If you missed it, check out Listy’s article on the Conqueror turret and – if you are interested how it could be implemented into the game – my followup.

Otherwise, not much today, but the test should start this Thursday.

- Leopard PTA is doing fine statistically apparently

With that being said, please note that currently, FTR is in “limited mode” because of some unforseen issues. At this moment, everything is in the state flux, so I can’t promise anything, I’ll see in a couple of days, ideally tomorrow. Don’t know how exactly will it be from now on, I will try to keep at least the translations daily, but it might not be possible, so no promises.

Thanks everyone for their words of support (and for your financial aid as well), it is appreciated and helpful, but I need to sort this stuff out before I can start giving time to FTR again. I’m sorry, it’s the best I can do for now.

30 thoughts on “1.9.2014

  1. SS, take care of it and good luck with whatever it is. We, the readers, all support you in whatever it is…………..well except world domination, that’s what Jingles is for. :P

  2. Best of luck getting your life sorted!

    However, if it doesn’t take too much time, what was with the ‘Serb rage’ that you posted about yesterday?

    • He’s been loyally getting info for us for at least a year. I doubt NOW of all times is when he’s going to moneygrab.

      You EFE people need to go back to the clanwars and unhappy always mad chatrooms and forums from whence ye came.

    • I dont know why are you here wasting your talent doing friends… Putin need you in his gabinet for “peace” HAHAHAHA.

      • And how exactly do you know he’s from EFE? Or are you just blaming EFE for everything bad that happens?

      • lel you SS army (pun intended) are funny. Yeah Putin sent EFE to take over world of tanks global map while he’s invading Europe xD

        I’m not EFE. Just a guy who can see further than what a blogger is feeding them. I can’t imagine you guys actually voting…

        Yeah I appreciate SSs WoT translations and info every day, just not the political brainwashing and the begging for moneyz.

        Oh well there goes another account banned cause of “free speech” You should IP ban me this time.

        • I wonder what is this ”further” you can see.
          Moneygrab? By all means ok. WG EU does 0 job for us and they somewhy get paid.

          But hey, conspiracy theorists gonna conspirate! Lemme buy you a shampoo.

        • Shit! FTR is being attacked by irrational, paranoid theory conspiracy lovers.

          It’s actually pretty sad that some people are like this in the world even though they are actually normal individuals. Just to let you know it isn’t cool to be a paranoid schizophrenic or anything like that so stop trying to act like one.

          I would ask you if you have any line of logic to what you said but considering the attention seeker you are I doubt you have any.

  3. Good Luck SS I completely missed the limited article earlier thought maybe you were just talking about the server or something thats why I never give it much thought.

  4. He killed a hooker and got arrested whilst doing a line of cocaine, poor SS. Very high fines and long jailtime ahead as he said.

    • LoL.
      I doubt that would stop a dedicated blogger from posting though. You still have internet access in prison and plenty of time as well.