Straight Outta Supertest: StuG IV Changes

Hello everyone,

remember the StuG IV, that was leaked a while ago? German tier 5 premium tank destroyer, yes?

Well, it got buffed on supertest as well. First of all, its gun got buffed or changed altogether, not certain from the screenies. It got changed as such:

- apparently, now limited MM is considered
- gun penetration buffed from 106 to 110
- DPM buffed from 1720,7 to 1860,2
- reload time buffed from 3,836 to 3,548
- ROF buffed from 15,643 to 16,911
- Accuracy buffed from 0,345 to 0,336
- accuracy on the move when moving with maximum speed buffed by 29 percent
- the gun now traverses faster (earlier: 41,7, now 45,9)
- hull traverse buffed from 40 to 44 deg/s
- terrain resistance buffed from 0,863/1,055/1,822 to 0,767/0,959/1,822

The statistics thus look as such:

Tier: 5 Premium (limited MM to 5 and 6)
Hitpoints: 360
Weight: 25,9 tons
Engine power: 300 hp
Power-to-weight: 11,58 hp/t
Maximum speed: 38/10 km/h
Terrain resistance: 0,767/0,959/1,822
Hull traverse: 44 deg/s
Viewrange: 310
Radiorange: 646,6

Armor: 80/30/? (yes, the side plates are modelled and are functional)

Gun: 75mm
Penetration: 110
Damage: 110
DPM: 1860,2
Reload time: 3,548 s
ROF: 16,911
Accuracy: 0,336
Aimtime: 1,53s
Depression: -6
Gun traverse angle: 20 degrees

52 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: StuG IV Changes

  1. 360hp?. One shoot from KV1-S / KV-85 and he is dead (and this td will see russian One-Shoot-One-Kill OP-122mm tanks in preety every map). In same time gun with 110 pen will be dinging plenty of shots if enemy have at least half of brain.

    But again WG thinks that Matilda 4 with 86mm of pen is balanced and viable against KV-1S with 175mm pen gun and almost 400 damage per shoot.

    • >implying you’ll still see many KV-85s sporting the completely derp 122mm gun once 9.3 is online
      >implying that this isn’t a general problem anyhow for Tier 5 TDs

    • As soon as I hear a tank referred to as a gender, I know the statements that follow will be… Um… You know.

      I’ll let you figure out the impact of the type of nerf the KV-1S(KV-85) received.

    • at first, you do realize the epic kv-1s nerf, second it’s a TANK DESTROYER, you know, for camping in a bush with bino and camo net at 400 meters?

  2. Probably the most worthless POS i ever saw seriously why the hell do you people buy crap like this.

    • Some people like historical vehicles
      Some others like a challenge

      And then there are people like you, who can’t play anything other than Hellcat/Borsig or whatever is FotM.

      • Just because one doesn’t like underpowered vehicles doesn’t mean you free exp out the waffle line. I don’t go back and play the Somua SAu 40 for the joy of it, but I haven’t played 8,000 battles in a waffle trager either…. because I don’t have one.

    • I will buy it if it has limited MM. I love my Stugg and it makes great creds so I hope the premium is even better.

      I did not chose the Stugg life, it chose me.

    • It sounds like the plan is to lower creds in game so U have to buy premium tanks for creds and then raise the price of premium tanks.


      • T1 heavy gets 128 and it meets tier 7. 110 PEN will burn through most tier 6′s from the front with no problems and the GOLD round will burn through the rest of them.

        My big concern is the -6 gun depression. The -8 on the Stugg makes it a very good hill tank and allows a lot of bounces.

        • If you are relaying on bounces on StuG III, you are doing it wrong…
          max out camo, everything what you can push to camo… hell even vents for those 5% camo extra…
          You will be able to kill anything! before it spots you.

          But you are right, 110pen seems fair enough to me. If it gets 150 as L70, it would be way too OP.

      • Never had problem with any tier 7 tank in StuG III.
        Heck you are invisible, 150 pen is enough. Since even some tier V can oneshot you, I dont care much if I meet tier 7…

        The only problem in StuG III is that super low shell count… 36 is simply not enough…

  3. Gun Depression buff needed.

    I would like to see a buff on Gun Depression to -7. With -6 U can’t work hills at all which is why Stugg is soooooo good. If ur hull down U can get a lot of bounces with -8.

    The su85i only gets a gun depression nerf of only -1, why is the Stugg 4 getting nerfed by -2. I hope WG changes it to -7. This will have a HUGE impact on game play.

  4. still sad it isn’t in a regular branch as a tier V alternative for StuG III G… :/