Chaffee Race is Here

Hello everyone,

as you already probably know, today is the day when the Chaffee race event starts. It will apparently be active until 13.10.2014 if I remember correctly. It’s…. just try it. A few random points I picked up quickly:

- exploding barrels do NO damage whatsoever. Given the nature of how they work in other racing games (an obstacle), I am not sure this is intended or anything, but it’s pointless to shoot them, their explosions won’t harm anyone. Likewise, you can just plough through them.
- the special Chaffee has new engine sound, that sounds really cool. Does the regular Chaffee now have the same engine sound as well? Haven’t noticed.
- the Chaffee slides. A LOT. Almost feels like you are playing War Thunder. The problem with it is that the sliding (unlike in any other racing games, where you have the tyre “screeching”) does not have a distinctive sound effect and so it is relatively difficult to keep the vehicle on the edge of a controlled slide.
- shooting the HUGE red fuel towers or whatever they are does nothing
- if you want to get into the enemy lane, it’s possible during jumps, but you have to time it right
- autoaim works ONLY if you are in the same lane (or in the base), otherwise there is the middle wall preventing you from locking on, this makes the shooting quite harder. It’s possible to lock on when you are higher than the enemy, but then the autoaim will just shoot the wall.
- viable tactic is to stay a little behind the group of opponents (who instinctively run as fast as they can since this is a race) and shoot them in the back, but the road is windy and dont expect to knock out anyone
- detracks are practically impossible, the vehicle tracks repair extremely fast (if you hit them at all)
- altough the aim circle seems really small, make no mistake, the gun is inaccurate and fires all over the place, especially when going fast
- another valid tactic when you are on first spot is have one team member (well, you) go to the opposite lane by the end and ram the opponents. The rammed guy will be stopped in his tracks and the other two almost always stop to get rid of you, your teammates will cap
- cap is extremely fast, takes just like 10 seconds – and there are TWO bases on one another, which means it’s completely possible for both teams to achieve a draw by capping at the same time, that’s why it’s important not to only stand around and cap, but also to shoot the other team capping

Overall, it’s… fun, but I am a bit disappointed by the track and the motion model. The fact the tank slides a lot would be manageable, but any obstacles on the road are practically pointless, they don’t even make you lose speed, explosions do nothing – you just go forward and that’s it. The vehicle accelerates extremely fast as well, any time lost is quickly caught up, unless you just stand around, enjoying the scenery. Unless you do specifically what I wrote above (staying a bit behind), shooting over the center line is mostly pointless, it’s much better to just ignore them and focus on driving than crashing into something while trying to aim.

The soccer mode was better.

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  1. Actually I’ve auto-aimed the whole time. Played about 15 games and it works. Of course on most places the wall separating tracks is too high, but the dents are just enough for the auto-aim circle to snap on and hit enemy.

    However at high speeds, auto-aim misses a lot if running side by side at a distance, being slightly ahead or behind works better.

    I’ve noticed that in facehug position auto aim bounces every time, so you need to aim manually in that position. I like it and the whole thing seems like free 500000k, 1 prem day and free 1 skill crew to me.

    • ^this, auto-aim is absolutely possible and I usually just auto-aim at the start of the game and start driving while ignoring the enemy team shooting.

      Yup, this game seems entirely possible, even easy to get the final reward XD

      • It’s about 50-50 on hitting the wall. I mean auto-aim wasn’t the best method of aiming to begin with, you’re moving at 90km/h half the time and you’re shooting at targets moving at 90km/h… so… it’s not really auto-aim that’s the problem, it’s just almost IMPOSSIBLE to hit anything anyway.

      • there are 2 areas where you can autoaim at the enemy,
        1) is the start zone, you just care about not hitting the wagons and you will get 5 five nice hits
        2) is the the straight where the highway was in the port map(the straight before the 2 small jumps)

        and altrough 1 caps 2 defends, the last 10-20 points of capping will be shared between all the team, so it will take a lot of time if these players get hit continuosly.

