Jealous of TOG Event? No Need.

Thanks to Joshua H. for noticing this bit.

Hello everyone,

a quick announcement for American players. There have been some complaints about the TOGtober and the ease, with which the EU players can obtain a free TOG (hell, even I can do that mission). Well, apparently, there is no need to. According to KMaus, an American community manager, the Americans will get a “secret” event as well and it will be “even more awesome” than the TOG mission.

Well, TOG’s going to be hard to beat, but good luck :)

96 thoughts on “Jealous of TOG Event? No Need.

      • Its really funny. People who dont drive TOG think they are xp-pinatas, people who drive TOG think everything else is an xp-piniata :P

        I count myself to the later. I can earsily take on 3-4 other tanks at the same time and just facestomp them. TOG is hardcore powerful if played right.

        • Please teach me then. I can never seem to do well in TOG.

          Had 2 light vs TOG battlrs in skirmish mode last night. 7400dmg done with no losses. Enemy managed ~700dmg in total.

          • I’ve seen a lot of KV-1Ss to do that.. well before they got split.. It was awesome :D
            “Look at me I’m OP KV-1S with my 390 damage…. oh shit, where’s my health ?”

        • If they are all retards maybe. I love seeing togs because they are to slow to escape or maneuver. My pz4s or cromwell goes nom nom nom on togs.

        • Not really, there is enough data out there to show that the TOG is clearly below average in a great players’ hands – and that’s with preferential MM, which normally skyrockets a good players’ winrate. The data I’m looking at right now is a little old (and the sample size of 9000 battles is not terribly large), but I’m confident you could find better sources that say the same thing.

          The reality of the situation is that the TOG is pretty bad. If you can make it work, congrats – but for most players of every skill level, you’re gimping yourself by driving it. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it’s clearly bad.

          For me? They are complete pinatas and only seem to exist to give me insane XP games. Even decent players with decent TOG stats are just food for me, which is really too bad because I think the tank is unique enough to be worth trying.

  1. NA server had events where they could get Dicker Max, Matilda, Churchill III so far so I don’t think they should be jealous…

    • Yea, if you go over the whole year they have had a LOT of chances for free tanks.

      I guess the new “wow” mission will be them getting 5 tanks at once.

    • Yes, but the missions involved a fair bit of playing. No where near as easy as the EU can get the TOG.

      • yea, 150k xp or somesorts, and there are quite specific requirements to them too… not as easy as 5 wins for 15days…. (most pple shld get top 10xp in all their games anyway)

        • 5wins for 15 days is instantly 225k xp :)
          I dont know about the missions on NA.
          I just know you got T34 while we got Supercraping… :(

  2. I think the next event after the chaff race should be a Tog race over the same circuit. If not that then restage the battle of Jutland with Togs.

  3. We’re not pissed about not getting the TOG, we’re pissed that EU only has to complete the criteria 15 times to get it, whereas our community managers over at NA seem to forget that some of us have obligations outside of the game (myself included – I just got a new job), as not only do they stick to 25 times or more for the requirement, but they usually make the tasks something horribly tedious even by WoT’s standards.

    • Ran out of time to edit because the timer’s too fucking short…

      Here’s my example from the Type 62 event. You had to complete a daily event 25 times to get it with mediums at tier 6 or higher, which involved damage and kill counts. I had five medium tanks that fit this criteria, but that’s where I ran into problems, because the tanks I had were the VK 30.01D, the VK 30.02M, the Panzer IVS, the Chi-To, and the Panther/M10, none of which aside from the Chi-To have exactly stellar DPM even for their tiers (the Chi-To has good DPM, but it has no armor at all and gets killed in seconds if ever spotted), which meant that simply by virtue of not having the best tanks for the event from the start, I was severely handicapped, making the event nothing short of aggravating when you end up getting into nothing but tier 8 games all the damned time. Naturally the scrubs in their T-34-85s, Type 58s and Cromwells didn’t have the same fucking problem…

        • Yeah, but not for the TOG II* event. Those mission requirements can literally be acquired with a bot…

          • its fucking tog not type62. thats why the requirements are different. You can buy tog for 13eur. you can NOT buy type62 at all. its not in the shop.
            Thats why are the requirements different.
            We had to grind 100k xp on each nation tier 6 only to get superpershing. You can imagine how fun it is to grind 100k xp on chinks, they got one fucking tier 6 tank and its crap.

