CD Action Invite Codes

Hello everyone,

this month, Polish magazine CD Action was released with Wargaming invite codes (500 gold, 3 days premium). Here are two by Gulczas and MagicznyCyborg


Sorry, I don’t have any more right now. So, dear Polish players, if you have any invite codes you don’t need and want them given away with your name on FTR, please send them to me on – I will sort them out. Thank you.

15 thoughts on “CD Action Invite Codes

  1. What is more, if you buy a magazine, you also receive a T-127 bonus code with 3 premium days + free garage slot. Considering that you receive a well-written magazine and 3 other games, it’s worth its money (15,99zł = 4 euros)

    • Also, the games are not just typicall low-budget crap usally included in gaming magazines. In this issue there were Tropico 4, Flatout 2 and Knock-Knock. Yup, that would be ~45 Euro / 57 USD of extras in 4 Euro magazine. Isn’t living in Poland amazing? :)

      • 1) Better version of tropico 4 (with all dlcs) was for 0.39 euro on steam (on CD-A it’s “drm free”)
        2) FlatOut2 was for 0.52 euro on nuuvem (steam version, on CD-A “online cd key”)
        Only Knock-Knock propably wasn’t cheaper than in this mag.

        And yes, living in Poland is realy sux.

        • Well, I wasn’t considering the steam sales, but still you can get some top-quality games with the magazine. Last mont they included Risen and Driver: San Francisco, 2 months ago there was Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Not that bad for a 4 Euro magazine. For me that’s pretty good source of cheap games without waiting months for Steam Sales. Also, living in Poland is just fine for me.

  2. i have a code left from gamescom but its for the Xbox360.
    it gives you a T-15 + 1 slot + 3 day´s prem + 300 gold
    let me know if you can use it :-)

  3. Here is one more if anybody is intrested:


    Enjoy. (Let people know if you use it)

  4. I’ll post my inv code once I will return from abroad :)

    And as sm1 above said – not only we get codes but also a good games :P There was a whole article once about how some ppl abroad accuse CDA of some shady business cus its not possible to have AAA titles on some sort of “unknown” polish magazine

    And yet, here we have, DMC 3 and 4, Assassins Creed, FC3 Blood Dragon, HAWX, Stalker series, Torchlight, Far Cry 2, Dead Island, Just Cause 2, Mass Effect and many many more, For 4 euro :) Maybe earnings and overall living in PL sucks incredibly bad but at least we have dat nice magazine