Straight Outta Supertest: 9.3 Partial Tank Changes


Please keep in mind that this is just a partial list of what is going on in 9.3. Full supertest patchnotes will be available on Thursday.

KV-1S changes

KV-1S is getting split to two tanks: KV-1S and KV-85

If you have the KV-1S unlocked:

- if you have the 85mm D-5T gun unlocked, you will have the 85mm S-31 gun unlocked as well
- if you have KV-1S unlocked, you will have KV-85 unlocked as well
- KV-1S statistics are transferred to KV-85
- KV-1S crew will be retrained to KV-85 with the exception of the radioman (who will remain on KV-1S)
- XP accumulated on KV-1S will be transferred to KV-85, so will the barrel rings
- if you have the elite suspension unlocked, you will have the KV-122 suspension (elite) unlocked as well
- if you have the elite turret unlocked, you will have the KV-122 Obr. 1944 turret (elite) unlocked as well
- if you have the 122mm U-11 unlocked, you will have the 122mm S-41 howitzer and the elite turret unlocked as well
- if you have the 122mm D-2-5T unlocked, you will have the 100mm S-34 unlocked as well

If you have the KV-1S in your garage:

- equipment will be moved to the depot, so will the consumables and shells
- KV-1S gets changed to KV-85
- crew of KV-1S will get moved and retrained to KV-85 (apart from the radioman, who returns to barracks)
- KV-1S camo and inscription will be transferred to KV-85
- if you have stock KV-1S suspension, you will get stock suspension on KV-85, same goes for elite
- if you have the V-2IS engine on KV-1S, you’ll get the same engine on KV-85
- you will get the same radio on KV-85 as you had on KV-1S
- if you had a stock turret, you will get a stock turret on KV-85 as well, same goes for elite turret
- guns get changed from KV-1S to KV-85 as such: 76mm ZiS-5, 76mm S-54, 122mm U-11 and 85mm D-5T all to 85mm D-5T, 122mm D-2-5T gets transferred to KV-85

(yes, that apparently means no free tier 5 KV-1S for KV-1S owners)

Chaffee changes

Chaffee turret and guns get changed (amongst other changes)

If you have the Chaffee unlocked:

- if the 76mm T94 gun was unlocked, you will have 75mm M17 gun unlocked
- if you had the 2x44E24 V-8 Cadillac engine unlocked, you will have Twin Cadillac Series 44T4 engine unlocked (stock)
- if you had the second engine unlocked, you will get the Wright Continental R-975C4 engine (elite) unlocked

If you have the Chaffee in garage:

- shells will be moved to hangar
- 76mm T94, if it was installed, will be moved to the depot and you’ll get 75mm M17 instead
- stock and second engine will be changed without moving of the module to depot (second engine will be elite)
- if you had the elite engine installed, you will get the second (elite) engine
- if the stock engine is in your depot as a module, it will be sold for purchase price in credits (8000 creds)

M5 Stuart changes

M5 turret and guns get changed (amongst other changes)

If you have the Stuart unlocked:

- 37mm Gun M6 will be unlocked in any case
- if you have the elite turret unlocked, you will also get the 37mm Gun T16 unlocked

If you have the Stuart in the garage:

- shells will be moved to the depot
- if you have the 20mm Hispano-Suiza gun installed, you will get 37mm Gun M6 instead
- if you have the 75mm M3 instealled, you will get 37mm T16 instead

71 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: 9.3 Partial Tank Changes

  1. 75mm M17?

    I wonder what the stats on that will look like.

    Also, there won’t be any exp refund or anything? The Chaffee was an expensive tank exp-wise. If it’s not going to cost the same exp on the tech tree as it does now, shouldn’t something be refunded?

    Also, any news on what kind of matchmaking the Chaffee will get in 9.3? If it gets 5/6/7 I’m all over it.

      • That’s true. It’s not a big deal overall, the tank was what, 58k exp or something? Still it’d be kind of nice to throw the difference in as free exp, or even put it on the tank toward the T37. Then it wouldn’t even really be a refund since it’d stay on the same line.

      • VK2801 became a tier 6 light. The chaffee stays as a tier 5. 55k exp is a very hefty price to pay for just a plain tier 5 light now.