            I know you got same requirements that month, to get T34, which is far better tank than supercraping.

            it’s obvious the requirements are easy, if it was hard as type62 mission, fuck the tank, not gonna bother.

            Still mad ? We even got a mission to get premium tank for winning 10 battles. TWICE! You could do that in one 1 hour! It was the mighty tier III: T-15 and LTP. Which costs less than a pack of cigarettes. Thats why it was so easy.

            Tog is not expensive nor rare.

            • Can we get a ban for this guy’s flagrant use of the word “chink”? He can’t make a single post without using the slur and its getting quite irritating.

    • If you go through it all you’ll see that all the servers have had different missions, some more difficult than others.

      You guys have gotten more goods by simply logging in than the EU has… Tough one that.

      • That’s blatantly not true. The only goods given away that easily are given across all servers for anniversary events, celebrations, etc. Everyone got a chance at a T1E6, T7, MK VIc, te-ke, and LTP.

        • I remember you guys getting slots and premium days not long back, just for logging in.
          And yea, the anniversary gifts were global so I wasn’t counting those.

          Most of the smaller missions have been similar in size.
          Your “Top of the Tree” missions have been a grind but the EU never got those.
          Lets also not forget that some of those, while requiring tons of XP, also allowed you to use x2, x3, or x5′s that were running, in combination with premium If you have it..
          The EU was able to get the T34 thought conversion so I can see that being a good reason for US to get it as a “Mission” tank for the US.

          If you strip out “Top of the Tree” and the odd US Holiday then the servers have been fairly equal. Let us also not forget that as a % of playerbase, gifts are higher. In fact, most of my gift gold has came from me sitting in US based streams (Lucky those codes often work on UK server too!).

          The EU team said in one post a couple of years ago that the US server was getting it so good because it was a newer server and they wanted to catch them up on everything they missed over the years.
          I can count the “Mission” tanks for EU on one hand, how many hands do you need for us “Mission” tanks?

  4. Finally EU get’s a mission that is for every player and the rest of the world goes screamin: why the and not us. Who is the communist now?

      • Chinese server is perhaps the most capitalist of them all, considering you can buy the Type 59G for some stupid amount of money ($200US or more I seem to remember), and all premiums are still available for cash.

  5. It will be interesting what the US has in mind. The togtober is quite easy. Although yesterday it was crazzy. I could barely get 5 wins in around 3 hrs (I have 58% wr).

    • Hah, seems I had the same evening you had. Was quite horrible compared to the evening before, barely managed 50% after 38 battles (recently its more like 65%+ for me)… not sure what the fuck was going on there. o_O

  6. I thought this TOG mission would be easy! I have never been more wrong! Yesterday I played 17 battles to get those 5 victories while being no.1 in my team in 8 of those! WTF MM, just WTF??!! If this BS of MM continues for the next 14days I’ll fucking delete this game! Raging not intended, simply wtf moment!

    • It’s called luck. I have got days like you more than I can count. But yestarday and few other days before – average 6-8 games to get 5 wins. Now I am waiting again for MM to f*** me up. :)

    • Dude, I had a 4,8k dmg game in my GW Tiger P in a T10 battle, which would have been Ace Tanker if it wasn’t a defeat… I’m not a unicum, but with a good PC I could for sure reach 52% WR, and still it’s unplayable these days.

  7. I think US server gonna get the new premium Fury tank for a simple mission as ours.
    Stop crying. EU never gets the best, and it always stay that way i think

  8. ‘“secret” event as well and it will be “even more awesome”’

    So I guess it’s our turn to complain? I never understood why they don’t just make the same events for all servers…

    • Because of Market situation and playerbase. For example RU server has huge playerbase and they don’t need to get many more of them so desperately as US server, where playerbase is small. And other thing – EU or US players on average pay more real money for the game than RU players, so Marketing activities (i.e. missions) should be different on all servers based on how much money players can pay, how much time they will be willing to spend in game, etc.

  9. “- an achievement “Bring the Barn” related to something like a 15vs15 TOG battle”

    for a moment i read “Bring a Brain”..

  10. Tell me why idiot muricans cry? When they got the “free “T34 heavy quest and EU got the “free” Super Pershing quest that was totally ok right? No one cried about that in EU, now we get the TOG , and they have no quest and start crying “OMG WG so unfair Europeans got free TOG and we nothing bruhuhu :’( “

  11. “even more awesome”? now I am jealous!
    This neverending circle of jealousy is spiraling out of control aaaaaa!

