Straight Outta Supertest: Object 260 Model 1945


An upcoming tier 10 Soviet heavy tank (possibly a CW reward, not a regular vehicle). It’s IS-7 prototype, in case you wondered :)


These are garage stats, not 100 percent crew stats. The ones in brackets belong to regular IS-7.

Tier 10 HT
Hitpoints: 2100 (2150)
Engine: 1200 hp (1050)
Weight: 61,3 tons (68,19)
Power-to-weight: 19,57 hp/t (15,39)
Maximum speed: 60 km/h (59,6)
Hull traverse: 28 deg/s (28)

Hull armor: 150/150/70 (150/150/100)
Turret armor: 350/240/100 (240/185/94)

Gun: 122mm BL-13-1
Damage: 390/390/465 (490)
Penetration: 225/265/68 (250)
DPM: 1903 (2148)
ROF: 4,88 (4,38)
Accuracy: 0,37
Aimtime: 2,8s
Turret traverse: 26 deg/s (25)

Viewrange: 400 (400)
Radiorange: 720 (720)



61 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: Object 260 Model 1945

    • Most likely its lighter because its smaller from the IS-7 but there is no way of finding out until some body get the two of them right next to each other.

      • Bullshit bro , the hull is exactly the same, I blame lesser weight on the lack of loading mechanism and several other “soviet high-tech” stuff. The gun is laso smaller.

    • There are alot of ilogical stats like that already in the game. Dont be surprised by this.

    • Smaller cannon, smaller turret, less rear armor, that 350 on turret might be in only one small place etc etc

    • Less rear armor. But I don’t see how 225 pen is viable for a tier 10 tank. It was nice having this much mm of penetration on tier 8 Centurion I but for this… just a little bit under the penetration power for its tier.

        • The E100 has a 150mm shell, much better for overmatch than 122mm shells.
          In a lot of cases, it can overmatch and pen roof armor.

          Not stellar either, but it’s nevertheless better, especially for a short range weapon.

          • Don’t forget E-100 also has very good HEAT pen, when it needs to pen though enemies.

      • Alpha nad RoF are lowish for its tier (tier X 122 mm guns deal 440 damage with RoF 5 – 6) but penetration is doable. Remember, it’s a fast tank, designed for close range mostly.
        225 is still better than 220 on E-50, T-54 or Patton and these tanks can live with it even in tier 10 games. Just think of it as a medium with retardedly good armor, especially turret.

        • We have no terrain passability data. It can be that it has massive raw engine power but will be sluggish due to poor tracks performance.

  1. I wonder if those are placeholder values on the gun, what with the insane ROF, terrible pen and horrid aim time, or if the stats are going to be just that kerrazy. Either way I’d love to get my hands on one.

      • Before the original post was edited it was listed as having something like a 6.6 round per minute rate of fire, the penetration stats of a BL-9, and a 5 second aim time.

  2. Shittier pen (hopefully much better soft stats) gun but much better speed?

    Why not?

    Also, does the ufp look less angled than in-game IS-7?

  3. this is something like, why make an upgradable t10 IS-7 when we can make 2 IS-7s in game!
    you can never have enough soviet copy pasta tanks! still no EU tech tree!

    • how do you want to upgrade IS-7 as a tier X tank ? There are only 4 tier X tanks in the game with extra modules which are only guns and yet two of them have stock guns equally viable as the top ones.

      You can’t get atier X with extra turret upgrade.

      This tank isn’t bad for a reward.

  4. WG logic: why make an upgradable t10 IS-7 when we can make 2 IS-7s in game!
    you can never have enough soviet copy pasta tanks! still no EU tech tree!

    sorry for the double post, wanted to Edith previous comment only, guess f…ed something up!

    delete 1

  5. Yes, yes. If you come up with enough CW Gift tanks people might actually play it. WG Endgame Fail.

  6. Don’t know how I feel about the gun performance. Rate of fire is great and all, but the gun’s characteristics are the same as the IS-3. Doesn’t really cut it at tier 10… High DPM is only good if you can penetrate the target. The aim time is atrocious as well.

    • I don’t see great ROF, and I see awful DPM that might just be the worst tier ten DPM in the game.

      • The values were different in an earlier version of the article. 4,88 s aim time and about 6,3 Rof which gave the tank 2900 DPM.

