9.3 – Chaffee, T92 and T57 Changes

Hello everyone,

in 9.3 supertest (that is running now, public test likely next Thursday), the parameters of the abovementioned vehicles were changed as such:


This tank was reworked to the standard tier 5 light tank (original value in brackets, values for 100 percent crew)

Health: 440 (580)
Viewrange: 390 (400)
Radio: 776,9 m (same)

Armor was reworked of course (resembles current stock Chaffee now, can be seen here)

Weight: 18,392 tons (19,701)
Engine: 460hp (500hp)
Power-to-weight: 25,01 (25,38)
Hull traverse: 42 (46)
Maximum speed: 77,2/21 km/h (56/21)
Ground resistance: 0,767/0,959/1,63 (0,863/0,959/1,63)

Top Gun: 75mm, 96 PEN, 110 DAM (76mm, 137 PEN, 115 DAM)
DPM: 1966,5 (2180,5)
Reload time: 3,356s (3,164)
ROF: 17,878 (18,961)
Shell velocity: 619 m/s (975 m/s)
Accuracy: 0,345 (0,374)
Aimtime: 1,82 (1,63)
Massive nerf of accuracy on the move (different under certain circumstances, while moving at maximum speed it’s a 150 percent nerf)
Depression: remains at -10
Turret traverse rate: 45,9 (40,7)

Worth noting that the price of shells decreased to one half (from 105 to 56 silver)


- accuracy loss from moving the gun buffed from 0,613 to 0,595
- accuracy loss from moving or turning the hull buffed from 0,364 to 0,326
- accuracy on the move buffed by cca 10 percent
- terrain resistance buffed from 1,151/1,342/2,205 to 0,959/1,151/1,822

T57 Heavy

- aimtime nerfed from 2,59 to 2,78
- accuracy loss from moving the turret nerfed by 30 percent
- accuracy loss from moving and turning the hull nerfed by 25 percent
- accuracy loss from moving at full speed nerfed by 25 percent

125 thoughts on “9.3 – Chaffee, T92 and T57 Changes

      • cmon Chaffe didnt need to be nerfed that much and arty good god why the hell they buff artys they are way too OP at the moment but still buff…

        • Because arty is FAR from OP maybe ? Hitting something is super hard and pure luck. If you get hit by arty than its your own fault.

          • it should be luck you clicker,,so he should hit me everytime for 1k and more yes..stfu.

          • How is my fault being hit by arty at 50km/h and always changing directions? How is my fault being hit by arty if I am not TD trash camping at the draw range?
            Active players are the only ones punished by skycancer and there is a lot of maps where you cannot cover from arty if you dont want to stay camped/ passive.
            Any buff to arty is a buff to skilles braindead potato who can do now more with NO effort.

            • Those cases when U get hit by arty at 50km/h are very rare and simply lucky shots.
              Most of the time it is your fault you get hit by arty;sometimes you can’t avoid it.
              Arty is important for balancing battles.
              Learn to play with arty or suffer from your incompetence.

              • I have 40k battles overall and 4500k battles on arty to grind them and learn how to avoid them. I know arty safe spots, I know how to play to avoid arty. Still, every toamto that uses XVM focuses me because of unicum stats and you just cant play active with all arties on you. This is not balancing the game, this is just about braindead tomatoes being able to kill you with one click and RNG luck. There is no need to have arty to avoid camping. On the contrary, arty punishes active gameplay because only active players are spotted more, not the campers behind. So please another reason, why is arty good for gameplay?

                Also with CGC you can shoot into previously arty safe positions, with Batchat arty you can move to unordinary places and shoot into artysafe locations. You just cant hide from arty if you dont wanna sit back and snipe so please dont write me bullshit about my incompetence. I played all the T10 arties and I know how fucking easy and RNG dependent it is. No skill needed, no brain needed. Just click and punish the poor guy who had guts not to camp like moron behind huge rock. Great job tomato, you killed someone with no effort. WOW.

