91 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: T49 Gun and Parameters

          • What’s about the other gun? Or will this derpy shit the only option available on this tenk?

            • 0.6 accuracy 3.6 aim time, goodluck shooting tanks from afar :D no way on earth are the majority of the players going to come close to doing well with that derp.

              not to mention the low top speed of the tank lel goodluck :D

              • OF COURSE it has bad accuracy, it’s a derp. It’s the same accuracy as the KV-2 and people are doing fairly well in it.

      • there is a book in my library that stated the 152mm M551 heat round could penetrate 7″(177.8mm) @ 60 degrees
        works out to ~14″(355mm) @ 0 degrees

    • so. this is the Light Tank Version of SU-152? WOW. now I want this because of “reasons”

    • It could be the best choice for tier 8 skirmishes, companies, clan wars and ESL, due to it’s DPM, speed and agility. But I think that Chinese and French lights will still perform better in randoms due to APCR available to them, making pens against sloped and/or spaced armour much easier (most of high tier enemies) than German HEAT shells with similar penetration value.

      Of course skilled players will work around HEAT unreliable nature, compensating with good aiming and smart positioning. But skilled players are only a very small part of the whole group of players that will give the new German light a try.

  1. Pathetic pen.
    I would be a lot more interested in the 90 mm top gun. Yes it is in the game already on the M48, but I guess rof, acc. and aiming time will be different.

    • hey think of it this way you have a 152mm gun with a light tank so pen doesnt matter because youll be putting all your shots into the rear and sides of other tanks… and the rate of fire will be “not so bad” because while your reloading you just have to keep the enemies gun off of you

    • “Pathetic pen.”

      I rape T95s and company on a daily basis with my autoloading 59-16, which only sports 85mm standard pen and 102 with premium shells. The only tanks that actually give me a headache in this small pest, are german heavies which have sloped arses with rather thick armor, leaving them virtually unpennable udner msot circumstances. Give me 152 HEAT with 700 damage and they’re a goner. I’m looking forward to this tank, very, very much.

      • Thats the most frustrating thing for me in the 59-16, you do everything right, flank ‘n shit, get to a tank’s rear ready to unload and then you find out you cant pen even the goddamn rear armor and start looking for WEAKPOINTS in REAR ARMOR, lol that sounds ridiculous.

        On the topic: bad pen doesnt stop HE from whacking everything to death eventually. Works on VK28 with 105mm, will work with 152 for sure. 105mm already sh*ts on paper tanks, waffles and other TDs/arties with paper superstructure, 152mm on a scout will be a bloody nightmare for them. And HEAT is there for the closerange fighting where you need reliable damage fast and have enough accuracy to hit flat chunks of armor that wont bounce, lobbing heat from distance has been so far complete gamble for me with derp cannons, spamming HE at everything you can is how I got my two rings on VK28, and we’re talking T9 heavies being permatracked and splashed to death by hetzer derpgun on a scout, you’d be surprised how much damage that thing sometimes does against seemingly uberarmored tanks that should be in the realm of 0-10dmg hits.

        • Ah, I remember the time before prem ammo for credits, when I was HE spamming them t10 heavies with my vk28. It was fun.

          However, with that 152mm launcher it will be hardly any spam at all, considering the rate of fire. No perma tracking :/

    • You think so?

      Because i see KV2 style derping on a fast LT. Armed with a 152mm gun, this thing can knock the bejeezus out of anything with thin armor such as Japanese, French, Waffletragers and other LT’s. No arty can survive a hit from this little guy with his big piece. It can troll heavies with splash HE, or take just as big chunks of healthbar from heavies like your average tier 8-10 tank destroyer.

      I expect a nerf to that HEAT pen at some point. That gun is just too good to be true.

    • The gun stats are really similar. The only downside compered to KV-2s ammo is the high pen HEAT that can be eaten up by spaced armor unlike premium AP.
      It will bring new play style in to the game.

      But the 90 mm won’t be disregarded fully in favor of the big gun.

        • You completely misread what he wrote. He said that unlike KV-2 (that can fire premium AP), the T49 has HEAT as premium ammo known to be easily eaten by tracks. This is a drawback of the T49 152mm compared to the KV-2 one.

          • The problem of the KV-2 AP ammo on the other hand is that the pen is so low it’s almost never worth firing, even the premium AP.