    • That worries me too. The chassis itself appears great – it’ll be fast with strong armour. The gun however is a joke. This thing is basically a faster IS-7 which switched it’s 130mm S-70 for the IS-3′s BL-9.

      The weakest gun at tier 10 currently is the 128mm on the Maus. Comparatively, the DPM, aim time and accuracy are roughly equal. Only the Maus has higher damage and penetration. This will become the new worst gun at tier 10.

      tl;dr I get that WarGaming wants these reward tanks to be weaker than main same-tier tanks (similar to tier 8 premiums), but these reward tanks are ending up being a little too weak. M60 is slow with laughable camo ratings, VK has it’s 19s reload and poor aim time, while this and the Russian medium both have garbage penetration.

  7. 19,57 hp/t and 1200HP engine. Current IS-7 can keep it at 37-40km/h on straight road. This new thing is easily going to reach 50km/h.

    Turret armor: 350/240/100 0.o??

    Haha and WG called Obj 277 too advanced, T12, lol what a load of bullshit.

      • ^^Nope. Only some of the tanks have super strong turret frontally(IS-7, T-62A) Rest is either easily pennable with enough penetration or it has a weakspot which is rather easy to shoot.

  8. Ah, I see so much whine about removing “eye candy” machinegun from IS-7, so WG introduce reward tank with it to compensate ;)

  9. Looks awesome, but damn!!!! Tier X tank with a gun from IS3? FFS. it has even it’s DPM same as the IS and IS-2 of the 7th tier. Sure, the obj.260 will trade better mobility for it’s gun against the IS7 and maybe better terrain resistance as well, but the firepower is still below average for it’s tier. And also it seems that the frontal lower plate is bigger than the IS7′s and probably the turret roof of the obj 260 will be a weak spot as well like those of the IS4 and IS3. will see.

  10. 400 m viewrange? For Soviet heavy? C’mon… TDs do not get that, many lights dont get it….

    Ahwell, if it is premium/CW reward tank i have no problem with it. It compensates somwthat the other downsides if it is going to be able to spot for itself.

    • More armor doesn’t mean better, look at the sides of the turret, taller and more veritcal, the commander “bump”is there to act as weakspot too.

      >implying you can penetrate regular IS-7 turret from the front

      As for me this turret can even have an infinite number of armor as regular IS-7 is equally well protected so if you’re shooting at the IS-7 turret front, you’re not bright anyway. It’s not better anyway.

      Well… maybe for gold ammo there is a difference ;)

  11. Looks like a worse IS-7 in every possible way except for *maybe* mobility, let’s not forget that we don’t know anything about the soft stats of terrain passability etc. It may have 4 hp/ton more than IS-7, but it could also have worse terrain passability stats which is already horrendeus on the regular IS-7.

  12. 350 turret armor,that’s impressive. Unfortunately it looks like the turret has a massive shot trap….

    The gun is smaller than the 130mm gun of the current is-7 and this one’s turret looks also taller,so it might have decent gun depression,with 350 sloped front turret armor it might be a beast in hull down.

    • well looks more like it will work same way as is-3 and is-4:
      “Look at my super duper frontal turret armor” “Well than i will just shoot ur roof and overpenetrate it with everything 100mm+”

  13. There was Storm short “Nope” – under reply that will be else one reward to Clan players. May be it will be reward for tournament, or may be even reward for NewYear large battle task for random players.

    • This reward tanks strategy is pretty fucking stupid IMO. It could have been simply used as a starting point for a new heavy line. While the rest of the missing tree could follow later on.

      This will most definately not be a random battles reward. If not CW, then a tournament or something like that.

  14. Wow how stupid does WG think it’s player base is, this tank is worthless with that pen. What a surprise another premium tank that you have to spam gold in to not be worthless. To make matters worse you need gold to make this vehicle workable and do damage yet it gets no extra credit bonus to make up for the cost of running it. I am a fairly good player and most of my 23 tier X’s have a 54% or better win rate and I could not carry in this piece of shit. Nobody could. I don’t care what anyone says it is not a sin to want a premium tank that a above average player can at least do well in and carry a few matches if he needs to.

    You want our money but you give us crap in return and wonder why incomes are going down and WOP is failing. It’s a mystery!