massive padding in that piece of shit. It’s nowhere near as OP as it used to be. Frankly it’s quite balanced arty now.


          Stop statpadding. And stop being butthurted over nerfs of your statpadding tanks.

        • I run my SU-26 with the top gun and use AP as the default ammo. Never underestimate the power of 80 mm pen AP shells that can be delivered to any part of the map within 10 sec in t3 and t4 games.

        • except it can’t hit jack shit with its piss poor accuracy, slow shell speed, and huge spread.

          That tank deserved getting nerfed. But no, it is no longer a good arty.

  7. When I got my hands on the FV304, I was like:
    DAYUUUUMN, WG must’ve been crazy drunk to have this thing running around, spreading pure hate towards arty!

    It needs a nerf, no doubt, it’s too powerful the way it is.

  8. - DPM nerfed from 2346,4 to 2085,7

    This is ok if it will DO 2085 damage a min. It’s hard to do that in a whole game lol.
    let alone 60 seconds.

      • Unless by all vehicles you mean arties(because on them it is useless since most of the time you won’t be penning shots for full dmg), but DPM is quite important stat on other tanks such as RU meds etc. Stop spreading your retarded pubbie logic cause it’s not making any sense.

      • Gotta join in the butthurt medjed on this. Dpm is insanely useful (in some cases – the most important stat of all) in all cases, except arty, in case of which the dpm is calculated either on HE-shells (which it isn’t in all standard cases) or on piss-poor accurate AP-shells. Both cases don’t show jack shit.

        In any standard tanks’ case dpm is always worth it – and is much more important than reload time or alpha in general.

  9. Stronk nerf! Much balance! Oh wait, it’s still going to be complained about by tomatoes who don’t carry repair kits, fire extinguishers, and med kits, and tomatoes who stay in one spot all game camping. Much skill!

    Gun stats, basically no srs nerf. Mobility, yeah it’ll be slightly more sluggish getting anywhere and it’ll have to aim longer. It’ll still hit for low dmg, do lots and lots of crits, and be a general nuisance to everyone. Skilled players will still rape with it, and noobs will still cry, as usual. And FV platoons will still be OP as all hell, so no real change.

  10. “- massive accuracy loss from moving at full speed nerf (cca 20 percent)”

    FV304 is the only arty I play because I am one of those who don’t like to sit and just click with one hand. It has short range and it’s fast so when I’m bored, I can always run around shotgunning enemy. And to those who whine about fv 304 rof being overpowered, don’t you know it has a short range, so when you get shot by it, you just have to back off a bit which will force the fv to move to have you in its range again.

    • The way I play my FV304, I’ll hit that player backing up about 3-4 times as long as he is lit, and 2-3 times if he is not.

      • And to those who whine about fv 304 rof being overpowered, don’t you know it has a short range, so when you get shot by it, you just have to back off a bit which will force the fv to move to have you in its range again.
        Please tell me again how is arty preventing camping, because what you have just described is backing of from active gameplay(shooting eachother) and camping like a bitch behind a rock because some faggot in broken arty shot you several times. Please tell me how is that preventing camping that you clicking morons like to use as an argument to why arty is not bad for the gameplay.

        • A tactical withdrawal is not camping. Camping is just sitting still, or generally static gameplay, whereas a tank making intelligent use of cover to protect itself from artillery fire is not necessarily camping.

          Your straw man argument doesn’t really hold water, given that SPGs are still the weakest class in the game. All you have to do is play the game intelligently: the proper defense from arty is not to shoot them back, but not to get hit in the first place.

  11. So basically they nerfed it by taking away the thing that made it actually fun and unique and instead turned it into a “more like other arties” arty, thus defeating the entire point and not helping idiots who whine because they just sit and get hit?

    No-one wins here. Not the people getting hit, not the FV players.

  12. I kinda see the reasoning behind this nerf, fair enough. I do have a FV304, but at least my Chi-ri is happier now (She still has a trauma after meeting a platoon of FV which gangraeped her with 5 penetrating shots and permatrack)

    Also, unpopular opinion : I may bring my FV crew back to my Bishop. I know Bishop is never popular (both in RL and WOT), but for me it’s “just” a slower FV. While speed is almost never a “just” and its bricklike speed (combined with low attack range) does frustrate you a lot, when you could get it to work it perform just as well as FV. Plus the much better MM. Plus it actually has an armor and HP which surprisingly saved my ass quite many times.

