Meanwhile in Russia…

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Hello everyone,

driving in Russia is dangerous business – apart from the usual things, you have to watch out for tanks falling from trailers as well. On 10.9.2014, near Omsk, a truck driver was transporting a T-72B tank for repairs. He went too fast into a curve, shaking his haul off the trailer. The tank ended on its roof with its barrel buried in dirt near the road. The driver recieved a 500 ruble (cca 10 Euro) fine for not carrying proper license to haul such heavy objects.



A couple of pictures of the event:






And meanwhile, in south-western Russia… people are building tracked vehicles from Lada parts and scrap :)


This “beast” has the engine and transmission from Lada 2108. You can read about it more here :)

And of course, to complete your fill of Russian “awesomeness” today, Putin wants to disconnect Russia from the internet. Russia will make its own stronk internet, with blackjack and hookers! Of course, “emeregency cases only”, for example a military invasion. Whether the case of Russian troops invading someone else counts as well, Putin failed to specify.

Jokes aside, it’s clear Putin is pushing for more and more control over the Russian internet. After recent Russian censorship laws and effective ban of free wifi, such outrageous plans do not suddenly seem all that impossible.

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  1. Here comes the shitstorm “RUSIA STRONK”, “USA THE BESTEST”, “SCOTLAAAND FREEDOM!” yay

    edit: Personally I don’t think he’s going to do something like “Russian only” internet. That’s just stupid idea.

    • I watched some news peace about it. There were opinions of few russians. They did not seem to be very upset about the idea of tighter control of media. “Less crap from the west” they say. Of course that was on russian TV and only from 2-3 people but you get the idea.

      • Maybe it’s because of the disrespect they got from the Western countries since the end of WW2/beginning of Cold War. If I would live in Russia, I wouldn’t be happy about the west, too. And yes. I know that there are other people in Russia, too.

        P.S.: I’m not living in Russia or any other country in eastern europe

  2. “Jokes aside, it’s clear Putin is pushing for more and more control over the Russian internet.”
    Actually, 0bama said in a meeting with his ´murikan freedom advisers he is thinking in disconnecting USSR as another sanction to Putin´s helping hand to Ukraine in defeating the nazi invaders (he really wanna mantain the monopoly on bringing freedom to “barbarian” countries) .
    And so Putin thought that it would be a good ideea in creating his own internet (like he did with GLONASS) which would be used only as a mean of defense angainst hackers in case of WW3 by disconecting from the murikan internet and using only his own. (or in this case to use his own internet in case the murikans really disconnect him)

    • Putin created glonass? who told you this b.s? What is “murikan internet” ? where does it starts/ends? Is there European internet? I think you have no Idea what are you talking about.

      • ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is a non-profit organization formed by the US Department of Commerce and is responsible for the coordination and maintenance of the global network (global DNSs, TLDs, address spaces for IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, etc…). So you could say that internet is in a way controlled by `Muricans ;)

      • The first satellites of GLONASS were built when Putin was already the President of Russia.

        The “Murican internet” means the internet as we know it, which was created by Americans.

        Yes, there is internet in Europe, too ;)

        I think YOU dont know what you are talking about. Sounds like some ‘murican butthurt, because some people don’t want to listen to the American lies anymore…

    • You need to stop commenting on how the internet/computer networks work when you clearly have no usefull knowledge on that subject.

      Also, your political bias is showing.

    • I’m not biased, i just want a distribution of spheres of power in the world, a balance, an equilibrium or we’ll all taste murikan democracy the arse way, or colonize Siberia like my grandfathers did (folowing capture at Stalingrad). Or maybe worse… like fuckin be obliged to learn chinese…
      And oh yeah… put your facts straight u guys

      • And about Putin’s glonass:
        “Development of GLONASS began in the Soviet Union in 1976. Beginning on 12 October 1982, numerous rocket launches added satellites to the system until the constellation was completed in 1995. After a decline in capacity during the late 1990s, in 2001, under Vladimir Putin’s presidency, the restoration of the system was made a top government priority and funding was substantially increased. GLONASS is the most expensive program of the Russian Federal Space Agency, consuming a third of its budget in 2010.”

      • Spheres of power? Get lost with that crap and stop reading the bullshit state media like kommepcaht or Russia Today. We do not want to be in your god damn sphere of power or anybody elses. понять?

        • entschuldigen sie bitte, arschloch, aber english is not my native tongue. I meant balance of powers, not spheres. Entschuldigen.
          And about spheres, the murikans hope you enjoy the NSA and the financial crysis. And many more democracy related stuff, ofc.

          • I understand very well what you ment, spheres of power, spheres of indluense, balance of powers. Different names for the same crap.