                • wow u really suck at this game why dont u take a break and go fuck yourself with a cactus?

                • You play all tier X arties and you still suck at avoiding their fire? That should raise a question mark.
                  I play arty quite rarely and I have no problem with them.Arty is so inaccurate that it almost never scores a direct hit,so I know it’s time to move without losing significant HP.
                  Arty balances the game against heavily armored targets that would dominate when they are top tier (and they do dominate when there’s no arty).Also arty gives scouts a job to do.
                  So,again,the problem is you,not the arty.

                • There are two ways how to avoid being killed by arty.

                  1st: Drive around very fast while changing directions constantly. This is obviously impossible for most vehicles except some light and medium tanks. It also means not only the tank has very little (if any) cover from other enemy tanks, but it reduces their firepower to effectively 0 (due to inability to aim precisely).

                  2nd: Hug the largest mountain/building you can find and/or hide in bushes to avoid detection.

                  And keep in mind both of these are only attempts at avoiding getting killed! By the very nature of its design, skycancer simply does NOT allow any counter-play whatsoever.

                • scud1337
                  Sorry, I understand you are probably one of the skycancer braindeads but your comment is even more retarded than could be expected by such a trash. How did you manage to do i t?

                • You do realize that after that many battles, stating that arty is bad makes you look like a tomato player, right?

                  How come I rarely have problems with arties and I have half your number of games? And I’m sure there are many players that understand how arty works and are able to avoid it as much as possible. Yes, they do get lucky sometimes but it’s not that often to call them OP. If you’d be killed with ease every game by arty, then they’d be a problem, but as they are, they’re nothing but a combination of skill and pure luck (30% skill, 70% luck).

                • Geez, you have serious issues, together with those other kids medjed and atomic issue. Crying about tomatoes that pick you because of unicum status…. Thats two things you say that dont match: tomatoes and ppl that recognize unicums. Bottomline, ltp if arty hits you and dont whine about skycancer anymore, its a very offensive word and i regret it that SS doesnt permaban the shit out of you losers on this forum

                • I like how the only thing you’re able to say is “I has no problemz, lurn too play, noop” without actually countering the points I presented.

                • hm,
                  havent expirenced that mystical tomato focussing uncorns much, i can remember maybe 3 inccidents in my last 20k matches

                • I seriusly doubt your stats are anywhere near unicum or even blue or dark green if you have to whine that much about arty and it is such a big problem for you.

              • @Mao

                “How come I rarely have problems with arties and I have half your number of games?”

                Because you’re an average green shit player?

            • “How is my fault being hit by arty at 50km/h and always changing directions? How is my fault being hit by arty if I am not TD trash camping at the draw range?
              Active players are the only ones punished by skycancer and there is a lot of maps where you cannot cover from arty if you dont want to stay camped/ passive.
              Any buff to arty is a buff to skilles braindead potato who can do now more with NO effort.”

              One of the best posts I’ve read here.

              “ARTY STOPS CAMPING”

              No, it just removes the vast majority of the map from any tactical usability and forces players into corridors, “arty-save” zones as they call it now.

              Arty forces camping. Arty removes the mobility aspect from a game based on mobile armored combat.

              Skycancer. I like that.

        • Well it just means that the T92 were underperforming top much compared to the other arties on the sand tier, T92 is near unplayable.
          Without BIA, and cola, because of the huge aimcicl + Rendering it near impossible.
          To earn any credits Even with prem acc.

          • Bottom line is this, when the tier 9 arty is considered better than the tier 10, either the tier 9 needs a nerf or the tier 10 needs a buff.

          • T92 will get a bit of mobility and aim time buff, yet it already causes major butthurt…

        • Think of it as a buff. Before the Chaffee could do nothing but passive scout and maybe a spot-medium in lower-tier battles. The view range buff was only nerfed by 10 meters. Not very much, and when you put binocs on and view range skills it’ll be just as good as before. Now you can go faster, which means you can active scout, too.