    Also, Bishop is much less popular compared to FV. When using FV, usually the enemy also has another FV, which leaves you zero advantage for the team. When using Bishop, your enemy usually is just another typical SPG (Bishop and leFH is not that common), which could give you a huge advantage since Bishop usually outperforms other SPG except for leFH. In fact, my Bishop so far still outperformed my FV by a wide margin WR wise, which is nice.

    • Bishop having better MM? Man, you must be new here. Bishop cannot fight all those squishy tier 8 stuff, like Borsig, IS-3 (yes, 400 dmg on the engine deck is tasty), ISU, german tier VIII TDs (hits in the side are great), T32/34 (again, engine deck <3), T28 and Proto, AMX 50 100, french TDs, 112 (that thing is so flat) and more.

      I often platoon up with higher tier tanks just to get hightier targets in my sights :3

  13. now they could nerf the t5 Bishop too becose its same OP as FV i play comet it pens every shot at me

  14. so because the FV is popular it gets nerfed. it got popular after youtubers started showcasing it as Bert the Avenger. aka, nerf youtubers.

    no for real now. a nerf, ok. that would be fair. But WTF?! thats nerfing almost every aspect of the SPG, at least every functional part. IMO, quite an overnerf.

    Well then, time to organise The Rise of the Bishop!

  15. Wargaming’s getting in a nasty habit of, instead of gradually adjusting stuff until they’re balanced, beating them senseless until they’re left barely breathing and bleeding on the ground…

    • Thats why im quiting the game soon. they took away my artys they took away my scouts.. the only thing i have left are my rare prems the lefh and my kv220 pzb2, and the new scouts.. if they nerf them.. yeah im finally uninstalling the game. sadly..

      • No one will miss you. Usually i would have asked can i have your stuff, but since most of it is cancerous i don’t really care. You can keep it.

  16. Normally I don’t reply to nerf rage, but not poor berty! This was the only fun arty and they nerfed it due to stupid tomato players, the bloody 46%WR twats in HT’s crying cos they sit in predictable spots and don’t move after being hit 3+ times.
    It’s a heavy nerf but I can still work with this, just won’t be as much fun and that’s ultimately what games are about!

    • Fuck no!

      As best I can tell, the large majority of unicums and very good players hate arty. I’m neither, but I’m a hell of a lot better than 46% tomatoes, and I hate skycancer.

      You talk about fun, but what about the fun of all the players playing actual tanks, in a tank game, who have to camp on any semi open map or be randomly one-shotted from the other side of the map. You think that’s fun?

  17. “Sir? Sir. We accidentally made a skill-based artillery piece. It fires slow-moving, low-damage rounds, but once the player learns to use it, it…still doesn’t do much damage. But it is fairly accurate, and it does detrack and occasionally set people on fire.”

    “Is it Soviet?”


    “Is it a premium?”


    “Well th-”

    “Also it constantly hits the IS-3, and almost exclusively the IS-3, for full damage due to how hilariously thin we made its roof armor.”


    Also, GG to Wargaming for once again missing the point; the FV304 is dangerous primarily because of its firing arc, the other attributes were just icing on the cake. It’s still going to accurately lob shot after shot into the tops of heavies trying to take cover, and people are still going to complain about it.

    The mobility nerfs are a bit bullshit, though. The tank didn’t accelerate especially well to begin with despite its power:weight, and certainly couldn’t turn for shit; now that’s even worse. And why even bother hitting its on-the-move accuracy? If the 304 hit something in close range, it was usually an act of desperation, and usually didn’t do much in the way of damage. It’s not as if the thing goes around oneshotting, or even twoshotting, things through their main armor, like traditional artillery can and does. If the enemy is in range to be shotgunned, and they have even a single braincell to them, they would exchange 50-100 damage+a possible detracking for a oneshot to an enemy artillery.

