WG EU Fail-a-thon

Hello everyone,

the Golden Joystick competition is coming once again and Wargaming EU acts the way they used to – they screw up whatever they touch. Take the Top of the Tree for example. First, it looked like this:


A medium tank discount over a medium line? Sounds logical. Oh well, too bad it didn’t stay that way and got changed to WZ-132 the way it was announced in the September leaked plans. Wargaming not reading even their own materials? How terrible. And I am not talking about how they apparently shifted the 121 to tier 9.

And of course, there are the September missions:


Wargaming EU as usual.

36 thoughts on “WG EU Fail-a-thon

    • Nerf now please basic reading too stronk (I mean how is information shared within inside WG carrier pigeon.

    • Uh… Hmmm, Blogger makes mistake, misses it when proofing; vice AAA gaming company employee makes mistake and how many people also passed on the same mistake? Just a weeeee bit of difference.

    • So let me get this straight. You are comparing the mistake of a blogger, just one man with the mistake of a whole division full of employees who get paid to do their jobs… yea sounds legit.

        • How about NOT making such stupid mistakes in first place? Or you think that making such mistypes on “daily” basis is normal?

        • You know in olden times a Jester had the balls to make fun of the King. And he did so not only for laughs but to get his attention towards issues at hand which the king might have been ignoring in the hind sight. His intention was not insult but making the King a better ruler all together. I am sure you realize who SS and WG are in this analogy. Unfortunately King WG’s blunders keep on piling up instead of disappearing. But at least SS keeps doing his job. Plus he appreciates WG’s actions sometimes as well so why take issue when he criticizes them?

  1. Missions where changed on RU cluster in the same way. If before it said level 5 (or even level 4) and above as usually for these missions to lessen the seal-clubbing. Then now it is level 6+

  2. The September missions are ridicules. Seriously, what kind of morons come up with these missions? I realise that they are for premium tanks, but at least make it realistic for people who live in the real world (ie have jobs and school) to at least stand a chance. If the 13.5k base XP was not bad enough, it resets every day. By the time you have added in losses and the occasional bad game where you suck out, the rate at which base XP is earned relative to damage and kills means you still need to play 2-3 times the number of games to complete it once, with no chance to catch up on your days off. If WG had let accumulation roll over and still required it be completed 25 times, a lot more people would have tried for the missions.

      • yep, I’m not going to play 3 (or more) hours each day all month just to get 15 euros tank(with discount 10 euros) [Even then, it is tier 5-7 tanks - "rare" but still just a mid-tier tanks, nothing like tier8 premium]

      • I think he meant keeping the amount needed, just without daily resets (keeps someone who can’t play everyday able to do the mission).
        If that is what you meant by easy…

        I was always up for hard missions but not being able to do more or less on some days makes it… ultranoliferish. I am nolifer, but not THAT much.

      • If they’d at least include premium bonus into the XP part they might make some money….

        So far (yesterday) it went as expected: kill-stealing meds left and right.

  3. Its the Same thing on the US servers as well .,… this sept month long mission is an epic fail on wargamings part …. the Light one is next 2 impossible to complete each day … and the mediums are almost in the same ball park …. I for one am not attempting either of them

    • The lights mission, I agree, is a bit of a nightmare in this meta, and I gave up on it as well. On the other hand, the t6 mediums are some of the most fun and exploitable machines in this game, making that mission relatively easy. My Cromwell says hi!

      The bigger problem is that every noob and their grandma are using the t8 premiums for the mission, cluttering the que and making the whole thing much less playable.

    • I agree that the light one is difficoult. I tried it yesterday and it would took simply too long and KV220 is just not worth it. The main problem is assist damage, as all the maps were remade to corridors and plenty of tomatoes playing wont let you do this until you get a good map (now basically only Malinovka, Prokhorovka, Murovanka, Redshire, Westfield ). Unlucky, all my maps I got to play with lights were cities/corridors so after I fullfilled all conditions I still had half of the assist damage left.

      On the other hand medium mission is really easy. It was enough only to double all my T10 meds and play 3 more games afterwards which I would do anyway.

      Did you notice that gameplay is now much faster and much more action/fun when everyone is playing meds?

      Now you can easily recognize bushwankers with good stats, who have no skill without their camped TDs. Losing battle after battle because they have no reflex, situational awerness and fail so hard in meds.

      • Your doubles (triples yesterday btw) are counting in?
        Tried playing mediums – only base xp counted – would have to play roughly 25-30 games a day – forefitted.

      • chinese light tanks have better guns than the mediums it can be done easy with chinese light tanks 59-16 isn’t great but can be fun but the tier 7-8′s are just so much fun to play

  4. WG is a prime example of what nationalism over all other does. Wg cannot hire or outsource the best because everything they have is in russian.

    So I stead of being able to globally source the best talent, you get stuck with amateur hour programmers. This is also a remnant of the old soviet system. It takes more than 1 generation for that old soviet mindset to really fade. Competition will destroy this company because they are too slow to innovate and quality/talent is average at best.

    • Lol, they couldn’t hire anything good, as EU only has shit for brains. When was the last time good software came from EU? Never. All they can do is steal US stuff and now Russian.

  5. And people wonder why EU staffs are a bunch of idiots. Not all of them, but plenty enough.

  6. Anyone else things that EU in general are fucking morons?

    US and Russia not having any issues, clearly EU are filled with morons and the best of them work for Wargaming. The rest whine about it.