            I’d rather have the HEAT.

  2. Notice the intraface changes – i.e. upper right corner with gold/silver/free exp…

  3. There goes one line of the 3 lights, thank god the Russian lights and the German RU251 don’t suck.

  4. K let see

    T-49 with 152mm rof 2.61 Dispersion 0.6 aim time 3.6

    KV-2 with 152mm rof 2.5 Dispersion 0.6 aim time 4

    Damn it, almost light KV-2

      • Drive around the Maus, load a HEAT, throw it up the Maus’ arse and pray for a good RNG roll. And you can do the same with HE. It may only result in 300 damage, but whatever. Killing Mice isn’t your job in a light.

    • A light KV-2 with camo, speed and decent gun depression. Will be hilarious, though 90mm will probably be the better performer.

    • I don’t think you will be able to rush anything and still be able to hit it, unless at facehugging distance.

      Imagine driving KV-2 down the cliff and shooting at anything accurately. I’m sure the actual dispersion will be less than on KV-2 due to better suspension, but you get the idea.

      So you will either have to be stationary, waiting behind the corner or hidden in a bush …. or you prefer being mobile you will have to be 5 meters away from your target. Old vk2801 style “drive by” will be a tactic of choice for many, I guess.

  5. Problem with derp gun is you are going to face much better armored targets than KV-2, even the “weak” tanks are going to be hard to pen and hit… remember, derp means not only bad accurancy (something easy to counter) it means very very very very slow HE shells, you practically only can hit static targets and if you need fight at close range other lights or meds… not fun do it with a derp.

    I think they give derp to T49 because want a diferent light tier 8 but i doubt it could be a usefull gun, think in SU-152 for example derp is a good option but the 122mm is a much better solution.

    • Derps work in Light tanks.
      Look at the VK2801. Probably the best tier 6 light tank and it has a big derp gun which works pretty well on it.

      • But that is a tier 6 light and not 8. I had several T8 games with it where it rocked, but with 152 HEAT pen you wont pen anything at all unless you are so close that you can smell their butts. This tank will be quite a troll on city maps, but open maps with its 0.6 accuracy will make you cry.

      • For me no, i prefer a lot better T21 or Chaffe (in the end now is a tier 6 scout in stats) over VK with derp.

        Derps are good when you face extreme well armored vehicles BUT with change in HE ammo you can do a lot of 0 damage hits over them and derps are more random than regular AT guns, for example yesterday in VK i do 3 good hits over a chaffe lateral hull and only deal 500 damage… apart the 3 shots i fail because i was “sniping” him at 370m.

        I prefer a good AT gun (like the gun mounted in RU251) over a random derp gun yea, you can do great hits with derp but not allways and you sacrifice adapt to all type of situations and enemies…

        • That’s why you use HE shells and aim low on turrets. The weakest point of a tan’s armor is the underbelly followed by to armor. Did you know that The E-100′s top deck plate is only 50mm thick? If you find a nice spot to fire down on an Ehundo with this derp gun, or ANY derp gun, you can pen for pretty much full damage every time. There’s ways around armor, and 152mm of pen is more than adequate for the side and rear armor of almost any tank.

          This tank is gonna need some finesse to play. It won’t be easy, and it won’t be simple. This tank is going to be a lot like the Leopard 1, where if you want to excel, you have to find that knife-edge playstyle it has and stay there. You have to find your groove and stay there. No mistakes, no errors.

          It’s gonna be a blast :D

    • Plzzz, I was rocking with KV-2 in tier X battle. 3rd damage dealer, successfully sniped and killed moving batchat. This happened when I plat with my pal’s JPE.

      Put that gun in LT, even better

    • If you can hit it… a well hide borsig is not easy to hit with a derp… long range+random gun+slow HE shell… not easy hit one well drived, even stoped in middle of open terrain hit it is not 100% sure.

  6. ..at 72kph, 44′ turn and 44′ turret traverse this thing takes the Maus up the chuff….

    …bye bye Maus….

