Tank Layout Video

Hello everyone,

an interesting video appeared on WG video channel – it describes the basics of tank design.



It’s… well, accurate enough I guess (there are more reasons for “frontal transmission tanks are taller” than just the drive shaft for example, it had to run above the floor because there were torsion bars below it).

Also, Great Patriotic War? Here, we call that Second World War and it started in 1939. Great Patriotic War begins in 1941 – that’s how the Soviet monuments depict it, you wouldn’t want the Russians to be reminded they were Hitler’s allies before that, would you?

The series looks promising however.

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  1. “you wouldn’t want the Russians to be reminded they were Hitler’s allies before that, would you?”

    Lol. Very stronk history.. Nerf please. :D

    • Well, they were, for quite a few years really. There were various levels of cooperation between them, from econmic, through e.g. abillity to covertly test German tanks in the USSR, to having a nice slice of Poland in 1939…
      There are many publications on the subject.

    • What did you expect from SS? Unbiased knowledge of history? Lol.

      Soviet Union was as much ally of Germany as US was or England. Chamberlain anyone?

      Until Nazi’s unveiled their plan to conquer all of the world, they didn’t behave any differently from any other imperialistic nation. Fucking England was owning half the world, violently (India anyone?) and nobody blinks.

      Czech people are just butthurt so much. Don’t see Indian people whining about England 1% as much.

      • Yea. Actually, the more I read SilentStalker more I understand Stalin and Soviets. Just imagine trying to build and organize a state and society with people like SilentStalker who have irrational hatred, twist the facts and history, and act emotional like 12yr old girls.

      • “Until Nazi’s unveiled their plan to conquer all of the world, they didn’t behave any differently from any other imperialistic nation”

        When was this grandiose unveiling then? :P
        I’d say Kristallnacht and its ramifications separate them from other “imperialistic” nations though.

        No sympathy for imperialists here, be it France, Britain or the US, but them being wrong doesn’t make the Soviet any better now does it? One travesty committed before does not pardon one later because one nation has some “catching up” to do :P

        Delude yourself all you want, dividing Europe up between you on a paper (like Churchill and Stalin did, AND like Hitler and Stalin did in 1939) goes a long way towards making you allies.

        • So many idiots here thinking that great Russia and papa Stalin saved us from Germany so little bit of history here first Stalin with Hitler invaded Poland and Stalin killed thousands and hundreds of thousands send to sybir then Hitler attacked Russia but it was bad idea and Stalin bit him and could once more invade Poland and other countries in eastern Europe and kill even more people

        • “One travesty committed before does not pardon one later because one nation has some “catching up” to do :P”

          And yet, it doesn’t stop people with stupidity in their head and hatred in their heart blaming Soviet Union for everything. The point is, NO country was innocent and amazing, every single one of them has hands covered in blood and skeletons in their closets.

          Churchill even wanted to attack Soviet Union as soon as war with Germany ended because he wanted entire Europe under England’s control. Can you imagine how stupid you have to be to attack your own ally that also happened to be the most powerful and battle hardened army at the time? If England did this, there is a very good chance entire Europe would be speaking Russian right now and there would be more than just some butthurt Czech running around, whining about ancient history.

          It’s as laughable as people whining that Roman legions conquered them and hating Italian people for it. How stupid can you get?

      • Its nonsense to say the US or UK was as much an ally of Germany as USSR was, Chamberlain didn’t split Czechoslovakia down the middle with Hitler, nor invade the rump once Hitler had the half he wanted which is what the Soviets did in Poland. Nor was any deal made with Hitler allowing the UK to invade whichever Baltic states it fancied as the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact did in relation to Finland, the Baltic states and even Romania (thus paving the way for Finland and Romania to eventually ally with Hitler, he was smarter than people think).

        During the pacification of Poland the Soviets and Nazis had direct military co-ordination. The Pact also included clauses by which the Soviets would aid the Nazis against France and the UK if necessary (it wasn’t since France fail cascaded) and the British were so convinced of Stalin and Hitler being close allies that plans were made to declare war on the Soviet Union and send troops to Finland. Ironically the German seizure of Norway prevented this.

        The USSR also used the communist parties of various countries including the UK, France and USA to suppress anti-Nazi movements and campaign against continued war in Poland’s defence. Despite the fact German communists were being put in concentration camps the Comintern had them blaming the UK for the war and supporting German aggression. The USSR also helped the Nazis to get round the British naval blockade on Germany, with millions of tonnes of raw materials which would later be sent back to the soviets in the form of Barbarossa. The soviets even gave the Germans a submarine base near Murmansk.

