Wargaming to Cooperate With Anime Again

Thanks to WARLOCK360100 for this one.

Hello everyone,

according to this article, Wargaming (specifically Viktor Kislyi) announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2014 that Wargaming (World of Warships) would cooperate with the creators of anime called Arpeggio Blue Steel, which is apparently warship-themed. Tried to check on the story of the anime and it makes no sense to me, so I guess it’s an attempt to make specifically the Japanese players interested.


Well, at least they are doing the advertising right:


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  1. The anime is basically:

    >random (robotic)ships appear
    >nuke all the navies of the world
    >only naval stuff is attacked
    >the ‘girls’ are special AI modules that allow the ships to simulate human thought and emotion to combat humans
    >the robot ships have VLS, laser cannons and randomly OP guns
    >main char’s ship is sub. Loli sub

  2. no there doing the advertising wrong…it needs to be slutty sailor girl, not fully dressed sailor girl

    • Lol +1. But honestly, this makes me mad. Anime has NOTHING AT ALL to do with an online battleship mmo, except maybe the ships part. Which is a big partnto be fair, but i hate anime to death. Ok, anigay fans, bring it on.

      • It’s just how advertising seems to work in Japan, want to sell shit? Use cute anime girls from a semi popular series. I’ve seen a characters from a Harem series used to sell super unrelated sports cars.
        In fact I think there was also a recent commercial that used Attack on Titian to sell cars, they don’t even use cars in that universe!

      • This is like saying you hate books because some books are crap, ‘anime/manga’ covers quite a wide range, including utter crap and some amazing master pieces that western movies makers can only dream of touching, so really its your loss if you are going to write off a whole genre based on some crappy ones.

  3. There aren’t that many historical warship themed anime out there, especially not very recent ones. I assume this is why they went with this one.
    I haven’t seen it but it seems to have decent reviews.
    It could have been worse, it could have been a warship themed hentai. :))

    • Well, regarding the Anime it’s rather bad. [Not talking about the Story]
      That doesn’t mean that the animation isn’t fluid or anything, but it’s all Computer Generated Imagery (CGI).
      Normally Animes are hand drawn and many animators have their own ways of making their characters look and feel alive. Arpeggio is more like “all rendered in a computer”.
      While this isn’t to bad for the Warships (Using a detailed Model is way cheaper and more consistent that hand drawing all the details each frame), the characters don’t really look or move like living humans.

      KanColle is getting an Anime in January. But the “Ship Damage=Less clothing on the girls” part probably is what you mean with “worse”.

        • Zipang, rating 8.5/10. Lost 1 point because of gay opening and ending songs. Everything is good and another 0.5 points for having a cliffhanger type ending.

      • The “Ship Damage=Less clothing on the girls” part probably is what you mean with “worse”.

        Holly Propeller!! :)))

        Yeah, I guess that collaboration wouldn’t end well, but would be darn funny.

  4. “Tried to check on the story of the anime and it makes no sense to me”

    You try reading the summary on TVTropes?

  5. First off: WG played their cards this time, BAD. What who knows and likes that aged and finished anime already: none. Who likes the other incoming “ship girl” anime, a ton. The anime characters on it are terrible. The “ship-girls” are limited. There was a better choice.

    2ndly, it’s for those Japanese players and not in anyway intended for non Japanese people (or to a lesser extent SEA-cucumbers on SEA) it’s a norm for those people, so yeah that’s kinda taboo to anyone outside Japan. I hope it stays on their shores only.

    • >2ndly, it’s for those Japanese players and not in anyway intended for non Japanese people

      Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil.

    • Arpeggio 1st movie is coming 2015 Jan 31, and 2nd movie coming later next year.
      Plus, Arpeggio anime get pretty high rating in Japan.

      The “What who knows and likes that aged and finished anime already: none.” is 100% false.

    • aged, its only a year or two old ((younger than wot), finished? there are two movies coming out and the manga its based of is ongoing. do your research if your going to call someone or something out

  6. Having seen the anime series, it’s not a bad shout out for Wargaming to use it to help their popularity.

    The underlying fact is that the War of Fog Ships are all based on old sunken World War 2 ships. It even explains in the anime that the only reason they have female AI Models is because the ships they assimilated have female names. To which one of the characters in the anime even questioned “That’s the only reason?!”

    It’s even good to see that sister ships (in this case the submarines) all have the same female AI Model because the ships themselves would have been the same. Though their personalities are slightly different relating to real time warfare where ships would have their own subtle differences and “personalities”

    Because it’s Japan though no “historical” anime would be complete without there being a twist. In this case the fact that these ships have energy weapons and energy shields and super powerful war heads that create mini dimensional rifts in time and space…

    So far the best “historical” anime i’ve seen is Zipang which is about a modern day ship getting transported to World War 2 during an exercise after a major storm, picking up a survivor from a World War 2 Ship seen floating in the sea and thus altering history slightly.