        • I have noticed this as well, and take advantage when I can.
          If a tank in the other lane goes over an obstacle, you can also shoot them when they do.
          When a tank goes up most inclines, if you are behind them, you can shoot them. There is one place where that is an exception. Likewise, if they are behind you, you can shoot them when you go up. When you go down the other side, even if there is a jump, you can often get a shot in.
          So, autoaim is viable on many places on the map, but if you’re just holding the fire button down the whole time, you don’t get too hit often.

  2. The race is a lot funnier to me than the FOOTBALL ( not soccer SS :P ) and autoaim work snice for me the whole time :D

    • It’s too late not to do it :D If you wouldn’t have enough replays to do whole episode you always can include some races in next “normal” GER.

  3. i don’t remember after football event if we got to keep the garage slot!
    so the obvious question, after the event we keep the slot or not?

  4. The Chaffee Race mode makes my game crash with Gnomefather’s engine sounds. All of you who install it, delete the mod if you want to play Chaffee Racing. :/

  5. Completely win the race ahead of everyone because i focus on driving and not shooting which does nothing on the race part, only to lose because it all comes down to a fight at the end making the entire race pointless. Lame.

    • This.

      I mean let’s face it the track itself is fairly easy (unless one of your teammates blocks you) so it all comes down to decap attempts at the finish. It’s lame. But the 50 win mission seems worth it…

      • Yea, luckily most of the players drive like shit and I almost always make it to the cap first. Although practicaly never with enough lead to just sit behind something till it caps. Either I get lucky and evade the first shot or two, or it turns into retarded decap shootout. Some fuckwits even shoot gold ammo there.

  6. Sport has 25 mm pen so you you can shoot to one block/wall/barrel and bullet disappear. Sport has on side 25,3 mm so 50% chance to pen better to shoot front/ass or use aprc with 50 pen. In the end of race is hole, so you can swim with fishes lol. Cap is normal you cant block caping by entering cap (this is not a Encounter Battle buy standar battle, both team cap one cap idiotic), and it cap very fast 2 sport cap 12 sec to full…

  7. This mod is terrible. I don’t feel like I’m racing. Just stay as close to enemy team as possible and don’t try to be first. Fighting is priority. Racing secondary. Soccer was the other way around. Mission reward is nice tho. That’s the only thing that’s good about this mod.

    • if you do 0 damage you wont get rewarded, just few hits at the start and you can cap without problems.

    • Seems to happen randomly. I just won a race without damaging enemies and got the full reward, then won the next race again without damage and got nothing. The 91 cap points and the victory still counted towards the big mission though. oO

  8. My Chaffee likes to spin like crazy from time to time. The mode is bugged but kinda fun. Football was better.

    And this is Fast and Furious: Tank Drift and my Chaffee is like a Toyota Supra in NFS:U2 (big ass, crazy drifts!)

  9. This race is lame. Would be better if they took a map like Abbey put numbered checkpoints on it, give everyone an ELC and 3 HE shells for detrack attempts and that’s it. Win by getting first do the last checkpoint, can’t be that hard to code them checkpoints.

    Wanna fight trolls who will just wait somewhere to shoot others? Put a time limit on getting to next checkpoint.

    But I guess making it a basecap bullshit with boring track was a lot easier – it’s basically a standard battle with a few simple tweaks.

  10. does this affect your overall wn8 etc. ?
    wn8 is like 4k even if you lose the race ( at least thats what session statistics mod is showing) , so there could be a big spike in statistics ?

  11. Actually this mode is better than the soccer mode. In that one it was complete chaos and you’d often have afk team mates. It was frustrating to play and you rarely won, at least in my case. The race mode is actually fun and you can win something in a reasonable amount of time.

    • Can’t trap the ball in this mode either ;).
      AFKs or late arrivers will almost certainly lose the game for you though.

  12. I kinda love this mode, its so action paced. :D
    and the music at the beginning of battle is so EPIC!

    footbal was stupid… t62 was barely moving and once you got the ball at the edge of the playground, it was so slow.. everybody pushing each other … trying to get the ball out…

  13. I tried the mode twice so far. Both times the screen just froze at the loading screen with a full loading bar for the entire game. I heard the countdown tick marks and shots landing on the ground here and there, but the loading screen was all I could see.

    Anyone else get that?

