M4A3E8 “Fury” Model and Statistics

Source: http://world-of-ru.livejournal.com/3539165.html

Hello everyone,

just a couple of screenies of the M4A3E8 “Fury” in the garage.


Tier 6 US Medium tank (premium)
Hitpoints: 750
Weight: 34,237 tons

Engine: 520hp
Power to weight: 14,6 hp/t
Maximum speed: 41,8/18
Terrain resistance: 0,9/1,1/1,5
Traverse: 44 deg/s
Viewrange: 370
Radiorange: 570

Hull armor: 64/38/38
Turret armor: 64/64/64

Gun: 76mm M1A2
Penetration 128/177/38
Damage 115/115/185
DPM: 2090
Reload time: 3,3с
Rate of fire: 18,18
Accuracy: 0,4
Aimtime: 2,3с
Depression: -10/+25
Ammo: 71 shells



80 thoughts on “M4A3E8 “Fury” Model and Statistics

  1. Sure wish whoever produces these supertest leaks or whatever wouldn’t always fail to include the gun handling soft stats. Obviously they know how to view xml files or they wouldn’t know resistance values.

    Very good track bloom values for tier6 are like half the gimmick of the E8 right there so I’d like to be reassured they didn’t mess around with those when they decided the Fury needed to be 4 tons heavier too ;)

  2. How can this have the turret armour of the first easy eight turret with shorter range (330?), nut yet have the view range of the better turret (370 meters, which is present in the second turret with 76-or something of armour). Magic.

  3. Also, what happened with a rule, that the Premium tank may not be better than the elited model of the same vehicle? They gave it the best gun easy eight has, and in the other parts I do not see much nerfed… What is nerfed, top speed? The fornt armour of the turret? Too little…

    • Simple, it won’t be better than the regular, it being equal does not mean its better than them.

      • why does it have to be worse esp at tier 6???? Who keeps the easy 8 anyway? great idea by WG!

    • This E8 is much slower than the real version. This is actually an example of a bad premium tank – an exact copy of a same tier tank, but worse. Same deal with the Type 62.

    • I wouldn’t be complaining about this because I know I will be getting this. Also premium tanks are suppost to be better than the stock version of the non premium tank. But a bit less than the elited version.

  4. The important question, will this be a true premium, credit multiplier and all or just a ‘gift/promo’ tank you can buy?

    • Even gift and reward tanks have the Exp multipliers at least. Including the tier 10 CW rewards. So that’s something. Low tier premiums don’t earn big money anyway, not compared to tier 8.

  5. Compare to original M4A3E8
    :less maximum speed
    :less hp/t
    :less depression
    :less radio range
    :turret armor 63/63/63 vs.76/51/51
    :better Terrain resistance
    :better traverse

    So, will this thing get better MM?

      • The way it looks to me is that the decrease in hp/ton might be canceled out by the terrain resistance buffs. So it seems like a slightly inferior Easy 8 that looks cool.

    • I see so it’s turret is made of Wensleydale instead of Cheddar, yes that will make a big difference.

      I think your chances of preferential matchmaking lie between fat and no.

  6. it has helmets all around so is far more protected than any tank.
    and in the destroyed model you can see Brad Pitt’s hand coming out of a hatch

    • it is hardly inferior to the regular elite easy eight, so there is no reason for it to have a limited MM

      • The gun is not powerful enough to face tier 8… and flanking will be more difficult due to the inferior hp/ton, so maybe it could benefict from that limited MM.

        • It’s the same as the best gun on the E8 so if this gets preferential matchmaking the the regular E8 needs it as well.

          Personally I prefer premiums with regular matchmaking, saves me keeping a regular tank of that tier for platooning.

        • It may have the same tier 6-8 but will “probably” have lower (better) matchmaker weight ( see more tier 6, 7 battles )
          …just like my tier 5 RAM II vs my tier 5 M4 Sherman and tier 5 M7 medium, i get more tier 7 battles on my non premium tier 5 medium tanks…

          • Doesn’t work like that.

            Battle weight is just what the matchmaker uses to create equal teams. It has no influence on the battle tier you see.

            Everything so far points to this being treat as a regular tier 6 medium for matchmaking.

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  8. i doubt it will have pref MM, but im a buyer. esp after hellcat and kv1s nerf! finally, WG is making custs happy for a chg. USA needs a decent medium.

  9. The extra XP and silver will be a worthy factor alone, will make it equal the real E8.

    When is this thing going live?

  10. Looks pretty awesome to me – I can’t wait to buy it! Love the regular Easy 8 and I think this will play very similar. Yes, a little slower, but still workable. I just wonder why it doesn’t get a little better armor stats since it’s heavier and carries the battlefield add-ons… Not a biggy though!

  11. It has same gun depression (-10) as current easy 8. 750 HP v 720 HP (upgraded turret on current E8 is +25 hp or +50) not sure and is 10 percent slower, but slightly quicker. I assume some of the differences are due to WG copying exactly the Tank that is in Bovington. (At least the one used in the movie)

    I will buy this because some of the money will go to the restoration of the E8 at Bovington.

  12. Will we get the crew from the movie when we buy it? I would seriously like to have Brad Pitt as my commander. What would be even more awesome is when they use their voices as well. I know I’ll get a lot of hate because of this, but I actually like Brad Pitt, loved his performance in Inglorious Bastards.

  13. This game is sadly turning in eye-candy parade and tank (clone) masquerade. Fake tanks, fake motion physics, fake pay2win policy, fake balance, fail maps…

    Just look at the tank trees and the amount of premium and event tanks of USA, USSR and Germany. 5-6 version of M4As… Sad.

  14. Supposedly in at least one region you can get the tank plus 25 k gold for $100.00. Considering all they are throwing in, that would be one of the best “gold” deals they have ever offered/

  15. OMG! It would be hilarious if the crew is actually the actors’ faces from the movie! SS, can you ask if they’re doing this? Also, I tried inserting money into my computer to buy, and it didn’t work. Take my money please!

  16. Why couldn’t Brad Pitt drive a Sherman Jumbo with 105mm derp? I would buy that.

  17. Looks pretty awsome. I was trying to tell myself I really did not need another prem, but I feel my resolve weaking already. :P

  18. oftopic :I`m reading this blog for some time (1year i think) . first comment : I didnt know until now that there are such quality people messing around with wot! Thank you guys. (sry for my enghlish) . PS! Keep on going man u have done a great job rounding this people at your table!

  19. Ok, so this is a fully upgraded Ez8, as a premium? *gets out credit card* I’m waiting!

    • Not all barrels are the same length and some like the british higher tiers have extractors partway down so I’m going to take a wild guess and say that MoE positioning is custom to each barrel.