Unorthodox Anti-KV-85 Tactics


Hello everyone,

Russian player lusty_argonian_maid discovered a… let’s say unique way of dealing with the 9.3 KV-85 – it involves the E-25.

Old KV-1S in 9.2:


New KV-85 in 9.3:


How it looks from the outside:


It’s reasonable to assume the same tactic works for ELC. The vehicle simply can’t depress the gun low enough to deal with anything lower than the E-25.

46 thoughts on “Unorthodox Anti-KV-85 Tactics

  1. Oh damn, it looks like the tier 4 lights are going to be too tall to pull this off.

    I was hoping to take out a KV-85 using a Ke-Ho 1v1.

    Oh well, it still looks like the Tiger II and T-34-1, T-34-2 and T-34-3 are still going to be able to troll this thing just as well.

  2. ahhh my lovely E-25 will be my fav new tank when 9.3 comes out and all the soviet tenkers come out to fap with their kv-85 :D

  3. So one tank, that if you manage to get face to face with, will be able to defeat the 85? Oh noes! Like saying a KV-2 made this big discovery on how to deal with a JP IV. Shoot it once.

  4. Iv pull that trick with the e25 on a T29, drove right up the rear poor thing doesn’t have the gun depression at the rear to hit the e25, also pull the stunt with a tiger 2. Getting hull to hull at the rear messes up most tanks when using the e25 mainly Russian and German tanks suffer from these kind of up close tactics.

    • Same here, just a few minutes ago in my last game for the night. I can imagine the poor T29-driver being driven to tears by rage (and I sympathise, T29 is one of my favories and it’s a bit impolite to troll it like this).

  5. My own technique will mostly consist of a single KV-2 shot to the upper glacis, as it already worked when it was called KV-1S. :p The fun part as of 9.3 will be the comparable reload times, that rammer helps a lot with on KV-2. Now missing doesn’t mean death anymore, making KV-2 much more useful in companies IMHO. 9.3 CT is currently downloading.

  6. I do this all the time in my 34-2 with T29′s, T-32′s, and various other heavies, best thing you can do is face hug em and watch them bounce your turret while you pen their Upper plates.

  7. I was already doing this on regular basis with T-34-1 on a lot of heavies, mostly germans (sometimes on tanks which could depress enough to hit turret roof but 90% still can’t do it if I wiggle), but I’ll be happy to add more soviet heavies to the list :3

    The only problem for me right now is that I don’t have the crew for that beauty ;_____;

  8. It is exactly the same situation with all the tall heavies in the game unable to shoot at hugging ELC, E-25 or FV304. KV-5 have exactly the same issue for ages.

  9. This is long time known. I use this tactics against Tiger P with E-25 from side nearly every time. You just need to watch out for his friends or ramming yourself to death.

  10. Haha, i have done this so many times in the ELC, i call it doing the tango. it works against any heavy that has a high profile and bad gun depression. You ned to be careful so you do not ram yourself to death. I presume it is safer to do this trick with the E-25 since it has more armour and hitpoints so will no be damaged so easily when doing the tango.

  11. At first sight that first image made you think you misposted a JPE’s topside (mini-turret), then I realized no tank in the game is tall enough to look over that thing in sniper mode.

  12. Frankly, I never liked KV1S to begin with. I got MUCH better results with VK3601, T150 and ESPECIALLY Arlekino (ARL44). KV1S always was BLIND. The accuracy and ROF were horrible. Now it will be even worse. Selling the tank KV-85 tier 6. Crew going to IS-3 (I am almost ready to open it). The Kv1S (tier 5), from what I can see offers NO advantages over KV. It’s gun is not better, its armor worse, and the vision range is no better. Good riddance.

  13. you don’t need an E25, use an alecto instead, this is my favourite tactic vs KV-2′s…

  14. Right now on test owned by 2x E25, cant even aim them. The depresion nerf (among the others) is the most painful on KV-1S / KV-85. Bye bye good tank, welcome slow inprecise and depressionless poop.

  15. фугасом его валить надо и таранить. корпус доварачивать и гуслю подставлять а несмотреть на него пока он тебя разбирает)