  12. With the SP mission they got a T34 and we didn’t complain and now they are complaining for a TOG II,shame on them.

    • Yes, I’m sure not a single person on the EU server complained that the mission there was for the SP and the mission on the NA server was for the T34.

      I would have liked to have seen the TOG mission on NA, but I already have one, so I was more interested in getting the gold. Oh well, it is actually nice to have a break from grinding missions after the Type 62 (which I did get).

  13. Fury is up on the USA server

    themed garage etc.

    We’re commemorating the release of this movie with the addition of a new Premium tank named after the metal co-star of the film! Take a look at the M4A3E8 “Fury,” a tier VI Premium medium tank from the American line that will be available in-game to coincide with the film’s release.

    Featuring the “Fury” barrel marking, this Sherman is decked out as it is in the film, and it’s ready to take on the starring role in a battle near you. As it is based upon the M4A3E8, this tank is a tier VI medium; however, unlike its counterpart, Fury has the benefits of a Premium vehicle! It comes better-equipped than a stock Sherman, and can earn more Credits per battle. It is also useful for speedier Crew training thanks to its built-in XP multiplier.

    We also have planned a special celebratory Garage resembling an on-location movie shoot, and we’ll be dressing up the portal with a special skin.

    Last but not least, look out for a cast of Special Missions and offers that will be announced closer to the movie’s release!

  14. Grind 12,5k experience each day for a month in a light tank. Get KV-220.

    Win 5 battles a day for half a month in any tank. Get TOG II*.

    I’m happy of being one of those 3k idiots who grinded the hell out of their AMX to get a KV-220, but now this mission comes up and is literally four times easier (to get the KV mission done you had to play roughly 25 battles a day for 25 days, so more or less you have to play a total of 625 battles, while for the TOG one you have to play 10 battles a day for 15 days, so 625/150=4.17). I really don’t understand: did WG lost their sense of measure? Did they ever had one?

    • how in a world can you compare KV-220 and TOG? Are you that stupid? KV-220 is borderline OP (just look at its win rate at avaddicts!), because legions of tomatoes are shooting at it as an any other KV tank, while this thing has a KV-3 hull on a tier V… I have seen many battles where KV-220 won, because people were clueless where to shoot. Same thing was happenning with the AT series when they were introdced, but as they become common, it is not such a threat. KV-220 is rare, and it is close to OP while facing bad players (so most of the times). TOG is shit, and ony good in platoons.

      • You’re basically saying that a tank is good because the players are bad. Nuff said.

        Beside, many times it happened that even tomatoes started to shoot gold rounds at me, while good players already knew to aim at my turret. KV-220 is not really THAT strong nowadays. Or maybe I’ve just been unlucky.

  15. Here’s the ASIA server

    10 October – 10 December: [Premium Shop] Fury Bundles

    Wardaddy’s Dream
    1 Garage Slot
    30 Days Premium
    100% Trained Crew
    USD 26.90

    Maximum Fury
    1 Garage Slot
    100% Trained Crew
    25,000 gold
    USD 99.90

  16. Q : If you don’t mind me saying, I would love to see the Fury Easy 8 being given out as a prize.

    KMaus : i’ll see what i can do…
    >>>>>>> *mischievous grin* <<<<<<<

    Fuck Tog! Fury tank would be great!

  17. NA forgot how they always have a chance to win prem tank when it’s Top of the Tree event(dunno how it’s called on their portal) whereas EU only get discount and small income bonus.

  18. pity us SEAsians that always get nothing.

    oh, and most of us prefer voucher over card. sham the voucher thing is more of an event. gotta rack up those MOL points for fury tank =|

  19. No mission for RU server at all for now. And much more difficult mission to get H137 on RU server. Looks like RU is a solid market and there is no need to spend marketing money on players.

  20. More grindy of a mission than the med mission with a tier 2 prem as the reward xD

  21. I actually have a strong feeling it’s gonna be T23E3 due to the fact they said it will be avaliable to the public after it’s use in the mini-campaigns.

  22. I dont get it,.. when i Started playing Wot there was no events, no missions to get nice “free” (well depends how u would use free time if there is no event) stuff, Now when peaple have it,.. complaying all day how hard misions are, hov easy missions are, how those tanks aint good even for reward, how one server got better misons then another … peaple pls wake up