            And i like the NSA just as much as i like the RF undercover internet brigades infesting blogs/chats with the RF propaganda. Yes, i like my democracy and freedom of speach. Because of that i can read in the news about the NSA/ financial crisis and world events from many different sources with differing views and express my opinion on the government and politics and not fear getting jailed for it.

            Have you ever wondered why Russia Today can freely operate in the US and no such analogue functions in the Russian Federation?

            RF outlawed the Salvations Army for fucks sake accusing them beeing foreign spy agents. They are a christian charity for heavens sake.

            Do you not see that there is something seriously WRONG with your country? Even more then it is with others? Do you really believe that the west wants to attack you? No one has done in since WW2 FFS because no one is stupid enough to do it. Why can you not get it? Why the hell does your media tell you every bloody day how EVIL and depraved the west is that wants to destroy your nation and culture? Meanwhile in Poland you where supposed to have (untill Putin decided to send Specnaz to Crimea and eastern Ukraine) officialy the year of Russian culture! Every year the is a big festival of russian songs! STOP BELEVING THE CRAP YOU ARE TOLD FROM RIA!

            Putin commented once on America that is is dangerous for a nation to be told that they are special/something more compared to others. Do you not see in everyday news you have how YOU are told that you are special/heroic.

            • West does not want to conquer Russia?
              A collapse of the USSR? And the expansion of NATO to the East? The war in Ukraine?
              Crimea. Ukraine sold the United States for military bases.
              The Rise of ballistic missiles from Russia would be virtually impossible.
              Therefore, the Crimea was annexed.

              • 1.Q. West does not want to conquer Russia?
                A. No, the “west” does not. It would cost too much for little gain. Several have tried already in the past and all have failed. People actually learn from their mistakes you know.

                2.Q.A collapse of the USSR?
                A. What of it? As far as i remember the “west” had nothing to do with it. USA was keeping the people of USSR fed with grain and maize exports.

                3.Q. And the expansion of NATO to the East?
                A. What of it? No wait. The anwer to your reply is in point 1.A

                4.Q.The war in Ukraine?
                A. Aided and facilitaded by Putin and his henchmen. The first people i saw running around with guns in the east shooting at government buildings and police stations where people shouting Россия! Not Donbass, not Ukraine. Россия!…

                5.Q.Crimea. Ukraine sold the United States for military bases.
                A. Orly? Provide proof. Even if, what of it? If the RF could have a military base there then why not US also? Who the fuck is Putin and wtf is RF to tell an independent country what to do with their land?

                6.Q.The Rise of ballistic missiles from Russia would be virtually impossible.
                A. RF have over 2 thousand rockets with nuclear warheads on land and on submarines. There is no defence capable of stopping that. THINK FOR YOURSELF AND STOP REPEATING THE PROPAGANDA BULLSHIT YOU ARE TOLD BY RIA NOVOSTI !!!

                7. Statement .Therefore, the Crimea was annexed.
                Reply. No. It was annexed to feed the propaganda of succes that Putin and his henchmen need to stay in power.

                • 1.
                  Not much of a profit?
                  First place in the world for the production of rye
                  First place in the world in the production of oats
                  First place in the world for the production of raspberries
                  First place in the world for the production of currants
                  First place in the world for the production of gooseberry
                  First place in the world for the production of sunflower seeds
                  Second largest in the world collection of potato
                  Flora, fauna and nature.
                  First place in the world in terms of drinking water and forest resources
                  The world’s largest area of black soil
                  The world’s largest forest area
                  Europe’s largest tracts of virgin undisturbed forests
                  The first place on stocks and catch Pollock and sturgeon
                  Natural Resources.
                  The world’s largest natural gas reserves
                  The world’s largest producer and exporter of natural gas
                  First place in the world in terms of coal and lignite
                  First place in the world in oil
                  First place in the world reserves of shale oil
                  First place in the reserves of iron ores
                  First place reserves of silver
                  First in the production of palladium
                  The first place in the export of semi-finished iron and steel
                  First in the production of nickel, nickel exports and export aluminum
                  World’s second largest aluminum producer
                  Second place in the world for the production of titanium mill products
                  World’s second largest proven reserves of gold
                  First place reserves of salt
                  Top exporter of nitrogen fertilizers
                  First place in the reserves of diamonds and gems mined by weight
                  The biggest diamond mine, quarry in the world
                  The only country in the world, having amber plant, mining and processing amber
                  Direct intervention will not.
                  Is an attempt to undermine the country from within.
                  5 column.
                  Dislodge Putin.
                  Put your man. Who will give everything for nothing
                  Do you like the communist system?
                  Maybe you like Stalin?
                  Dismantling of the Berlin Wall. And the withdrawal of troops from Eastern Europe.
                  Signed an agreement on not NATO’s eastward expansion.
                  This contract is broken.
                  For what purpose?
                  Lugansk, Donetsk, Kharkov, Zaporozhe, Dnipropetrovsk, Kherson, Nykolaiv and Odessa.
                  Until 1917, part of the Russian Empire.
                  There inhabited by indigenous Russian.
                  Crimea was transferred to Ukraine by Khrushchev in 1954
                  2014 was taken back.
                  There inhabited by indigenous Russian and Tatars.
                  MANPADS United States on the distance light-cured takeoff ballistic missiles short and medium range.
                  And they are destroyed.
                  Putin a strong leader.
                  If a country is unable to feed his army.
                  Then this country will feed someone else’s army.