    Comet is 51kph, 36′ traverse and 46′ turret
    T71 is 64kph, 56′ traverse and 42′ turret…

    You will need to get this tank and play the hell out of it before its nerfed to fookery…. because unless it has a major hidden drawback, it wont be long before that hammer falls…

  7. You could wreck many tanks with 150 mm HEAT penetration with the derp when the VK2801 had it before the nerf. Although it did 350 damage on average. Now with 152 penetration and 700 damage on average when it penetrates sides and rear of course… Frustration, trolling and many players that they weren’t into light tanks gonna get it, just to experience the “Fun” of it. We all have seen videos with KV2 doing well in higher tier battles imagine now the possibilities with a light tank!
    I believe WG likes every now and then to introduce some “wonder” tanks into the game, tanks very unique, that players will rush to get them spending gold to convert exp. premium accounts et cetera. Tanks like the WTE100 that even now after the nerf can kill with one clip anything on the game, FV215b(183) one shot wonders stopped dramatically after the nerf but that took a year. The T49 light tank with 152mm gun it’s bad for the game cause of that alpha on the HE and HEAT. After many patches, like a year from now… WG oh yeah this light tank it’s not very balanced is it lads, let’s nerf it!

    • The VK tho has a way way more milder MM then the T49 will. The VKs strengh was the RoF, but 2.5 rounds a minute on this wont allow quick ammo loadout changes during game. Still the HE will splash for 400ish damages and thats more then enough.

    • Also vk2801 had pretty good accuracy and quite fast aim time for 105mm derp.

      Trolling with t49 will work both ways I think. It will be annoying to get hit by one, sure. But it will be equally frustrating driving one, to miss again and again, waiting 20 secs for reload.

  8. So, in the end, the line will be like this?
    Tier 5 – Chaffee
    Tier 6 – T37 Light Tank
    Tier 7 – M41 Walker Bulldog
    Tier 8 – T49 Light Tank
    And if that’s the case and I already have the Chaffee, that means I will have to make around 30k exp so I can directly buy the T37?

  9. Holy derp batman ! That thing is going to be hell for arty or other light tanks and super annoying for everyone else.

    Also, imagine a company on T8 full with these things. 150 pen is enough to pen most enemy tanks and it everything would be twoshot. 15 of these roaming in, focussing fire and raping everything would be fantastic :o

  10. 152mm HEAT is going to be a pain to deal with but a driver using it can basically forget trying to shoot at anything with angled or sloped armor.

    I would be unsurprised if most people just shoot pure (standard) HE from it. Given the targets it would need to shoot at, you really don’t need 152mm of penetration, and the times when you’d NEED 152mm penetration are situations you would want to avoid, and even then you wouldn’t be able to count on it.

    • Step 1) autoaim while zipping around like an angry wasp
      Step 2) leftclick when the gun is reloaded
      Step 3) proceed to lolololo
      Step 4) repeat

      Sounds good to me =D
      About time we had a new non-serious tank in WoT.

  11. I’m surprised to see so many people talking about HEAT and it’s low pen. Personally, I wouldn’t even think about using HEAT with this gun unless I am absolutely sure that I will have clean, close range shot at enemy’s butt (and in this situation, 152 HEAT pen is enough).

    Most of the time, T49 with 152mm gun will probably be played like an annoying bee – popping out from unexpected direction (not necessarily flanking! quite different from other light tanks), shooting HE at enemy (dealing some damage almost no matter how well armored is the target) and GTFOing for reload. Sounds fun to me :).

    Also, Waffentragers are going to hate this thing with passion :>. I wonder if Japanese meds are also penetrable by it from the front?

  12. I used to play the KV-2 in tier X matches and it was a lot of fun.I can only imagine how awesome this one will be,with great mobility and very good camo value.

    • You shall feast on the tiers of dead scouts and burning Lorrains.
      Scout’s, Bat Chat, Lorr, Leopard 1 and PTA, Waffenträger, Foch, and even tanks of the T110 series aswell as the T30 or T34 with their extremly weak side and rear armor. This will be so much fun :)

  13. I’m far more interested in the stats for the T132E2, assuming it gets it’s historical gun.

    And there’s no reason for it not to.

      • the real ammunition had a penetration 7″(177mm)@60 degrees
        works out to ~ 14″(355.6mm)@ 0 degrees (vertically flat)
        can i have 177mm-200mm penetration please, it has a 23 second reload, just like a T7 combat car lol

  14. Wow it will get two types of HE and one HEAT. I wonder if it will be the better HE will get more splash :P

    This thing is going to be so OP