    So once again, to summarize.

    *FV304 retains its ability to ignore a lot of cover, trademark of artillery, only taken to an extreme.
    *FV304 can now move less effectively and can no longer shotgun things for minor damage before getting oneshot in return, forcing it to stay in its artillery role more and less directly participate in the game.

    Wargaming, do you even think?

      • Your pathetic attempt at trolling is noted and appreciated. It’s not often I see someone fall flat at delivering the most basic of copy/paste insults. Well, it is, but good effort anyway I suppose.

        The thing is, I’m not mad, nor sad about this; I’m not primarily, or even secondarily, an artillery player. The only reason I got the 304 is for something different to play every now and then. There’re plenty of other things in my garage, and the now-decent crew can be retrained to something entirely different if the nerf turns out to be crippling. I’ll soon need another medium crew, for example.

        No, I’m frustrated, not specifically because of this, but because Wargaming never seems to really learn how to balance tanks, despite in theory having plenty of experience and data to do it with. It’s annoying seeing them do the same stupid shit over and over again and never learning from it.

    • Wargaming is very very good at missing the point..

      Like the M18 nerfs. The only nerf the M18 needed was to either it’s camo or it’s view range, possibly a tiny bit off of both.

      Instead, they nerf it into the ground while it keeps it’s camo and view range, thus fixing nothing..

      Or the KV-1S split. The entire reasoning was supposed to be to get the D-2-5-T out of tier 6 because 390 alpha with 175 pen is just too much for a tank that faces tier 4s. But instead, they go thru this massive, elaborate split and lo and behold the D-2-5-T is still on the tank.

      Amazing, ain’t it?

      • for a lot of people the thing they hated about the hellcat is that it could be played as a surprisingly good medium and i think wg is trying to stop that. the most annoying thing about it is that it was like a better t20 (way troller turret than the t20) a tier lower and because a lot of people are deceived in to thinking it has armour because of the slope at the front so they forget to fire HE at it.

        • Anyone that thought they could play the Hellcat like a medium probably wasn’t playing it very well.

          It’s missing several medium trademark qualities.

          1) Mobility. The M18 is not very mobile. It’s “fast” in a straight line but that’s it.

          2) Turret traverse. 16*/sec is one of the slowest turrets in the game.

          3) DPM. Compare the M18′s DPM to the M4A3E8′s and you’ll see what I mean.

          If the M18 in it’s current configuration were a medium, it’d be a bad one.

          • M18 is a tank destroyer not medium.

            1) It is extremely mobile. Faster than many tier 5 and 6 mediums.

            2) Most TDs don’t have a turret. There is practically no downside to having a turret, even if it turns slow.

            3) DPM is generally less important than alpha. This tank has plenty, along with great pen.

            Stop trying to keep tanks OP and unbalanced cause they are “fun”.

            • On one hand, I agree…to a point. The M18 in its current incarnation can definitely be played like a medium.

              But on the other hand, it’s not very *good* at it, at least not in my experience. The power:weight and ground resistance combination always made it feel very sluggish to me.

              Now, the current T49, on the other hand, is definitely a medium in disguise. Fast, relatively nimble, great power:weight, fast-firing gun with more than adequate penetration and damage, and small profile combine to make a very nice package. The only thing it’s missing is a fast turret, something that can be planned around.

              If either of them are OP, arguably the T49 is moreso. I think the Hellcat just gets more attention because it’s a mainstay in medium companies along with the KV-1S.

              It definitely didn’t deserve the ridiculous overnerf that it got. Messing with the dispersions and firerate, maybe a bit with the accuracy and demask-while-firing amount, would have been fine. Cutting its mobility, when it’s already fairly sluggish off the line, was just completely unneeded.

    • i agree this things aim time is still to quick and with a rammer, vents and BIA (a lot of people seem to have that skill on this thing) it will still be able to perma track people with no repair skill. also this has the most annoying firing arc in the game. i was in my kv-5 i went to the town on live oaks from the north spawn got to the big red three story building thats on your left where heavies go on that map and one of these could loop shells over that and on to my engine deck. this was also the match after i retrained my crew skills so i no longer had 100% repair skills. i was perma tracked and dies a slow annoying death.