    • It’ll be 6/7/8, as per normal tier 5 scouts. You can get tier 5, but it’d be damn rare.

    • no problem. well all I do to the Chaffee is just camping near the enemy base and watch the enemy panic and die.

      • Because the Chaffee cost as much exp to unlock at tier 5 as both the Chaffee and the T37 are likely to cost. And we’re unlikely to see the difference otherwise.

          • I severely doubt that as WG seemed to have lurched from the good old days (KV split, Panther I/II, AMX line changes to) where they were almost over generous to what we have now which is pretty awful.

            The T-50-2 change was even worse than the VK.28.01 change. Not only where the capabilities of the tank completely changed (after many months of WG saying that it was basically a cosmetic change) they then added another crew member (bye-bye BIA) and you had to research the KV-13 before it became elite again.

  2. About T26E4 SP will be buffed or .. do something about it .. its the worst tier 8 premium tank in the game :( now every tank can penetrate it easily. and u cant do nothing with it ..
    sniping .. u cant penetrate tanks more then 200m .. (but they pawn u hard)
    speed its like (u need time machine)
    armor the last nerf was to much now all tanks can penetrate
    and earnings = worst then ever.. even t49 td can make more money then T26E4 SP

    …ps sorry for miss-spell my English …

    • yeah the armor nerf was pretty bad… it was the only upper hand of taht tank, even then it was pretty easy to destroy, lots of weakspots… but now tier 6 can pen you up front, and you still dont have mobility… pitty.

      • The armor nerf was a few degrees off the glacis..

        It wasn’t world-ending and it only changed the upper glacis..

        It still has tons of very broken spaced armor…

        • sure but now anything with 200pen goes through.
          Only turret seems unchanged.

          I’m not whining, at least its more challenging tank to play. Just saying, it isnt as well armored anymore, yet the mobility is the same…

        • Get your facts straight. It was not just a few degrees of change in angle of the frontal armor. It was also the removal of an extra layer of spaced armor. Hence it got much and much weaker. It might aswell have no frontal armor at all.

    • For all you complaining about how weak the T26 is… I think you’re doing something wrong, because the armor’s perfect if you drive it properly. The upper hull can reliably bounce tier 9 guns if you angle (and sometimes it gets bounces even when you don’t), the mantle bounces almost everything, and the cupola isn’t nearly as easy to hit as the KV-5′s big R2D2 weakspot.

      Oh, and did I forget to mention that the APCR pen is the same as the AP of the T110E5′s gun? Plenty sufficient (especially compared to the IS-6 or KV-5′s APCR pen) for the tier. Gun’s also pretty accurate, and the rate of fire is decently fast as well.

      • they nerf it to hell every tank from tier 6-10 will penetrate front armor… and the gun its piece of crap.. only close range or medium u can penetrate like 60% of tanks… wen u dog fight a is-3 or a tiger II u will die fast and u will do to him like 50% dmg noting more…
        so the Nerf should be fixed. specially in new 9.3 witch comes with new tanks that will feel a little op

        About the movies how to play with it.. that videos are old and before nerf.. so… rubish.. they have to fix SP back.. to do something in this game .. not only to train crew..


          random battle t7-9 10 i fire 10 shots 1 penetrated.. aimed lower plate , commander hatch , even i tried a side shot on is 6 dint penetrate it.

          i received 4 shots .. have to use repair for the ammo rack.. :( all 4 upper plate.. 1 just dmg my track and did like 230 dmg.. @ 200 m away (the shooting person was a tiger 2 ) second hit from him i was standing at an angle frontal armor was showing 310 mm witch.. if was spaced was impossible to get the hit.. and so on.. to kill the tiger II after got help from a loew and a t34 i have to use gold ammo :(

          so the problem its to fix nerfff

  3. Goodnight sweet prince, you were my favorite. You will be cherished forever *sniff*

    • IIRC, the tier VI will basically be the Chaffee as it is now. Possibly a bit different, but it’ll be somewhat an elite Chaffee.

      • The biggest difference will be it’ll be significantly bigger, but that’ll be the biggest difference.

