30 thoughts on “New Ranzar Video

  1. Looks like VK needs some of them blue shells. To, uhm, improve his battle performance.

    • Yep,all the old Fritz needs is a blue shell or 2 and a lovely russian or french ass to shoot them at ;) :D

  2. 1st september is the first day of schools – so all kids would stop playing WoT and go to classes, allowing the old men to have fun at “their own pace”.

    However WG screw everything up by having “sale” of “summer surplus” (or summer collection) meaning some sort of action that makes stuff cheaper to buy, attracting the kids right back to game anyway, pissing off the old men XD

  3. Because old people playing WoT with reflexes of a turtle, are better than teenagers around 17 years old.
    12 year olds are as bad as 45-50 year olds.

  4. “the worst players in this game are school children” is one of the dumbest stereotypes across many games.