        It is a total joke to deny the SU was the Nazis ally in these years or that the western countries had any way the same sort of relationship with them. The UK and France gave in to Hitlers demands sure, but the USSR helped him directly for years.

        • “plans were made to declare war on the Soviet Union and send troops to Finland. Ironically the German seizure of Norway prevented this.”

          Actually no, Finlands peace treaty with the Soviets put an end to Anglo-French plans to “aid” Finland (the invasion of Norway occurred a month later).
          Also, their preparations for the operation to “aid” Finland was botched, given the go several times only to be canceled short time after. For one thing they demanded right to passage through both Norway and Sweden to get to Finland, something which they were denied.
          Of course, the real reason to dispatch forces to “aid” Finland was to seize the iron ore of Kiruna and its railway and shipping ports in Narvik and Lulelå.

          Otherwise you had a good post, but the British and the French never had any real intention of helping Finland, they were badly suited anyway.

        • “Its nonsense to say the US or UK was as much an ally of Germany as USSR was, Chamberlain didn’t split Czechoslovakia down the middle with Hitler”

          You are aware that the British backstabbed Czechoslovakia so that they wouldn’t have to fight against Germany, like they promised the Czechs?

          That exact same Munich agreement was the reason why the Soviets signed the non-aggression pact with Germany, because they figured the Western Allies would not stand up against Germany, so they had to buy time for themselves as well. Not even withstanding the fact that only 20 years before that, those same countries had tried to destroy the Soviet Union in its infancy.

        • Lol, dumbass, Soviets had nothing to do with Chechoslovakia. It was all Europe. What a tool.

          Quote from wiki: “The French government did not wish to face Nazi Germany alone and took its lead from the British government and its Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. Chamberlain believed that Sudeten German grievances were justified and that Hitler’s intentions were limited. Britain and France, therefore, advised Czechoslovakia to concede to the Nazi demands.”

          “The Soviet Union announced its willingness to come to Czechoslovakia’s assistance. Beneš, however, refused to go to war without the support of the Western powers.”


          What a dumb shit.

          • Guess who forgets about this? That in the time of dire need, only one country was willing to fight alongside Czechoslovakia, while the rest abandoned them?

            Silentstalker, where is your justice now? If only Czech people weren’t so cowardly, their occupation might have never happened.

            • If Soviet Union was actually willing to fight alongside Czechoslovakia, then Europe would look very different in 1939…
              Funny you left out the fact that Soviets were willing to help Czechoslovakia only if France would help, too… and France didn’t, so Soviet Union wasn’t willing… ;)
              I admit, there was a certain amount of cowardice involved, but it wasn’t solely Czechoslovakian cowardice…

              But I believe you know that, right? As you said, no country is perfect… not even the one you are defending…

            • Also, why Soviets allowed testing of german tanks (at the time when, according to international treaties, Germany was forbidden to design and construct tanks)?
              That was during twenties and thirties… even at the time when Hitler came to power…
              Isn’t that alliance, if you allow foreign military equipment to be tested on your testing grounds?

              • @Daemonik

                So wikipedia holds the entire truth, taking all viewpoints, sources and connections into consideration?

                Also your quote about Soviet union coming to the aid of Czechoslovakia was followed by this in the article:
                “[citation needed]”


  2. i like it, but the obvious stronk soviet stuff is obvious. looks like WG EU (paris, wasnt it?) forgot that they’re not russains

  3. Ok Off topic but the comments on Obsidian video post (car crushing)have been locked! 8 secs in look at the big screen behind the que!! its a World of tanks blitz advert! surprised you missed that silentstalker…..t :-)

  4. >you wouldn’t want the Russians to be reminded they were Hitler’s allies before that, would you

    As usual, I see. Major powers of Europe were also allies of Hitler. Does the Munich Agreement ring a bell? 1938? Anyone? And even Poland joined the party :D Poland took part in the annexation of Czechoslovakia taking Zaolzie from it, thanks to the agreement with Hitler.

    France, the UK and Italy also didn’t mind the annexations. :D

    • That is all true but France uk and other nations were just cowards who didn’t know better at the time soviets on the other hand happily traded with Germans in technologies, resources and other staff till literally first minutes of the invasion…

      • It seems that literally everyone cooperated with Hitler at some point. USSR wanted Europe’s help against Hitler, but they refused. NAP was signed exactly because of the Europe’s refusal to cooperate. USSR had to secure that it won’t be attacked. Didn’t help though. Europe should have agreed to cooperate and Churchill shouldn’t have made this “Sinews of Peace” address where he highlighted that USSR is now an enemy.