      • Yes. You now have tier 8 LTs do the work that the Chaf use to do. As a tier 5 its actually not that bad. You’ll start to see Billdogs and T49s doing the jobs the Chaffee use to do. Once the Test starts I’ll decide who gets my pimped out Chaffee crew

    • it wont be worth that xp anymore.. and xp needed for its grind in the past wont be compensated.. looks tho it still will be a nimble tank

    • who the fk plays that sht anyway?? stop qq ffs. The new german light will be king now.

      • How about all of you stupid fucks using “cancer” as a way to say arty is bad.. maybe just SHUT THE FUCK UP and start using the sentence.. “I hate arty” or “arty is bad” or something like that..
        Instead of just throwing around the fucking disease that probably also killed someone in your familly.

        I dont mind words like idiot or moron or shit like that.. but stop throwing around fucking deadly diseases.. and maybe just start using some normal words.. ffs

  1. Since chaffee’s MM will now be only t6 t7 and t8 I kinda see it as a buff.

    It does not loose much from mobility and it meets weaker targets. I think chaffe will be rly viable.

    • only butthurt ppl consider this a nerf…
      i on the other hand think chaffee will be a terrifying t5 scout with this rebalance

      • Yeah i see a big buff to the chaffee in this note, no nerf at all. It will eat the T6/7/8 like no other tank now.

        • Well thats all my complaints out the window if it only sees t6-8 this 100% a buff and my Chaffee will continue to be a little beast. T10 games were very painful before it just turned the Chaffee into a passive scout I cant wait to try it out now.

    • I agree, aside from the pen (ready up those premium rounds), the buff to speed combined with the lower profile of the “stock” style turret, this is going to make it a better passive scout… and we’ll no longer see tier 9 & 10 games… woohoo.

      • Apparently this thing will trade insane fire power for more max speed. So basically it will be more a true, speedy scout and less a demonic TD/scout of death.

    • It will be interesting to see if it will be profitable to sell the Chaffee now and buy it back at reduced price. I imagine if you wait for the next 50% off sale, you could make a few credits, but not near as much as you invested to get the Chaffee. It’s a good thing the Chaffee is so much fun, or I’d be a bit upset about not being reimbursed for the XP and cost differences.

    • Because this game needs more skycancer clickers like you?
      Good new everyone. You need a brain buff to be able to do more than brainless leftclick to at least do something in this game.

      • Wondered how many comments it would take before some random low skill bob gave the obligatory arty whine.

        Hate arty that much then do us all a favour and uninstall the game.

        • the same trash that whinesthe loudest why arty does not help them when they get raped by hull down is7. but uninstall might be only a partial solution. he must also be whining bout getting killed with 1 shot by awp in cs. haters gonna hate.

      • Stop commenting on every post about T92 to repeat that bullshit, it’s not going to make your isolated opinion (I’m not talking about the official forum) more important or relevant. Didn’t you hear about those new light tanks ? Like, those supposed to balance against what makes you so butthurt ?

    • I miss the old top engine, so im pleased to see some kind of mobility buff.
      Aim buff is near unnoticeble anyways.

      • i agree. the old engine was what it really needed but lets see how this resistance buff works out

    • i don’t like artillery, but i agree with this buff. from what I have seen, the t92 is almost unplayable in the current state

      • the current t92 has no niche in the game atm. it is slow like the gw while having identical shell arc to the frenchie. it should be more similar like the m53 wich is a very mobile nuker. while the real nukers gw and conq have better shell arcs but are less mobile and the snipers 261 and bat are much more mobile but are not hitting so hard.

  2. Omg.
    Chaffee, Tier 5 with 390m view range and 72 km/h top speed.
    My T2LT will have a little brother for racing ;)

  3. Well looks like the tier 5 chaffee is still good, and the old chaffee will be resembled in the new tier 6? No need to cry here!

  4. I sold my T92 very quickly after getting. It was almost unplayable without good team support. Horrible accuracy and little depression for self defense. I didn’t see the point. I make more of a difference to the outcome of the game in my M53/55. Tier 10 is supposed to be an upgrade from Tier 9.