                • Сергей,

                  1. Great. I have always said that Russia has great potential. I would love to be the leader of such a nation. Would you vote for me?
                  So, and what do you, the people of the Russian Federation have from all of those riches? Thousands of nuclear bombs and a corrupt administrative system that is rotten to the core, an impovirished nation with dreams of past glory. Underdeveloped agriculture. With all those riches it shuld be paradise on earth. Almost 20 years now (almost anentire generation…) of the Putin-Medviedview duo and what have they brought you? Hate, wars, oligarchs, injustice.

                  2. What has that to do with anything we where talking about?

                  3. You have a problem with the german nation beeing reunited? Was the dismantling of the berlin wall a bad thing?

                  Show me that treaty… First priority of the warsaw pact cuntries after they shook of their comunist rule was to join EU and NATO. The Russian Federation or the USA does NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO DECIDE FOR THEM WHAT THEY SHOULD DO. They are independent countries now. 20 years have gone past and you have still not understood that?

                  4. Do you really want to have back all of the Tsarist Russian borders?
                  Like Alaska, the baltic countries, Poland, Ukraine, Georgia Et, etc. The tsarist Russia was a colonial superpower, the only difference with the other superpowers was that these colonies where not overseas and you did not loose it after WW2, it got preserved with the borders of CCCP where the forced colonisation continued under. You see why the rest of us are a bit worried when the Russian leadership starts speaking about getting back “their territories”? Germany have accepted their lost territory to Poland. Poland has accepted their lost territory to Lithuania, Belarussia and Ukraine. The Brittish empire have accepted the loss of the empire. France have accepted the loss of their colonies. For the sake of PEACE. Why are you not willing to accept it too? Do your really want to start the flames of war again in europe?

                  5. Orly…. Can you also clarify when most of those Russians arrived there?I was in Crimea. I saw many historical sites there. Most of them where Tatar. Not too many russian sites… Can you also tell me what the Russians did to the tatars right after WW2?

                  6. The Russian Federation has over 2 thousand deployed nuclear warheads in bases, mobile land launchers, aircraft and submarines. Is your media seriously telling you that some short/medium range missile defence will stop all of it? Especially the ones from the submarines? Seriously dude… Ria novosti and their likes are brainwashing you. Creating a atmosphere of fear of the outside world where they tell you that at any moment you can be attacked and the only way to stop them is by having a strong leader that is feared. It is bullshit. Instead of getting a grip on your economy/social system/ you play a zero-sum game with the USA. Get of the state media drug dude, get real. How can you believe another fanatic like “Ras”Putin?The Russian nation that has invented rocket science, the periodic table, produced authors like Dostojewski, Pushkin, Tolstoy, composers like Tchaikovsky, Abramsky, Borodin, defeated 4 different superpowers that attacked them in their history, the Mongol khanat, Poland, Napolenic France, Hitlers Germany. You really are taking that crap he is feeding you? The new “Ras”Putin?

                  7. Read point 6…

  3. SilentStalker, you are incredibly hypocritical and politically incompetent person.

    Not only yellow press false statements about disconnecting Russia from Internet were debunked a few days ago, but how dare anyone accusing Russia of control over the Net, while thousands of buried and acting clandestine NSA/FBI/CIA data mining and observation programs like ADVISE, TALON, PRISM, ECHELON, IAO, TIA, Carnivore, COINTELPRO and others exist? The USA will answer to the international community for the very existence of these programs and for the crimes against privacy of their own citizens and citizens of the EU.

    But for starters, the USA should stop being a synonym for the international community. And this process, I can assure you, is ongoing.

    • Watch out SS, developers might be banned from talking/leaking to you for failing to stay within the boundaries of accepted political speech.

  4. That T-72 looks like the last two times I tried to play War Thunder Ground Forces. Stronk Fizicks!

  5. It’s interesting how easy that tank fell. Trailer too flexible? Suspension not stiff enough for that load?
    I wouldn’t thought that is possible, but it shows that turrets are really heavy.

  6. Lol, what’s that “murican” crap ? Sounds so caricatural…
    Get some education and read different sources, ALWAYS (good luck).