  4. - if you have the 75mm M3 instealled, you will get 37mm T16 instead
    You mean Installed? If so, please fix. ^^

    • Yeah the M5 stuart is just plain garbage after the patch with that awful gun. Atleast with the 75mm howitzer you could still splash with HE. Not to mention its getting slower as well.

    • You are aware you bought the KV-1S based on dev rumors, which is entirely subject to change?

      Like, 5 mins before test or implementation, change?

    • The gun is garbage, which seems to imply that either the M5 is going to lose its scout MM, or that tier 4 lights in general will lose their scout MM.

      …or that WG is just flat-out nerfing it.

  5. Wait, did we hear of the 122mm S-41 howitzer before?
    Will it be mounted on the KV-1S (T5) and/or the KV-85(T6)?

  6. - crew of KV-1S will get moved and retrained to KV-85 (apart from the radioman, who returns to barracks)
    I wonder what will happen if we fill our barracks with irrelevant crew so that there is no space left for the radio op

  7. wtf happens to my Prem camo on my KV1S, do we get a gold refund, is it moved to the KV85, or are we just fucked.

    I would assume we’re fucked, as WG is handling it.

  8. So the m5 will get an auto loader version of the 37mm m6? That sounds kinda cool. I would have liked an engine upgrade or a speed buff over the new gun tho.

  9. I only can say… WTF!!! no refund or free research for chaffe??? i can understand they dont give T37 elite but at least they can give it researched with all modules and leave the M41 unresearched… i dont talk about free tier 6+slot but dont give T37 with modules researched…

    I have enough xp farmed in chaffee to research T37 but hey, the other tier 5 scouts give to players elite tier 6 scouts… i dont remember now if VK as tier 6 was totally elite (aufpanther researched) but well, we talk about tanks that have the costs of a tier 6.

    The KV-85 movement… nothing unexpected but is strange see how they give the tier 5.

    Expect this was only a “beta” because no free research in T37 or refund in free xp is a “fuck you players” movement not very clever when now you are not the only tank game.

  10. I am sure I am being dumb but for the life of me I cannot work out the difference between the two statements above re: KV1S
    Unlocked versus in garage?

    • I think is like when they split the PzIV and StugIII, you have KV-85 in garage elite with the modules you have in KV-1s (if you have all top modules KV-85 have them mounted) and you have new KV-1s as tier 5 elite but you need buy it and no free slot and free 100% crew except the KV-1s tier 6 radioman that is moved “for free” to KV-1s tier 5 because KV-85 only have a crew of 4.

    • Unlocked is when you have the tank researched but not bought. In garage is when you have both researched and bought the tank.

      • That’s what I thought but the comments in the article below threw me as if you had only unlocked it how would you have any XP, statistics or crew yet?

        - KV-1S statistics are transferred to KV-85
        - KV-1S crew will be retrained to KV-85 with the exception of the radioman (who will remain on KV-1S)
        - XP accumulated on KV-1S will be transferred to KV-85, so will the barrel rings

  11. “that apparently means no free tier 5 KV-1S for KV-1S owners” – Thank you Tardgaming what generous compansation for totally ruining my favorite tank . :-/

    • Well, lets see but if finally is true that with 100mm KV-1s has the insane DPM i doubt we can talk about a total ruin… and well, KV-85 is going to have better armor to in frontal and i see in next patches a buff in his movility.

      KV-1s was OP and KV-85 is not going to be a lot far from.

    • It’s not a premium tank so they don’t have to compensate you jack. Also it’s your favourite tank probably because it have been OP since times immemorial. It should have been nerfed ages ago.

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  14. Chaffee with crew with 3 skills, permanent cammo, optics, vents, vertical stabilizer… Going through T-50-2 story all over again. Only this time I have a lil bit luck coz they didn’t just nerf this tank like MT25, and I can continue the line to T49. Just wonder if it would be as good as chaffee :’(

    • The T49? Completely different tank. The equivalent to the current Chaffee will probably be the T37.

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  16. Since when was the S-34 on the KV-85? The KV-100 carried the D-10T, not the S-34. And the last time I checked the S-41 was a 152mm, not a 122mm. And let’s not go into the name for the infamous KV-1S 122 has always been wrong, it should read D-25T, not D-2-5T.

    Leave it to WG to screw the pooch on easily obtainable info.