Straight Outta Supertest: T95E2

Source: VK Wotleaks community,

Hello everyone,

a new tier 8 premium/reward tank appeared on supertest, the T95E2. Some are speculating that it’s a reward tank, but nothing is confirmed at this point.

The description reads:

The development started in September 1954. Many pieces of equipment and modules were unified with the T96 heavy tank. In total, nine vehicles were produced, five of which were equipped with a 90mm gun and four were planned to be equipped with the T96 tank turret and its 105mm gun. However, since the T96 turrets were not ready on time, it was decided to fit the tank temporarily with the M48A2 tank turret with its M41 rifled gun. These vehicles were built in May-June 1957 and were designated T95E2.






Statistics for 100 percent crew, preliminary price 7500 gold.

Tier: 8 Premium
Hitpoints: 1500
Weight: 38,363 tons
Engine power: 560 hp
Power-to-weight: 14,6 hp/t
Maximum speed: 56,3/21 km/h
Terrain resistance: 0,863/1,055/1,822
Hull traverse: 36 deg/s
Viewrange: 390
Radiorange: ?

Armor – hull: 95,3/71,1/25,4
Armor – turret: 177,8/101,6/50,8

Gun: 90mm M41
Penetration: 173/242/45
Damage: 240/240/320
DPM: 2085,7
Reload time: 6,904s
ROF: 8,69
Accuracy: 0,345
Aimtime: 2,01s
Depression: -9/+19
Ammo carried: 64
Turret traverse rate: ?

Armor scheme:







71 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: T95E2

    • wow, The Russians are gonna get another T54 premium and a Tier 7, T44-122mm.

      The Germans get a Panther F that looks like a Panther G with the side skirts. Ive never seen a Panther F w/ side skirts, btw.

      And now the Americans get this? What is this? Really? This is the best your Russian devs could come up with?

      I really think you guys should start looking for a different perspective on your design team.

      This “Russian Tank View” is just that. A Russian tank perspective that no one but the Russian devs care for.

      Seriously, listen to someone else’s opinion for a change.

        • Its supposed to be an EU tree. Not a Russian EU tree. Whatever, keep building Russian tanks, even if your paying customers don’t want them, keep building them.

          I shouldn’t have to remind you, but I will. I presume, based on previous statements, that a Chinese TD line is coming in the future.

          Now what do you suppose that’s gonna be base on? HMmmmmmmm?

          Please, fix the German tree, rebalance the guns at all tiers, For The LOVE of God, either make a Klien Tiger for Tier 6 or Re model the 3601.

          As in, so it looks like the pics and resembles a Tiger H. Or how about making the H the Tier 6, and the E, the Tier 7?

          Heres another little “free” tip. Wide tracks. WIDE TRACKS! Not those dam transport tracks you’ve been giving us.

          For EL Christo’s sake, I’m trying to help you!

        • Yea, and the Reticle aim mechanism has not been changed since 8.6.

          Just the operating parameters, right Serb?

    • The model has existed for a long, long time. I downloaded the tank inspector at around 9.0 or sometime before and saw the model there.

      • yes, worst prem tenk
        doesnt farm like a lowe, you cant camp on malinoprokhorovka
        bad tenk

    • The low pen can be offset with gold. It has a high ROF, usable turret armor with good depression, accuracy, and aimtime. The 390 view range is workable, but the camo will probably be bad if it is like the other American mediums. This actually looks kinda fun it is tier 8-9 only, if it goes to 10 then it is trash.

      • Thought exactly the same. If it only can meet up to tier 9, it is even ok with the 173mm penetration (because don’t tell me, you get a significant difference with those 2mm less than other T8 Meds).

        But the important thing here on FTR is, that even though people are (sometimes) aware of the fact, that those stats will probably change, everybody is complaining that WG can’t make good tanks.

        But think like this: If they make a good tank and realise that it is too good, even more people will whine about why WG always have to nerf the fairly good stuff, or whatever…

    • People like you are why morons think the T69 needs to run gold exclusively.

      The Pershing has 180 penetration. The T-44 can be easily used with silver rounds if you simply learn to aim. This literally is par penetration.

  1. Not another fucking Reward tank this was supposed to be new US med line or some such but please god don’t be a reward..if it’s prem I’m buying it

    • Calm your tits, I’m pretty sure there will be two of these, this one, and another one with its own turret which I assume is going to be in the main tree.

    • The T95E2 (and E8) is tier material anyway.
      For tier 10 (where the other T95 variants belong) there are still the E5 (same as this but with an 105mm M68) and the E7 (a T95 turret with an 105mm L7). There is also a version of the XM60: a M60 hull with a slightly modified T95E6 turret and a 120mm T123E6.

      There are enough tanks for the rest of the branch: an M4A3 with a Pershing turret for tier 7, the T42 for tier 8 and the T54E2 for tier 9.

  2. The low pen kinda worries me but the gun is fairly accurate with a decent aim time and good gun depression could make up for it. Also looks to be at least decently mobile with a near 15 hp/ton ratio. Armor also looks pretty good for a medium tank but a little on the weak side for a heavy although the sloping is rather good. This tank is going to make those who bought the Super Pershing rage as this appears to be a better tank in most respects minus a little armor and penetration.