      • And USA did what, copy and steal all German technology and import Germans scientists, some of which would probably classify as war criminals. So what does that mean, USA was ally of Germany?

        In real life you trade and exchange resources and cooperate and do whatever works best. Real life countries are not led by emotional 12yr old girls, and when they are they collapse because while you were emoing someone else was doing progress and trading and cooperating with everyone.

    • 50 years after today your grandchildren will say that the european countries where allies of RF because they did not mind the annexation of Crimea and approved of a peaceagrement that ties the hands of the Ukrainian army when RF backed militias take over half of the country…

      Roadmap to a peace agreement my arse. Road map to RF getting what they want without an effort…

    • Allies? UK and France took part in the annexation of Sudeten (part of Czechoslovakia)? They were Allies after September 3 1939?

      Dont be shy, write more!

      • They signed the pact, allowing Hitler to annex everything he wanted in Europe. Yeah, they didn’t take anything, but signing is taking part already. And it didn’t stopped in Czechoslovakia. They showed him that he was doing a right thing. Maybe, if not for the Munich Agreement, there would have been no WWII.

        And Poland directly took part in the annexation, so yeah.

        • Poland just retook what Chechoslovakia stole in 1920, when we wre busy kicking Soviets. Why am I sayin Chechoslovakia stole it? Because the treaty signed after the population voted where they want to belong divided it into 2 equal parts and when war in the East was in full swing they seised the oportunity and took the whole region.

        • everything I thought they signed only that they will not intervene if Germans take Czechoslovakia. But I guess history can be bend alittle to where winds blowing right? :)

        • Amazing how this pact supposedly letting him annex anything he wanted in Europe somehow led to Global war when he tried to annex Poland….

          HItler didn’t want the Munich agreement, he was enraged that his diplomats (and generals) agreed to it. He saw it as a lost opportunity to seize the whole of Czechoslovakia. By going on to seize the rest of the country outwith the agreement now without any pretense of protecting ethnic Germans he was obviously the aggressor and thus international opinion and eventual war came closer.

          Without the Munich agreement the Germans would still have invaded and the French and British would still not have declared war, public opinion was against it (they were not yet sufficiently rearmed anyway). The Czechs would probably still have surrendered and the end result would have been the same, achieved more quickly (it took 6 months of politicking and diplomacy to dismember Czechoslovakia). Hitler would have moved on to Poland more quickly with international opinion still not hardened against him and the allies 6 months further back in re-armament. It is possible he could then have avoided war when seizing Poland as well (especially with his buddy Stalin lining up beside him).

          The Czechs were effectively sacrificed for more time to rearm, which is a shitty decision and didn’t work in the short run (even re-armed France collapsed and Britain could supply little help) but it was hardly being Hitlers ally. In the long run that 6 months potentially saved Britain (an earlier battle of Britain with limited chain home and few Spitfires or even hurricanes would probably be lost). With Britain defeated the USSR would have faced the full brunt of Hitlers forces with no supplies coming from the UK and no likelihood of American intervention to save commies. Britain’s surrender would likely have freed up Japan to get involved as well.

          • You could argue the exact same thing about Poland and the Baltic States. The Soviets knew the Western Allies would be of little help to them, so they signed the non-aggression pact to buy time to reorganize and modernize the Red Army.

            Trade with Germany was done simply because Russia was regarded as a pariah state by all the other major Western powers, and the only country in Europe willing to trade with them, as well as share valuable military technology, was Germany. This predates even the Nazi rise to power.

  5. Oh look, anti-Russian post again with fake history.

    No, Russia was not allied to Germany. They had a NAP. And just because they cooperated in some issues does not make them allies. There are countries who jointly attacked Afganistan and keep it occupied, and are not allies. Mutual interest in some area does not make one an ally.

    The reason why Russians call it Great Patriotic War with the start of 1941 is because for Russians the war did not start in 1939. It’s very simple. Just like it didn’t start for the Chinese in 1939.

    But who cares about facts when we have emotional anti-Russian propaganda. People mock North Korea but this anti-Russian ideology is just as silly.

    • in fact Russia stronk ideology is silly. and if you trade in technologies and other stuff and then invade other countries together and pat your back with them I think that its strong definition of allies :)

      • No, that’s not a definition of military allies. You have no clue, just like SS, and post silly nonsense on the level of North Korean ideology.

        Every country in the world today trades in technology and half of them invade other countries together (Afganistan, Libya..). That’s just ad hoc cooperation.