    • Thats why you should stay close to some ascending surface. Selfdefense with T92 is actually quite easy. I also don’t mind aim speed and accuracy. I like this artillery. You just need to put all these necessary equipment and perks. Playing without Rammer, Gun laying drive and BIA+Sixth Sense is pointless. With full crew its reload time is 44s, still quite enough but huge splash radius and 1k hits are fixing this.

  5. U r so cruel to make the Chaffee a standard tier 5 light WarGaming. I just grinded 53000 exp in the M5 and only 2000 to go. Now I wasted a lot of time just to grind a credit maker thats not longer one.
    I hope the Chaffee will replace the M7 which sucks so much and does not belong to this line at all. I recommend slightly nerfing it and replace the M3 Lee or just throw this trash away. Nobody thinks it’s a tank that’s worth grinding on because it’s a medium, and far from being fast.

  6. Accuracy on the move buff for an spg what has an aim circle as big as a plate? :)

    • The reduction of the dispersions will buff the aim time a bit, but its impossible to say how much faster will it aim. Someone who owns the T92 should check its aiming time after repositioning, (moving+turning, then after complete stop check the time until the aiming circle becomes its minimum size) then compare this time in the common test. My wild guess its a few second faster aim time.

  7. So, Chaffee stays the same badass as it was (maybe even bigger now), T92 gets buff (not that it was needed) and T57 does not get nerfed at all. All my fav tanks will be as good as now or better. + new US LT with 152mm howitzer. Good.

  8. T57 nerf is laughable.

    - aimtime nerfed from 2,59 to 2,78 which only takes a little bit more aiming between shots
    - accuracy loss from moving the turret nerfed by 30 percent. In this case a fking Fv183 from 400m away turns it’s turret at you and shoots without aiming and still manages to hit you. So this nerf is nothing to worry about too.
    - accuracy loss from moving and turning the hull nerfed by 25 percent. Big deal just mount EGL and get the stabilization perks.
    - accuracy loss from moving at full speed nerfed by 25 percent. What kind of tomato would shot while full speeding with T57 anyway?


    • Maybe you are a tomato that doesn’t understand what dispersion nerfs when moving at full speed/ moving turret mean? It’s a significant nerf to the accuracy capabilites of this tank, it will take a much longer time to fully aim when stopping after moving from full speed.

      This is exactly what WG wants, and I completely agree with the balance between 50B and T57. 50B will be better at longer ranges and moving around the battlefield, while T57 got the firepower output at closer ranges. Nerfing the reload of T57 to the levels of 50B would be completely pointless as you would just have a slower 50B.

      • I agree with that too, the nerf seems good. As ever, ppl don’t search what numbers means.

        WG don’t screw everything like many ppl seems to believe, in fact it’s pretty the opposite. Even if some decisions are questionnable (lower hull plate VK45 wtf? I rule game with this thing…)

        • Funny for you guys to call him a tomato when you apprently dont understand what makes the 57 so OP. The problem is the 57s DMP, it has THE HIGHEST DPM of the tier 10 heavies!!! AND it’s and autoloader! The point of autoloaders, I thought, was to have burst over dpm, NOT BOTH. So maybe check first why something is broken before calling others tomatos, becuse you guys just loook like the ignorant ones.

          • he’s fast too right? all autoloaders have high speed.. oh wait :D even the maus is faster backwards btw.. :D

      • 50b is now better than t57 at both long and short ranges.

        50b has a much better APCR shell and only suffers a tiny intradrum amount all for much much much better accuracy and the ability to speedaround the map like a medium.


        • HAHAHA thats a good joke. If you think the 50B is better at short range and saying RIP T57, you don’t know enough about balance to comment on balance.

  9. I’m glad they didn’t touch the mobility of the T57. I tend to fight close with it, anyway. This was a nerf just to say they nerfed it. Of course I’m not happy about any nerf, but I can deal with this one.