    • compared to supergarbage
      -way better hp/ton
      -better dpm
      -better aimtime
      -armor isnt great(sp armor isnt good either), but hull is angled nicely and turret is mostly covered by the mantlet.
      -only the hatch is a weakspot, but again the sp is full of them.
      -cammo probably will be worse, but i can deal with it.

      if they plan to leave the tank like this both pershing and superpershing needs a buff.

      • agreed. This mothballs the SuperPershing. And it being a ‘reward’ tank it will have better stats than something you can buy. WTF WG can screw themselves.

        • SuperPershing is a bad tank, which is exactly why its very cheap.

          if this new tank (which may not even have pref. MM) is not good enough to make the Super Pershing useless, then it may as well be garbage.
          be glad if it does make the Super Pershing useless.

  3. I’d say it’s a regular prem tank. Either that, or a reward for some mission, like IS-6 last winter. Either way, probably not a CW reward.

  4. That pen is fine at tier 8, as long as it has limited MM, think about it the t32 fights tier 10s with only 198 pen and that does OK and I don’t see T-44s struggling with 175 pen, so 173 should be fine.

      • And what’s that supposed to mean? Of course I know of the fcm and that has better pen then both the t32 and t44 and last I knew the fcm 50t was doing OK, so maybe its you don’t know what the fcm is,

          • Point is that the FCM 50t has limited MM. Penetration isn’t the only qualifier for that.

            • the only thing the FCM 50t has going for is its pen. THAT’s why it gets pref. MM.

              while this new tank may not seem as good as the FCM 50t, especially because of that 173 pen, remember that this is a medium tank. the FCM 50t is a heavy tank.

  5. “four were planned to be equipped with the T96 tank turret and its 105mm gun”
    Ahah ! Finally they replaced this old 2nd T10 MT with the same turret as the M48 by something with an original turret !

  6. i guess WG is rolling in cash. is that why there arent more prem tanks and so many reward tanks?

    • Premium tanks don’t make them all that much money. Selling gold to convert XP or buy credits is by far their biggest moneymaker. In a fairly distant second is premium accounts. All other purchases make up 20% or less of WGs revenue stream. (Gift shop, camo, premium tanks, etc).

    • loyalty from players… WG is seriously scared about AW… all new features they anounce in a rush are copy from AW… looks like finally WG guys see that have a game with a lot of tanks but no game modes cant work with a true competitor.

      WG only starts working in the GAME area when they see somebody can beat their prem player base.

      The tank is interesting… much better than SP as medium tank BUT again an evil cupola appears.

      • A few months ago you scrubs said the same thing about the turd that is war thunder.

        personally I am excited about AW, but dont think that WG will be dethroned from the king of the tank hill any time soon.

  7. Like the fucking WG itself, it stinks greed.

    Fucking bastards, they can’t make 1 thing right…

  8. 7500 gold for me is a dead give-away it’ll be a reward tank. I mean the T-34-3 is 12000 gold, so that would be very odd..

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  10. I don’t know about you guys, but that M48A2 turret looks hilarious on that hull… XD

  11. 90mm of frontal armor at that angle? Lots of potential to troll same tier and lower mediums and also to present autobounce angles to tier 9′s.

    With the low-ish power-to-weight ratio this is basically another Type 59 but with a bit lower pen, a bit more gun depression, and a worse turret (the best part of the 59). Not bad.

  12. Let’s hope it won’t be another CW reward… USA needs a decent high-tier medium premium. All they have is Ram II and the not-obtainable-outside-CW T23E3

  13. with 173 pen and that juicy front colored in green, it fit best for collection rather than actual shooting… worse than the SP…

  14. If this thing goes as t8 prem tank for 7500gold, I’m buying it! Just look at the alternative if you want normal t8 MED prem tank?! There is none actually since all other tanks aren’t “normal” med tanks. SP is basically a heavy, T-34-3′s gun is for a heavy. T59 isn’t sold anymore… There will be Panther and FV but it’s questionable what they’ll look like in final version.

    This, on the other hand, I could drive! Gun is somewhat weakish but if I could make more than 2000dmg with stock gun in Cent in T10 battle several times than this can work to, especially if it gets T8-9 MM!

    The problem is that they WILL fuck it up because it probably wont be on sale (will go as reward for major no-lifers, something like 100k exp per day for a month) or they will increase its price to 11k gold in which moment I’ll say one more time “Fuck you WG, hope you all die!”

    • I will buy it even for 11k Gold, but I am not at all confident that it will be a normal premium medium. Since we already have a tier 8 premium medium in the USA tech tree. So unless they pull a KV-5 and remove the Super Pershing from the tech tree and replace it with T95E2, I see this become a reward tank…

  15. Just thought some of you might be interested, but today I went in a battle in my Lorr. 155 50 and on my team I saw someone with an unusual nickname: “7bMushu [WG-A] RU”.
    When I looked at his service record I noticed he had some… rare… tanks, like the T95E6, Object 907, SU-76l, and the T-44-85. Just thought you might be interested in seeing how they look, so here you go.