    • Russian invasion on Poland in 1939 and Ribbentrop-Molotov packt. Does it tell you something, you SOB?

      • USSR and Poland had many wars before 1939. Poland was a part of Russian Empire before the revolution. So they had plenty of unresolved disputes.

        Also, while I was quite polite in my post, you called me a SOB. So, yeah. Fucking watch your language, uncivilized scum. Soon people of the entire world will know, that the USA doesn’t have right to insult, invade and fund revolutions in other countries. The era of American exceptionalism came to an end.

          • Naaah, shill just give her personal AK-47 to some illiterate in his country and tell him to organize a referendum

        • @Dongfeng_division

          Are you one and the same person?

          Honest question. I don’t intent to take part in this discussion, I just like less confusion with my popcorn. *om nom nom*

          • “with my popcorn”.. Unlike you, some people are capable of typing a coherent post full of arguments. What you can do, however, is just trolling and ad hominem.

            Are you one and the same person with 1 billion other people who do just the same and nothing more?

            • Where was the ad hominem in my post?

              Which part of it was not coherent?

              Like I clearly said, I don’t intend to take part in this discussion, so I didn’t even try to make any arguments, as a). I don’t pretend to know everything about the topic b). such arguments are usually a waste of time on the internets anyway.

              Blondie_ahead responded to someone calling Dongfeng_division SOB, as if he/she (Blondie) was called that – it makes sense to ask if they’re the same person, doesn’t it?

              The bit of snideness in my post wasn’t directed at you personally, just at this kind of discussion in general.

              • Good spotting there Trent. I award you the Patrol Duty medal. It might sting a little when i attache it to your chest.

        • Hey, idiot, but do you know HOW it became a “part of the Russian Empire”? 123 years of Russian slavery, which WWI ended, repeated with 45 years of Soviet domination and a Soviet-controlled puppet state after WWII…

        • Many wars? Can you even count? There was only one (hell, it was before Soviet Russia became USSR) and some border issues after that.
          And nope, USSR isn’t Russia despite the same language and similar borders.

    • Comparing (or even mentioning in this context) ISAF mission, supported by all members of UN Security council, with joint Soviet-German invasion of Poland is ridiculous.

      “Cooperated in some issues”? Did you hear about the Secret protocol? Or do you deny its existence?

    • Another victim of bolsheviks propaganda…

      “In addition to stipulations of non-aggression, the treaty included a secret protocol that divided territories of Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland into Nazi and Soviet “spheres of influence”, anticipating potential “territorial and political rearrangements” of these countries. Thereafter, Germany invaded Poland on 1 September 1939. After the Soviet-Japanese ceasefire agreement took effect on 16 September, Stalin ordered his own invasion of Poland on 17 September.”


  6. I don’t know if the people are getting stupider here or Silentstalker’s butthurt propaganda is getting better.

  7. By referring to WW2 which for Soviets began in 1941. when Nazis invaded them, as Great Patriotic War, one does not make the 1939. – 1941. events non existent. They are just – less relevant. Its about capitalist westerners killing capitalist westerners, Czechs getting roflpwned and backstabbed, and Poland returning to its rightful owner, well, for the most part.

    • Talking about “the Great Patriotic War” starting in 1941 is just as silly as when the Americans talk about WWII starting on 7th December 1941.
      Or perhaps instead of silly, rather glaringly self-centered, which make one look ignorant or willfully neglected.

      (Admittedly, the great majority don’t recognize WWII to have started in 1937, when Japan was assaulting China, but then again, it did not provoke a war on global scale, now did it?)

      • Exactly – did not provoke. While one can find traces of WWII in that conflict, it was a mutual Nazi-Soviet invasion of Poland, that started the alliances to be activated, even if for some months that was the so called Phoney War. As France, Italy and UK were colonial powers, the conflict became global, later with an addition of Japan to the Axis powers etc.
        One may say, that WWI was never really resolved, and the peace there was a “beginning” of the war, or Hiler seizure of power, and whoe national-socialist idealogy, with its “Lebensraum” part etc.
        For me it is sad, that the conflict in Asia has so little attention (the part with Japanese-Chinese war). The image of Japanese is so good also, like “honorable” warriors, while they were even more barbaric than Germans… Also, that part of the war had great repercussions after the WWII, as it allowed the Communist PRC to seize the China mainland (due to the fact that Kuomintang had to fight both them, and the Japanese, as well as because it was a corrupt, and inept state, and, well, the communist ideology is always attractive to the masses).
        History is fascinating, but important part with it is to not DENY facts, but try to learn, and understand their ORIGINS, and CONNECTIONS with other.