  10. Jesus, that T57 aimtime nerf makes it so that BIA/vents/GLD can’t even get it down to below the inter-clip anymore… DAMN that’s turning it into a brawler while 50B stays able to snipe… though effective RPM for both when sniping would be about the same due to slower aiming T57s now.

    • You want to have Vert stab+GLD+Vents and BIA+Smooth Ride/Snapshot. This is what I use and even now it won’t get you to fully aim in between the 4 shots. I went for smooth ride first and the will train snap shot as well.
      I also went for full camo crew (71% so far) and it does have a nice impact on the game play.

      • Umm…you guys thought being able to shoot every 2 seconds AND fully aim in was balanced?

        • That’s what I said, even now before the nerf you can’t do that.
          Reading OP…

  11. Loving the Chaffee top speed buff, but I do have to ask, is 77 km/h (about 48 MPH) actually historical? Was the real thing able to reach those awesome speeds on perfect ground? Just curious, that’s all. T92 buffs definitely needed though, I’ve seen some pro arty guys trying to play that thing and it’s just painful how bad it is.

      • Yeah, T24E1 used the M18′s drivetrain. Engine and transmission. So it was able to reach those speeds. I’m thinking that with the top enigne they’re trying to emulate the T24E1. Maybe when alternate hulls come around we’ll get T24E1′s hull. Because it looks awesome.

  12. “Massive nerf of accuracy on the move (different under certain circumstances, while moving at maximum speed it’s a 150 percent nerf)”
    Someone complaining over any fucking wrong icon WG puts on their homepage should at least have the basic capability to comprehend, that whatever accuracy you have minus 150 % is negative accuarcy.
    And what is negative accuracy? Does that mean that the shell goes anywhere but in the target circle? Or does it mean that when you aim the target circle gets bigger and not smaller? Or does it mean that minus 150 % is bull shit?

  13. There are sitting morons in WG… they have no clue what they are doing. Constant rebalancing nerfin and buffing… wth is this…

  14. Chaffee changes look sweet. I’m still pissed about being out 50k+ exp however. They really should do for the Chaffee what they’re doing for the KV-1S since they’re essentially splitting the tank.

    But no, you have to drive a green tank with a red star on it to be treated fairly.

  15. This seems like more of a buff than a nerf mobility-wise. Better terrain resistance, higher top speed, and a bit lighter. I just wish they’d give the new T37 to all the people who took the time to grind out the 55k needed to get the old version of the chaffee >_>

    • They really need to. The T37 is what the Chaffee was. They’re taking all of the top modules off the Chaffee, moving them to the T37 and saying “lawl fuck you Chaffee drivers!”

      Chaffee, this entire time, in terms of exp requirement, matchmaking, capability, was a tier 6 in everything except the roman numeral on the garage icon. So they should be splitting it properly, giving us the T37 and if people want the tier 5 Chaffee they can rebuy it.

      That’s exactly what they’re doing for the KV-1S. If you own a KV-1S not only do you get the KV-85 and all of it’s modules, you get 800 gold worth of crew training too!

      If you own a Chaffee, you get all of the stuff you worked for taken away and lose 50k+ exp.

      Thanks Wargaming!

      • ok, than don’t be surprised by the huge number of people switching to arty due to this unfair treatment , especially at tier VI. all germany had at tier VI was the VK and now that’s total shit. at least give that 8.8 better pen not 132!!! or MORE alpha for konish , or a whole new gun for fuck sake!!!!! only nashron and Dicker Max have decent guns at tier VI but SHIT 0 armor so lets give all the tier VI lines their own nation tanks , not only “mighty stronk tenk” russia please!!!

        • It’s hilarious that people cry about the 3601 as a heavy when they cried for YEARS for it to become a heavy. And now that it is a heavy they bitch about it.

          You want more damage out of the Konish? It out-DPMs the M6 and has nearly the same penetration…It’ll out-DPM the KV-85 too.

