Chaffee Race Footage

Hello everyone,

from RU server – the Chaffee Race Footage.

The mode is apparently 3vs3 Chaffee race (special fast Chaffee Sport). It takes place on completely reworked Port map. There are various obstacles, such as jumping ledges, exploding barrels and such. It ends with a very fast base capture it seems.


38 thoughts on “Chaffee Race Footage

  1. The jump in particular looked very fun.

    obligatory “directed by michael bay” reference too.

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  3. So instead of giving us the chieftain tank and the firefly or the amx3o . Maybe even a fps boost or maybe even the replacement for the fv42o2{ Not excited about it}. They spend the time developing this dreary shit! For fuck sake wargaming get your shit together you are so amateurish its crazy.

    • So you want the people that did this. That have the soul job of creating fun content to keep you happy while the rest gets developed to go to them to? You don’t want any events or fun or anything. Just the usual stuff of no content until you get what you want?

      You do know that even tho they have most likely made the tank models of said tanks already. It takes months of testing, if not a year to see if the tank works fine vs the other tanks it sees and the maps. If they do a massive tweak to em, they have to start testing again. The PZ IV and Stug split and even the KV split was not designed and created in a week either. the model is only 1% of the job. Relax. You don’t need 1000 people to make those models work. You need a few people that knows the “lay of the land” that’s all. So others do indeed have time for this. Its like a saying we have here “The more chefs. The more mess”.

      And if you have FPS issues. Drop all the mods out. I’ll bet you get 10fps more if you play vanilla, if not more. If your system is that slow, then try with no mods at all. XVM sucks more power then you think to name one.

    • U know: this was most likely done in one or two days. Map already existed, tank existed, perfect balance(length of each track) isnt that much of importance. So what do u think was that work intense on this? Compared to how much fun and entertainment it will bring to most players (yes i know u are already crying in tears as U wont enjoy it and the world should only focus on ur needs etc), its a very clever investment of dev time.

  4. Omg, omg!
    I already see zillions of forum posts about close to zero FPS in this mode because of… Hollywood :D

    And one more thing – it looks like a team-race, aka 3 vs.3. I somehow don’t know, how could that work in our great Random situation.. because in football I could win games even alone vs. 3, but here… yeah.

  5. Well at least they found a good use for Port. This is how the map should have been anyway. Seems more fun. Put it in Randoms to. 1 team in each lane. I would love to see an T95 clear that jump with help.

      • Man the last NFS game to have neons was Underground 2 (or was it carbon?). Good ol’ days… NFS today is kinda shit.

        • Both of them had neons. My all time favorite NFS is Most Wanted (the first Most Wanted, not the latest crap) and Underground 2 comes in second place. Hot Pursuit 2 (the old one) is on 3rd because it had an epic soundtrack.

      • Why would they not pair the Chaffe thing with a major update? To not dump huge loads (of data) in one serving or something?

        • They will add in the map and tanks, but the thing will be unlocked on 29th. They can activate parts of client by net . That’s how anniversary garages work, they are added into the client in one patch and then are just active on the event and then deleted in the next patch.

  6. Everyone’s forgetting to ask the most important question. Where is a picture of the special achievement for this race? ;)

    I’m sure this will be as well received as Karl and Football/Soccer. For me, it will be a fun change for those days when MM gets you down.

  7. Maybe this mode will keep the ELC AMX yolo noobs happy for a while and stop them playing the actual game. One can dream.