    And none of what i’ve said has been on topic… =_=”

      • Only ever saw the Anime, they altered history slightly as Japan still lost the war and lost significant battles as per history. But there were changes to the way they lost the war, cant remember the full details saw it quite a few years back!

    • You just gave me headache. That’s cringeworthy excuse for a plot; even if a plot is just an excuse to exploit underge girls in underwear.

      • There are no underwear on this title though, 90% or more girls on this series are full-grown, young adults and MILF…

        And at least on Manga, 50% of this series charm is on ship-to-ship combat and tactics. And technology porn.

    • For those of you wanting a decent Naval Warfare Anime, it might be worth watching Submarine 707 (at least i think that’s what it’s called) Its Submarine warfare based but it has a lot more to do with tactics and brain power rather than powerful ships with uber weapons! Well worth a watch in my opinion!

      • submarine 707 was badass.

        sadly there’s not a lot of naval-themed anime or at least not that focus on that…

        for example, tactical roar can be thought of as a “modern” naval anime but it’s not the main plot (i liked TR even… need to rewatch that).

        and it’s obvious they chose ars nova because ars has full very detailed ww2 ships, whilst kancolle are girls with ship parts… it’s not very conducing to their product

    • Its like the current direction of map design from WoT, making things simple for the morons, likewise Hollywood makes movies simple enough for the average low information retard to understand, good anime on the other hand is like a good book, deep complicated plots which takes some thought and understanding on your part to make sense of.

  7. The fun thing is that WG cooperate with everybody… except modders, if they think more in improve game and less in how sell it using cartoons…

    OFF-TOPIC: Zipang, great anime but much better manga, saddly the translation to english is stuck in… chapter 74 , pracitcally the end of volumen 7 but manga has 43 volumens and 421 chapters.

    Other interesting manga is Gate based in a light novel… there are tanks, Type74 if i dont remember bad.

    And something more historical… you have 1945 manga, first part covers the japanese bimotor night fighters hunting B29 and dealing with black widows and 2nd part cover Chi nu crew in Manchuria dancing with soviets… remember me this part a lot WOT MM lol.

  8. two week ago. I opened a account @ sea server. About 10k online. I enter some games. even 600ms lag. I was like demi-god. I think. WoT arent popular @ japan. Simply they dont like they dont care…

    • SEA server has the worst players of all the wot universe, and it’s been like that from the go, even if you take the worst redcrabs from RU server they’re going to roflolstomp any average SEA player.

      it’s similar to US west, it’s full of baddies and reds there, no one sane touches US West. in fact before i used the server selection mod, sometimes game decided to put me in us west(even when i had always worst latency to west) and the shit player quality and horrible shit matches where so noticeable that i realized i was on West, and talking it over with my clanmates confirmed it, all-the-time.

      dunno how it is with EU and RU clusters, but SEA is worst than US West

  9. so we have girls und panzer for world of tanks, Arpeggio Blue Steel for world of warships, now we just need strike witches for world of warplanes! XD


    If they don’t at least have an Atago inscription available for the Takao-class I might actually go berserk enough to learn 3d modelling simply so that I can put a translucent render of Kancolle-Takao in 3D form over the damned ship, followed by Shimakaze and all the other girls represented in Kancolle who have an obvious “most popular ship” in their class. Though… I’m not sure I’d be able to animate the models to go with the ship’s movements properly so maybe it’ll show them idling i.e. napping (sudden mental image of Yamato leant on the back of her main bridge tower napping).

  11. I Always KNEW that Wargaming and AoBS should team up. Waiting on the second season of that shit

  12. the reason it is Arpeggio instead of KanColle is that Arpeggio fans are actually interested in naval warfare (and girls) KanColle is just girls.

    • I think what it really boils down to is that KanColle is a game, and thus in direct competition with WoWS while Arpeggio is not, frankly the biggest issue WoWS will have in Japan is getting people away from KanColle to play their game, and considering that WoWS won’t have any cute girls they’re at a pretty serious disadvantage in competing for the Japanese demographic. It’s also interesting to note that Arpeggio also had a collaboration with KanColle last year when the anime was airing so technically Kadokawa already beat WG to the punch.

  13. That’s the one where the studio used the 3D character models instead of the usual 2D animation, right? The character animation was so awful I couldn’t make it though 2nd episode – it was just too painful to watch.

    Boy I’d rather see it paired with KanColle, but that won’t happen since both are basically F2P MMOs afaik >_>

  14. lol i guess we know that wowp was a failure because they haven’t teamed up with an anime.

  15. The anime’s first season final battle was I-401 v. Kongo. Considering the Kongo in real life struggled against a Fletcher class destroyer (which is half the displacement of the I-401 sub), and only being able to sink the USS Johnston with the help of two cruisers and a destroyer squadron, you can easily see who will win in the anime (unless you prefer another trope, “MC always wins”).