So, interestingly enough, according to Wotleaks VK site… remember the T-34-85M? Wanted it? Yea, tough luck, it’s not going to allegedly be for sale. At all. It’ll be some sort of event reward tank – how, when or if at all it will be possible to get, that we do not know.

But the good news (for stronk EU clans) is at least that Wargaming EU is recruiting stronk clans for Stronkhold testing. Various community managers are contacting leaderships of “active and well-estabilished” clans, offering them 20 thousand gold to clan treasury to participate in public testing of Stronghold – the clan task would be to provide extensive feedback and to provide replays and screenshots from the testing, especially those of bugs. Interestingly enough, this seems to concern only clans, currently present on CW map.

43 thoughts on “2.10.2014

  1. I haven’t spent money on WoT in at least a year… I was going to buy the T-34-85M unless something more promising came up. I lack the disposable income to get a tier 8 premium, but something tier 5 or 6 is much more justifiable. That, and sucktilda is the only medium Russian crew trainer available, and having two Russian medium lines to grind, it would have been quite worth it. I don’t have the time to grind out 20k XP days or whatever nonsense mission they’d throw together for it. I thought WG was greedy, not just dumb.

    • I was going to get the T34-86M too AND the T-54 Prototype 1945

      I know at least the T-54 Prototype 1945 will be all kinds of suck, but …

      I own the MATILDA IV myself and that tank is so god awful against anything other than tier IV tanks that I refuse to touch it again. Being forced into the retarded role of ”countering flanking mediums with bad armour by slowly moving toward them on the flanking route” is the worst kind of play I can think off.

      But wait! It can also ”Distract enemies by acting as a bullet sponge with STRONK turret. ” ( Good turret, but anyone with a brain will ignore the Matilda IV since it cannot pen any HEAVY tank at more than close-medium range thanks to the accuracy of that gun and good luck getting close enough to shoot their weakspots reliably with that top speed. )

      I hate the Matilda black prince too, but at least it can pen ALL enemies decently reliably WHILE SUCKING ASS.

      • I love my BP…. and My matty IV is the fastest matilda variant. If you can’t do well in them you need to adapt to how they play.

        But I’m not forcing you to like them. Hate them all you want. :)

        • I have 60% wins on Matilda Black Prince and 100% on Matilda IV, I’ve spammed that quite a lot already, doesn’t make me stop hating the both of them. Especially the Matilda IV is just a distraction to any skilled player as it’s too easy to outplay to say the least.

        • Piss off. I hated the British Matilda and I’m not about to spend money on a premium version of it. You likely don’t play the way I do and one player’s experience does not a fact make. Save your words for the ass-kissers. I have a 100% w/r in the loltractor and T7 but you don’t see me bragging about it.

    • I’d probably buy a tier 6 medium like that as well.

      Honestly, this entire thing about “exclusive” reward tanks is annoying as all hell. The top clans already pretty much engage in what would be considered monopolistic behavior (at least on the NA server), which would be considered illegal in the US, if they were businesses, and collect boatloads of gold through their monopolistic efforts. But on top of that they get given reward tanks for those monopolistic efforts? That’s just too much.

      How about doing away with this exclusivity? Maybe giving the tanks as a reward, and perhaps allowing them to have a short period of exclusivity (3-6 months), after which the tanks are either added to the tech trees or sold as premium tanks, whichever is appropriate on a case by case basis.

      • I absolutely agree. I was foolish once and wanted to be a tank collector, thus spent waaaay too much euros on a Pz.B2 and others. But with all these ‘exclusive’ and ‘rare’ tanks I am never able to get, wargaming really shot themselves in their feet. I mean if I could buy them all, I would probably buy lots of them. So in a way I’m happy about exclusivity, but it shouldn’t go too far.

        • I also agree, though they’d have a lot of rebalance ahead thanks to either powercreep or “old” way of balancing (think MTLS and Pz II J), if they don’t want to cause more rage than joy. :)

        • You know, that moment when a 200ish guy stops precisely behind a perfectly sized rock as you just finished reloading your big gun ? :)

  2. I haven’t been paying any attention at all to hardcore PvP elements; could have sworn Strongholds were already in the game and had been for a couple patches now : \

    • Right now you can only upgrade buildings to level 4. Soon you’ll be able to upgrade to level 10 and attack other strongholds for more material. More material = upgrading buildings AND buying the fancy token things, but the losing team loses material, thus weaker buildings and no tokens.

      To get gold and premium out of strongholds you’ll have to have at least level 8 I think, with 10 offering the best rewards.