  14. autoaim works.
    thing is, you must drive very close to the wall. then your gun is over the wall and you shoot down on enemies…
    but don’t tell anyone and don’t do that! (against me)

    second thing. if somebody on your team decide not to go cap, you loose. if you have bot in team. you loose. if your teammates decides not to shoot at all during race, and enemies do, you most likely loose. with bit of luck you can deal 500-700dmg during racing part…

  15. My biggest problem with this mod is the fact that team dmg. counts as in a normal battle.After 15 battles in which I occasionally put some shots in my team mates due to autoaim I discovered I’m blue.
    Now I’m not even shooting anymore,just racing…

  16. Yes, autoaim actually works, SS.

    Basically in almost every section of the wall, there are cracks which you could exploit to shoot. Simply autoaim and ask your team to focus fire to a single tank. You don’t even need to focus on shooting, simply focus on driving and shoot whenever you saw a crack and sometimes it hits. There are also jumping section, which is almost guaranteed to hit. Collectively, you could get at least several hits in (excluding bounces which are also frequent), which will be very valuable in the end game.

    If you do it right, typically the opponent leading tank would have below 500 health, which you could simply kill in the cap. After 3 vs 2, winning is not that hard.

    This way, I also won once eventhough it’s 2 vs 3 from the very start (one of my guys simply went AFK during the entire match). Basically I lead the race while simply autoaiming to the back, while my teammate was following behind me and distracting the enemy team. I arrived first and simply hide in the hill at the cap (sometimes peeking with hulldown), while the other guy keep shooting and distracting enemies in the cap. We won, and we even managed to kill one while losing none.

    My only complains are :
    1. Physic sometimes buggy when you are jumping and diving too steep.
    2. Avoiding team damage sometimes are hard, especially in the beginning.

    But overall a fun mode, better than football, I’d say. It alsho should help ppl in training driving lights.

  17. IIRC the red trucks have a chance to stop you directly, like a brick wall.

    But otherwise, it’s fun….ish.

  18. Some obstacles do tend to bug out and stop you sometimes…
    But what no one has talked about: PLATOON people! Play it with your clan, your friends! That’s the way to enjoy it !
    Also, crossing over to their side is totally worth it!

    • Crossing over to their side when that puts you ahead of two of their team means you will likely die before you reach their cap.

  19. It had the engine sound in the 1st phase of the 9.3 Test Server, after that, it got removed. They should add it again :(

  20. Draw, Draw, Draw, Loss, Draw

    “High” ping + fast movement makes manual aim during the race pretty much useless. Auto-aim at least keeps the crosshair on-target, but it’s still rare that a shot actually connects with an enemy :-/

  21. it easier to drift around with these Chaffe,, use auto accelerate (or whatever they called it),, when you start Drifting,, get down from full acceleration to level 1 acc,, and here you go,, a nice,, clean drift,, or if you want to do it faster,, just press S,, then start running again,, if you do it right,, 60 Km when drifting,, around 30 Km in “Stabilizing Mode” and back to full speed again,, took me near 2 sec (dunno if i can do it faster but,, there nothing we can’t do,, anything is possible),, gonna try to find the legendary Drift in Tokyo Drift so we can win easily

  22. “- shooting the HUGE red fuel towers or whatever they are does nothing”

    Wrong. Try again, they blow up.

    Also, the “obstacles are pointless”…well they are mostly there to add to the wackiness I guess, but it *is* possible to get “tangled up” in one location; there are 3 trucks lined sideways in one location, if you drive over all of them you will lose *all* speed. I call that an obstacle :-P

    The race is a lottery more or less (mostly due to the ├╝ber-fast capping)!
    I could complain that it can be a little frustrating that you get no crew xp for a loss, like you did in the footy mode, but then again this mode is somewhat fun, footy mode was broken.
    So lighten up :)

    • And it is a big explosion!

      I’ve been completely stopped by those three trucks, even when I wasn’t the one who destroyed them. There is one place you can jump over one though, which is fun.

      I was a bit peeved at first about that, but it does encourage tankers to at least try.

  23. cant believe people are using gold rounds in this mode. and i cant believe WG has enabled gold rounds for this mode.. hmmm, or i can believe WG did it…

  24. At first corner first enemy at 600hp and usually all dead after first jump. This mod is fun! And the crew you will get from there is awsome, better than soccer mod!!