    • “Show me on the doll where the bad FV touched you”

      We get it Medjed, we understood you the first 1000 posts you made you didn’t like the Bert, you can shut up about it now, your position has been made.

    • You are correct. The developers failed to take away the one thing that makes the FV304 a really good artillery piece. You need to tell the developers, “It’s the trajectory, Stupid!”

      The other nerfs don’t really mean a thing since they failed to screw with the shells’ trajectory. A crew with BIA along with a rammer, vents, and gld will still have all of the campers crying for mercy. The 9.3 patch will arrive go live, and the heavies hiding in their favorite hull down firing position will still be raging and ranting.

      A lot of time was spent, for all intents and purposes, on a bunch of worthless nerfs. *ROFLMAO*

  18. Finally so glad this op little piece of shit cant perma track my tanks without any repair skill anymore. so glad this has finally happened i cant wait for it this little shit has been the bane of my existence for months since youtubers showed off how op it was. hopefully patch 9.3 will launch soon enough to nerf it before the british arty special event. i actually prefer seeing t92s against me in tier 8 tanks than these things.

    also to people who say only a few people play this thing they can go fuck themselves because i must be the unluckiest bastard in the game. i meet these things constantly when i play my tier 8s and tier 7s it has gotten to the point where i hope i get tier 9 games in my tier 7s and 8s too avoid these little shits. even then i still meet them because these are the most common tier 6 troll platoon tank with tier 9s.

  19. I just love how WG “balances” tanks. Let’s destroy them completely, there we go. now no one will play it, our job here is accomplished.

  20. I don’t care how much artillery gets nerfed, I’m keeping a spall liner on my KV-4.

  21. SS you should really do something about people referring to arty as cancer. It’s not amusing to open the site and see cancer used in such and uncaring manner. I’ve had to watch many people I love die a very slow and painful death because of cancer and I’m sure many others feel the same way. To help you see how close to home it is,3 grandparents, 2 uncles and a few high school friends….all dead from cancer . Grandpa living with cancer ,2 friends ,3 clan members, clan commander is terminal. Just saying it’s not a joke and should not be taken as such

    • I agree with what Daemyr has posted about the use of ‘cancer’.

      I can only hope those idiots use that term in the real world and get the crap beaten out of them.

    • I’m with you Daemyr, and i think SS is considering it after he showed his opinion on it in the “Hall of Shame” and “Clan-Behaviour” discussions.

      Wishing people cancer or using the word to insult people really stomps on everyone’s feelings who are experiencing it in their surrounding…

      So… pls SS… :>

    • Agreed.
      A few months ago, it wouldn’t have phased me….
      But going to a funeral last week because someone I know died of a cancer that metastasized changed my perspective.

      It’s especially idiotic because it’s such a frivolous argument about a virtual type of tank on a game.

  22. Oh that bad arty touched me and I don’t know how to avoid it, get a grip you whiny arsed biatches and learn to avoid arty and not complain to WG about inappropriate touching ffs!

    • -uses a repair kit-
      -rolls into cover-
      -waits for gun to reload-
      >skypiglett falls almost vertically from the sky, landing on the engine deck for 300dmg, setting the engine on fire and blowing the tracks off again

      help more advice please

      (I actually really do like the 304, but “use a repair kit and get into cover” rarely makes you completely safe from them, unless you know the specific angle from which they’re hitting you. Ask all my victims. Especially the IS3s kekekeke~)

  23. I, like most ppl, do NOT like being shot at by the fv304. however, unlike MOST ppl who just whine abt it, i prefer a policy inspired by the saying “if you cant beat it, friend it”. if you think arty is scary, play arty. therefore if you think fv304 is scary, get one, and retain your position as top of the kill chain. that way, you dont need to whine, and you get to know this thing you fear so much! take example Hetzer. i use to fear it when i was a newbie. after having one, i realized it’s not as OP as advertised, i just got the short end of the stick. win-win.

