24 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Korea…

  1. im always surprised that the tracks manage to stay on during a drift…it just seems as if they would fall out of place

  2. They’re both lighter than tanks. What is so freakin special about this ??? Leo 2 weights 60t+, that is awesome.

  3. Bunch of Fake Koreans… A 100 real men from the North, and all this would be a smoking pile of destroyed metal and capitalist hope.

    • But does the North have 100 of these “real men” you speak of?
      Also, can the North get them there with their crappy logistics?
      Find out on the next episode of World War III!

  4. “Let’s show a replay of that.”
    “One more replay!”
    “Once more.”
    “Did you see that? Let’s see it again.”
    “This time in slow-mo.”
    “One more time.”

    • “We are thoroughly impressed by how fast you move, how fast you shoot, and how accurate your artillery is!”


      “We are thoroughly impressed by how fast you can find deep water, how fast you can click the left mouse button, and how lucky your RNG is!”

  5. Actually that’s very dangerous. SPGs have a very high center of mass, it doesn’t take much to flip these.

  6. here’s something funny! Did you look? no? Don’t worry, we’ll repeat it again! and again!

    Korean TV, made for people who are actually watching Starcraft on a different screen.

  7. You know the saddest thing? People will post this on the WTGF forum as “proof” that Gaijin is doing such a good job in their game. They don’t get that just because you can do this doesn’t mean it should happen every time you’re driving at over 20kmh on a dirt road because of bad Mario Kart physics.

    Sure, you can “drift” in a heavy tracked vehicle. But it’s generally something you have to do on purpose except under the most extreme of conditions. Though I don’t expect “The World of Warplanes of Tank games” Gaijin Fanbois to get it. You should feel in control of your tank. Not as much as WoT gives you, but they shouldn’t drive like a old muscle car with bald tires on wet, smooth pavement.