          The only heavy that out-DPMs the VK3601 is the Church VIII. And it is much worse than the VK3601 in all the places the VK3601 is bad…

          • have you played it!?!??! NO so STFU!!!! go back to your churchill tank , even that is better than the VK series!!! They removed the 30.01H and there is NO OTHER TANK at tier VI HEAVY with that LOW PENETRATION!!!! all you are saying is bullshit defending your precious OP KV (1, 2 , 1s soon to be 85) series so seriously fuck off with your trash talk!!! yes even the damn KV1 tank has a better gun!!! how come everyone uses ONLY russian tanks in TC’s!?!?!? how come everyone uses KV1s and KV2 and T150 and everything russian for tank companies?!!? are they all stupid!!?!??! even hellcat TD has better gun penetration and alpha!!! you don’t give a heavy tank a medium tank gun for fuck sake wtf is wrong with you people!!!! Look at the M6 , look at the ARL 44 look at anything else and NOTHING has that LOW penetration and LOW alpha at the same time!!! seriously, fuck you all with your german tank hate, if it takes arty to take care of this bullshit than arty it will be.

            • 157 and 160 are effectively the same…

              Church VIII has 148 penetration with the 77mm.

              Guess what? 157>148

              Just sayin’. Church VIII is slower, has worse soft stats, has more unreliable armor–especially on the turret.

              So count your blessings and shut the fuck up. German “BUFF ME NOW” posts are getting old.

              • how many rebalances did the british tank get … like EVER!?!?! hmm??? not even close!!! so please do yourself a favor and YOU shut up!!! truth is this game bashes german tanks to bits ever since 8.4 so please stop with this bullshit. they started slow with ninja nerfs and they took it at a whole new level by calling it “rebalancing”. so once again , please tell me how many rebalancing did the brithsh/french/russians(especially) and even americans got comparing to germans?!?!? ohh that’s right, not even 25% that’s how much so once again , please STFU!!! either you work for them either you’re just a blind troll.
                not to mention that russians even got buffed, americans got buffed and ONLY completly garbage tanks from germany got slightly buffed, so you count your advantages!!! not even going to mention the cromwell the hellcat and many many other tanks that outclass VK “Heavy” tank in every way!!! it’s a bad joke and you sad blokes are just going along with it… only because it’s german. if it would if been any other nation nerfed to shit like this all hell would break lose.

                • American tanks get nerfed pretty much every patch, so I don’t know what you’re smoking. The German tree has probably gotten the most attention out of any of them. The German tree has some of the best endgame tanks in the game. I can’t think of one truly BAD German vehicle. There are a couple that might need a little work, like the JagdPanzer IV, but it’s not game-ruining and it’s certainly not something they should stop EVERYTHING to fix. Especially when it has gun options that work. The WAH MAH 88MM GUN SUCKS IT SHOULD RAPE EVERYTHING BECAUSE IT DID IN WWII!!!!!!!!!! cries get really really old. Really. Really. Fucking. Old.

                  I’m sorry, but German tanks can’t be the best at everything. Nor are they particularly the worst at anything. Every nation has vehicles that shine at a specific tier. Including Germany.

                  So kindly stop your wehraboo whining. Nobody fucking cares.

                  FYI, the VK3002M is my favorite tier 6 tank. I like it more than my Hellcat. So your argument that the game “bashes” German tanks is complete bullshit.

                  Also, name a single significant buff any American tank’s ever gotten. All of the American tanks just get nerfed. Shall we look at a history?

                  T29/T32/T34/T30 – Armor nerfed because their armor was “20% too strong”.

                  M46 – Nerfed the only things that made it good.

                  M48 – Nerfed heavily the patch after it was released.

                  T34/T30 replacements – M103 is arguably worse than T34 was at tier 9. T30 was a great tank at tier 10.

                  T30 in general – Probably the single most nerfed tank in the game. Has been nerfed more times than it’s possible to count.

                  M18 – Has been nerfed at least twice in the past and is being nerfed into the ground in 9.3.

