Straight Outta Supertest: T-55A Stats

Hello everyone,

you already know that we have an upcoming tier 9 reward tank (East German T-55). Here are its stats from the supertest (unmodified, just like you would see them in the garage). I am comparing it with elite T-54 (with D-10T2S) stats.

Tier 9 German MT
Cost: 17500g (this is a temporary thing)

Hitpoints: 1700 (1650)
Hull armor: 100/80/45 (120/80/45)
Turret armor: 200/160/65 (200/160/65)

Engine: W-55W
Power: 580 hp (700)
Fire starting chance: 12% (12)
Power-to-weight: 15.59 hp/t (20.18)
Max speed: 50/20 (56/20)

Radio: R113
Radio range: 730 m (730)

Suspension: T-55A NVA DDR
Traverse: 50 deg/s (48)
Terrain resistance: 0.7/0.8/1.4 (1/1.2/2.2)

Turret: T-55A NVA DDR
View range: 395 m (390)
Traverse: 46 deg/s (44)

Gun: 100 mm Panzerkanone D-10T2S L/56
Damage: 320/320/420 (320/320/420)
Penetration: 201/330/50 (201/330/50)
Module damage: 135 (135)
Reload time: 7.6 (7.8)
Accuracy: 0.33 (0.35)
Aiming time: 2.1 (2.3)
Ammo: 43 (50)
Elevation: -4.25/+14.25 (-5/+20)

53 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: T-55A Stats

  1. Booooooring…They have no imagination..T54 clones..pffff. Im glad its a reward and not a research tank

    • Lower is better. With that terrain resistance it can be more mobile than a regular T-54.

      Edit: I checked Tank Inspector and regular T-54 has 1/1.1/2.2 terrain resistance.

      • To get the effective, terrain specific power to weight ratio you simply take your standard ratio and divide it be terrain resistance.

        And so …

        T-54 has

        20.18 hp/t on hard terrain
        18.34 hp/t on medium terrain
        9.17 on soft terrain

        T-55A has

        22.27 hp/t on hard terrain
        19.48 hp/t on medium terrain
        11.13 on soft terrain

        Please note that most of the time tanks will fight on medium terrain.This makes T-55A a little bit more agile than T-54, but given enough distance T-54 will overtake it due to higher speed limit.

          • You are still going to drive over a specific terrain type and be affected by your terrain passability on a given terrain.

            I must say I am not sure if effective power to weight ratio is the only thing affecting the mobility when climbing, but it has to be contributing because, as said above, you still drive on some kind of the terrain.

        • T-54 has better terrain resistence on all types of terrain, I don’t see how that makes the T-55A more agile in any case.

          • You wot m8? Are you retarded? The T55A has better terrain resistance on all grounds! Lower is better on terrain reistance

      • Nope, it does matter. Look at T-62A, better terrain passability but much worse engine than T-54. This make T-54 more mobile than T-62A.

        T-55A probably has similar mobility as 62A. So in general, 55A has better gun handling but worse armour and mobility compared with regular T-54.

        • T-54 is not more mobile than T-62A. It is faster however. These are two different things though.

          • I do think that mobility includes acceleration and top speed. T-54 is clearly better than 62A at these two aspects. My first impression when i first unlocked and purchased T-62A was my disappointment, I feel T-62A is significantly more sluggish than T-54.

                • What you mean more maneuverable?

                  Because t62a to me feels like a slug compared to T54 as the t54 accels so much better.

                  TBH this whole T55 thing shows just how op the current t54 is.

                  This t55 if put with other 9`s would be balanced and no one would complain about it. It would be OP in good hands still because its 330mm heat and great gun handling and turret.

                  The T54 has way better hull, more depression and 30% more power…Lol OP

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  3. I can’t understand why they make it 9tier useless… There are two solutions:
    1. Buff it with soft stats as it is evolution of T-54 and even give it more modern ammo if deemed needed so it can fit 10tier and be useful in CW (and maybe companies, if anyone still plays absolute? +SH). Like previous reward tanks.
    2. Nerf it to 8tier level so it can be used (if not useful) in team battles and 8tier companies (+strongholds).

    Again: 9tier is USELESS!!!

    • Use it as tier 9 crewtrainer, when someone in your platoon wants to level one of his tier 9s ;)

      • It’s not a premium. Do reward tanks have premium capabilities when it comes to crew swapping?

        PS: using in randoms-only still means useless to me.

        • It has the exact same properties as any other premium EXCEPT NO BONUS CREDITS. Dunno about the repair cost, I’m thinking its regular repair prices.

          Besides it’s easier to crew train a new crew for the german lights in a tier 9 medium(a t-54 with better accuracy) to 2 skills and then retrain. then starting with low level.

            • Speak for yourself. No matter how much I enjoy CW and stuff, most of time goes to randoms.

              However, you are quite right: Tiers 7 and 9 need some love.

    • It isn’t an evolution. It’s ye regular olde t-54 with a production pass.. basically countries with production passes add fuel tank and stuff if needed.. nothing else

    • No this tank is not better, T-54 has better armour and mobility while 55A has slightly better gun handling and reloading time. In fact, this T-55A is T-62A at tier 9.

  4. “Cost: 17500g (this is a temporary thing)”
    Multiply that by 200 and you have amount of credits you get for selling it.

  5. “The T-55A is an improved variant of the T-55 tank. It differs from the T-55 by the absence of the AA machinegun and improved WMD protection. Roughly 1800 T-55 and T-55A tanks were exported from USSR to DDR between 1962 and 1970.”

    Where’s our M60A1?

  6. I honestly don’t mind a gift T-54 clone.
    Regular “fuck you let us take your money” clones are annoying, but this is a gift tank, and damn, it looks good.

    Plus, it’s not a fucking Frankenstein T-54, taking all the best features of T-54 models throughout the years, and combining them into one.
    Yeah, sure. As if a 700bhp engined T-54 with a late D10T2S gun full of HEAT rounds rather than APCR, and packing 120mm armor was in any way, shape or form balanced.

    This is what the tier9 T-54 should have been, with APCR for gold ammo, and tierX should have been the T-55 with APCR standard and HEAT gold.

  7. Made for clan wars pros. Cheers to you guys, you are the best!

    But seriously, WG is shooting themselves on the foot here. If they instead sold this as a German premium tank, they’ll be earning tons of whopping cash from casual players who have no time and dedication enough to join clan wars (doesn’t mean we’re bad players, we just don’t have the time). Just saying.

    But still, you guys who plays Clan Wars are awesome.

  8. 1. another t54 clone? 2. this thing will be OP, sure, less mobilty and frontal amor but better gun handling. and it has better terrian passibilty than t54

  9. Funny that the abstract Fraken T54 with its 120mm hull that only had 520 hp and was slow as shit is the normal variant and the “Rare” gift tank is the massed produced version…LEL