        • “History is fascinating, but important part with it is to not DENY facts, but try to learn, and understand their ORIGINS, and CONNECTIONS with other.”

          Connections are everything!

          • In this connection lies the solution to our recent economic crisis.

            But no, nazi were evil and scumbags yet pre WW2 Germany made a economic miracle in mere 5 years.

            What kind of secret is actually hidden here by the school history of WW2 and made up hate propaganda and manipulation coped directly from Jewish holy book “Talmud”?

            This kind of dogma of evil really needs to be shattered as its effect are counterproductive and a complete perversion of reality!

      • Well, guess what, this term is self-centered by its very definition:

        “In Russian, the term отечественная война originally referred to a war on one’s own territory (inside otechestvo, “the fatherland”), as opposed to a campaign abroad (заграничная война), and later was reinterpreted as a war for the fatherland, i.e. a defensive war for one’s homeland.”

  8. The scumbags in the comments…..it’s over 9000!
    Is Silentstalker biased towards russians? Yes it is (and it bugs even me)
    Do you feel offended by his “history”? Don’t read his blog or just skip his comments….is it really that hard?

    • If it’s not hard why don’t you skip comments you don’t like? Oh I forgot, it’s called “American advice” – applies only to other people and not to the “exceptional nation”.

      • too bad Dungfeng, that this is not a communist country with a censorship, is it not? Do you even know kiddie, that the fact of this collaboration was not published in Soviet history books up to 1989? You are so funny. And uneducated.

  9. Dongfeng I think you need to read that again…..btw I’m not american nor russian, so it was just a friendly advice for other users….and to make it clear : SS’s comments about Russia or WWII are usually very subjective but it is not a mistery; after all this is his blog, just take it for what it is: a nice source of info about wot, and that’s it.
    If you feel offended everytime anyone says something with which you don’t agree, you’re gonna have bad times in life….peace dude!

    • Then I don’t understand why people get so offended when we insult US or England or Czech republic.

      Our comments about them are usually very subjective (but way more objective than his) but it’s not a mystery; after all this is our comment section, just take it for what it is: a nice place to spew insults at hatred filled assholes, and that’s it.
      If you feel offended every time anyone says something with which you don’t agree, you’re gonna have bad times in life… peace dude!

      • Having opposing views or arguing (as in any discussion) against someones claims is not the same as being offended.
        Stronk domination tactic!

  10. ‘there are more reasons for “frontal transmission tanks are taller” than just the drive shaft…’

    someone care to go deeper into detail? i’m interested.

  11. Wow, so many buttdevastaded russian kids. Dear friends, it’s actually pointless to argue with them. Since there’s no free media east of Donbass, those poor drones are totally brainwashed.
    But let me entertain You, since I came up with an excellent
    From the Baltic, Czech, Finnish or Polish point of view, the so called great patriotc war, which was great but not exactly patriotic, reminds the D&D Blood War.
    Basically two evil forces bleeding each other in a endless struggle. The Germans are of course Lawful Evil devils, and the Russians are of course Chaotic Evil demons. The main difference is original Blood War was [spoiler warning] orchestrated by some quasi-angelic being to prevent Evil take over the 1st Material Plane[end of spoiler]
    while the soviet – nazi happy collaboration ended only when Stalin’s plan became obvious even to otherwise self centered Germans. The result is however the same: 1st World is free and safe, the Nazi Empire was crushed and the Soviet Union after manpower and economical loss got to abandon world conquest plan and rot into oblivion of the Cold War.
    Just my 2 cents
    (sorry for horrible grammar! I always mess the past perfect)

  12. Do anyone of you know that BT-2 tanks were much more faster on the road without tracks? but there were no many highways in Russia at the time of this tank so mainly it was for Europe and western highways…

    “crew could remove the tracks and engage a chain drive to the rearmost road wheel on each side, allowing the tank to travel at very high speeds on roads.”


    • I’ve seen a video of a BT tank running down a road at such an insane speed I at first thought it must have been a fake video :P

  13. So many RuSSkies in the comments. It’s almost fun to watch how much they deny the truth and spread lies. Try a non-Russian history book sometimes, putlerjugends. : )

  14. Considering how the USSR fought a war of anihilation with Nazi Germany, I think the “Great patriotic war” is justified.
    They didn’t fight like USA for fun. Nobody in the comments actually included the plans for systematic destruction of the Russians, along with Ukrainians and so forth.
    So yea, all of you “OMG Ruskis r evul” and “they were allies for some time” can shove it.

    And this just derailed into the Ukrainian thing.