                  M36 – Took 2 years for it to finally get it’s historical gun depression. It still doesn’t have it’s historical engine..

                  But you know. Wargaming only nerfs German tanks!! Nobody else ever gets nerfed!!!

                  Kindly shut the fuck up. Please.

                • sure thing , that’s why at tier VI and tier VIII IMPORTANT competitions you will NEVER EVER see anyhting german , like NEVER !!!! Even the fucking RHM gets nerfed and will continue to get nerfed by the russian bat even further!!!! T32 has a representative at tier VIII for important ESL battles, Hellcats and now with 9.3 M6 heavy also get very good for TC’s at tier VI so please, name just ONE tank (NO , NOT EVEN THE VK 30.02M does good enough!!!) That actually CAN compete against ANYTHING russian or american!!!! all germany had was the fucking VK 36.01H BEFORE The HUGE Nerf and NOT EVEN THEN was it over-performing, it just could do well enough to take ONE or TWO the most in the whole team!!! So seriously, FUCK YOU and your logic!!!! Nothing was as nerfed as german tanks and i can also start making you a HUGE list even bigger than yours with all the nerfs that went on since the last 12 patches!!! Every single german tank that is slightly overplayed (NOT overpowered) gets hit by the nerf bat all the time!!! all the time and all the time some more!!! no other nation in this game gets this much hate ,not even a single one!!! you see 1-2 nerfs here and there but only with 9.2 did they actually did something good for germany!!! Even tier X was nerfed (E-50M, and they now even consider removing it from the game) even 30.01H , E-75 nerf, Tiger II nerf, everything nerfed nerfed nerfed to shit!!!! I am so quiting this piece of shit game if they nerf one more tank from germany, it’s ENOUGH already!!!!!!!!!!!!! Russia gets buffed once every 2 patches NEVER EVER nerfed!!!!! they simply don’t care about anything else except seeing russian over-perform!!! It’s not bullshit because i play both lines and the differences are HUGE!!! so YOU shut up because even america and UK and especially french can compete without any problems (T 92 gets buffed for example while G.W. E-100 being way worse doesn’t even get slight attention!!! This game stinks of bullshit and it’s sad that only what the russian community thinks ,complains and wants is taken in consideration.

                • not even ONE fucking german tank is good enough to take in Tank Companies (Tier VI, or VIII ) and no one even cares about G.W. E-100 that is utter shit comparing to all other tier X arties but thank GOD they BUFF the already OP T92!!! and you complain!?!?! they buff the patton, america has the best tier X and IX TD’s in the game, heavies, arty and now even mediums so please stfu!!! there isn’t ANY competition were you can take a german tank (except E-100 or Maus) and do well at the end of the battle!!! everyone avoids taking german tanks in EVERY Tank Company NOT EVEN TIER VI , not to metion tier VIII were everything goes for russians and french. and T fucking 1 for that matter so no, not even lol-traktor for important competitions for germany!!! no representatives and those are PRO fucking players that play the game and set up the teams perfectly, there is a good damn reason why nobody picks Tiger II or anything german for that matter so please YOU STFU and open your blind eyes!!!! The worse of it all is that germany still continues to get nerfed in the head even further on and on and it will not stop!!!

  16. While arty exists, it’s still overbuffed. So it doesn’t need any more buffs, maybe only a buff in camo big enough that it will disappear not only from view range, but from the game as well.

    • 96 pen really isn’t that bad. I make due with that with the M4A2E4 and the Excelsior and the T14 is very well-liked.

      So it’s do-able. Especially with that much mobility.

      • The tanks you name actually have 92 pen. Still doable, though, yes. 96 ought to be fine on the Chaffee up until tier 7, as long as it remembers it’s a light tank…tier 8 will probably need a decent amount of APCR.

        Really, everyone should be happy that they weren’t all “it’s a flanker lolz” and dug up some obscure 86 pen gun for it. Ask me how good 86 pen is at even tier 6. Go on : |