  24. One final thought to leave you with concerning the FV304 nerfs. If enough Bert drivers consider the nerfs so bad they give up driving their FV304, a lot of 3 & 4 skills/perks crews will be free to continue up the British artillery line to the CGC. While they are grinding to the top of their line, these crews will spread destruction and mayhem as they go. May the gods of war have pity on your tanks, because the former (over-trained) Bert crews won’t. Man oh man, what arty parties they will have once they reach the CGC. :-)

  25. To all the Bert fanboys, claiming that only noobs have trouble with it, because Repair skill and all that idiotic nonsense:

    - on almost every tank I have, be it MT, TD or HT I have 100% Repair skill crew. Yet still I barely have time to repair the tracks and move 5 cm before the next shot lands next to me and tracks me again
    - the “repair kit” argument – don’t you think that when you have a 100% repair skill crew you want to keep your repair kit for something more important than tracks?! Like ammo rack, engine, turret?!?
    Just yesterday I decided to repair my IS-3 gun literally half a second before one of those retarded Berts hit me (of course, while on the move, because arty discourages camping, yo!) with a penetrating shot, leaving me on ~100 HP and ammo rack knocked out.
    Also, my STA-1 is crying whenever it gets even brushed by the Bert shells, mainly because it has tissue paper as armor and every bit of damage leads to a critical.
    - well apparently the arrogance of you people is so high that you suggest that people use a Toolbox just in case they have the “luck” to meet one (or more) of these retardedly OP things. Apparently, the sheer thought of being forced to sacrifice one equipment slot due to the danger of ONE vehicle alone somehow doesn’t get through your thick skulls the fact that it IS broken and imbalanced as fuck
    - sure, because FUCK slow tanks like the Brit TD line, right? Top Lel, it’s your fault for getting spotted while moving at 18 kph, now enjoy the “fun” of dying a perma-tracking death. Once again, arty discourages camping, yo!
    - FV304 3-man platoon. Just as bad or even worse than KV-1S platoons. Enough said


  26. OMG, it’s a little oneshot arty with tier IV gun. And you are crying over how OP it is… :D It can`t decide any battle, it’s fun to play because of such whiners like you, but in reality, it can really hurt only German paper TD line tanks and other paperbags.

    • ” It can`t decide any battle”

      A single FV304 can decide a Tier 8 battle on Malinovka Encounter, by blasting apart all Heavies that fight on the plateau

      True Story

  27. Hmm.. So when I put some pudding & tea onboard, it about negates this nerf. Kewl.

    • now, Bert with 100% crew + BIA + vents has 3,56 sec aim and 9,908 sec reload time
      after nerf aim time: 3,79 reload: 11,147
      with food after nerf: 3,64 and 10,68

      • I just played with Bert to check its re-aiming time after shooting with minimum aiming circle size – it takes about 6-7 sec to re-aim, so the 20 % aftershoot spread nerf won’t affect Bert when its continually shooting without moving, but re-aiming after repositioning (currently 8 sec) will take longer.

          • Or:
            - create 3x Bert platoon
            - all 3 of them focus fire on the same HT
            - enjoy his rage

  28. What if I tell all of you who say that I must “learn to play real tanks” that I play mostly those “real” tanks (Lights, Mediums and Heavy) and only play arty when I want to relax?

    Seriously, FV304 was (and for me will still be) little fun machine and really something else than average arty when it comes to the playstyle. You have to be smart, brave and sometimes even bit lucky to succeed in this tank which rings all the right bells for me. Not just clicking button once a minute from corner and see did I oneshot T110E5 or not.

    I love arty.

    I love how playing arty made me force my “real” tank playstyle to more careful approach on positioning in battlefield. For all of those who still whine of arty being “OP” or “skycancer” please play through full line of arty and tell me how many shots you hit. I played through old T8 soviet tree and even before nerfs it was quite a ride of near miss and complete-wtf-shell- goes-to-where?-moments.

    Arty is good. I’m more worried about current post-8.0 trend of increasing penetration values on everything new they introduce (excluding new 9.3 light tanks).

    And yes, my username is real. Orfiel from [PAVA], EU.

  29. FINALLY Bert is being nerfed. Time to start grinding the british arty line omnomnomonmonom