Tank Made Out of Shells

Thanks to Ugly_Joe for this one

Source: http://simplepimple.com/2013/11/artist-builds-chinese-tank-using-only-empty-bullet-shells-10-pictures/

Hello everyone,

the following pictures show a model of the Chinese ZTZ-99, made entirely of spent shells and casings (in total over 48 thousand). The model weighs 6,5 tons. It’s currently on display in China’s Museum of Industry in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province.

That must have taken a LONG time to make…











27 thoughts on “Tank Made Out of Shells

    • Have a look at the recent stats (by clicking on it) it shows that you’ve done 18 battles but it also says that you’ve done more than 100 battles each with KV-85 and T67… so yeah…

      • it look very funny my friend joke that im worse than a bot xD So its error on noobmeter. When they add those tanks kv-85 and rename t49 for t67 the stat just get error(only 2 battle to test kv85 and none on t67).

    • That situation is because new and renamed tanks got their stats moved and recalculated. Tomorrow it will show everything as usual. It happened already before, when tanks were moved or renamed.

  1. Someone had waaay too much time on their hands….although I bet getting all those shells was fun!

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